Chapter 15

By Crystal Snowflakes

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I massaged my scalp with soapy hands as the smell of kiwi engulfed me.  After being satisfied that it was cleaned enough, I stuck my head in the shower and washed the shampoo away from my hair, and then I took my body wash and began cleaning myself.

After having cleaned myself up, I pushed opened the curtains and made a grab from my green towel.  Once I dried enough of my hair that droplets of water wouldn't fall on the ground everywhere so I'd slip and fall, I stepped out of the shower and dried myself up and began to jump into pair of jeans and a grey hooded sweater.  Finally, I brushed my hair and tied it into a neat high ponytail.

Smiling at the mirror, I began to think about how the day went today...

I closed my eyes, awaiting his attack as I tried without succession to concentrate.  I could not, for the life of me, believe that I was sparing with him.  It seemed so surreal...  Suddenly, I reminded myself that closing my eyes would not do any good at all, because I would not hear him at all.  I snapped my eyes open and stared at his face...  Even in the middle of a spar, I would not help but notice his beauty, the strong aura he transmits that demand respect, the wisdom in his blue eyes, and the magnificence of his posture...

Then he moved.  He moved with swiftness all the while with grace.  I watched as he approached, his feet not making a single noise on the floor, he drew his silver-hafted knife and slashed straight down.  I managed to block it and tried to flick my sword up.  Unfortunately, he's seen me fight the Uruks too many times and backed away and struck again.  I happen to block it again.  For a long time, we sparred without hurting the other a single time.

My adrenaline was long gone, my face dripping with sweat, my breathing sounding breathless and heavy, my heart pounding painfully in my chest, my legs painful and sore.  He, on the other hand, looked exactly like how we started.  Graceful, agile, silent... And deadly.  He didn't seem tired at all, his eyes were indifferent and cold, so unlike the Legolas that treated his friends...  But he was by no means an unfamiliar face.  There are plenty of times I have seen him like this...  In the Mines of Moria, Amon Hen, fighting wargs during our journey to get the Helm's Deep...  At Helm's Deep.

This was one workout that I would never forget.  It had been one of the hardest ones I've ever been through since that rainy night...  That night filled with death and gore.  That had been a night I will never, ever in my lifetime forget...

I readied myself for one last strike, but knowing secretly it would not even hurt him at all.  He would block it without problem.  I was too tired, too drained.  Slowly, I raised my sword straight up with both my hands, my left shoulder facing Legolas.  Then I ran and cried a war cry while striking the sword down with as much strength as I can muster.

I was half disappointed at the sound of metal hitting against metal.  I know there was no way in hell I could have hit him, but there was always the hope, not that I wanted to hurt him...

My sword slipped off his knife and it was at an angle pointing towards the floor.  I sighed softly and dropped it, feeling as if I was quite a few pounds lighter, which I was, in fact.  I looked up, ready to face Legolas trying to teach me more techniques that would help me in sword fighting, but I was indeed surprised to find him smiling at me.

He sheathed his knife, wrapped his arms around me delicately and gave me a soft kiss on the lips, "I am proud of you, melamin...  You have gone a long way."

His eyes held mine and I felt my disappointment drain away and all there was left was happiness.  "Diola lle, Legolas..."

I heard clapping once again and I saw Eddie with quite an impressed look on his face.  Iris, Irene, Bruce and Alan were here as well and they were at awe.  Flushing, I bowed timidly.

Alan came up to me and patted me on the back, "That was impressive."  He gave a low whistle.  "And man, you stink, Jess."

Frowning, I smacked him upside the head, "Shut up."

Bruce nodded, "Quite amazing there, Lego, and no sweat at all whatsoever for you.  Jess, on the other hand..."  He trailed off.

"Don't be mean."  Irene rolled her eyes and hit Bruce at the back of the head, "really impressive stuff you did there."  Iris nodded to show that she agreed with Irene.

I bowed my head again, my face very much crimson and uttered humble thank you.

I shook my head out of my reverie and opened the door happily, just to become cheerless again.  In less than an hour, I was going to be at my parents' house...  That was not that bad...  But...  With Legolas.  And he was to be questioned by my father.  Oh lord...  There is no way to describe it other than hell breaking loose.  It would be a long night.  A very long night.

I found a wall and began to continuously bang my head against it all the while thinking of the phone call a few days back...  I stopped my head banging for a second.  It was going to be so awkward.  I groaned, and started my head banging exercise once again.

"Mani naa lee umien, amin lirimaer?"  (What are you doing, my lovely one?)  He asked amusement on his face as clear as crystal.

I gave Legolas a dirty look, "I'm dreading tonight's meeting with my parents.  And you should too."

Legolas shrugged, "They cannot possibly be as horrible as you say they are."

I gave him a humorless laugh, "Oh yes they are.  Wait until you meet them, you will not be able to wait till you get rid of them once and for all.  They are out to get me, I swear.  They make my life a living hell."

"It cannot be all that bad, Jessica.  You should stop your extravagance."

I gave him another dirty look, "Let's hear what you say after you meet them."  Still dreading the night, I took both my wallet and keychain out of my school bag.  I stuffed my wallet in my hooded sweater's pocket while the keychain hung around my neck.

I shooed Legolas out the door and I went out as well, then I turned around to lock the door and began the trip to my parents house...  The trip to Hell.  God help me.

* * * * *

I bit my lips slightly as I felt Legolas' warm comforting hand holding onto mine, but that did not do anything to stop the nervous flutter of my stomach.  It's been a minute or two since we've climbed out of the bus and began our walk towards my parent's house.  My stomach was getting more upset with each step we took and as we approached and caught sight of my house, I wanted to scamper away like a scared rabbit.

"Lle tyava quel?"  (Do you feel well?) Legolas asked me.

I shook my head, "N'uma..."  (No...) I replied.

"N'dela no'ta...  Ta nauva na tereva..."  (Do not worry about it...  It will be fine...)

The next following minutes that we spent walking up the sidewalk towards death were dead silent.  I did not utter a single word and neither did Legolas, although he did try and help to reassure me.  His arm was around my waist and he pulled me closer while I hide my head in his shoulder.  A sense of peace filled me after a while.  I did not know if it was just myself calming down or his quality that affected me so.  Either way, I was glad.

Finally, when we got to my parents' house, I lifted a hand up, looked at Legolas for a second.  He gave me a slight indication telling me I should knock.  Sighing, I knocked on the door.

No more than a few seconds later, I heard Lacey's barks and growls and the door squeak, indicating the opening of the door.  I looked up to see my mother's smiling face, still beautiful as ever.  The next second I saw was a bunch of golden fur, then I felt an extreme weight on my chest and I felt myself get winded, then a tough hold around my waist to support me.  When the heap of golden fur got off my chest, I frowned, "That was not nice Lacey..."

She seemed to just shrug at me.

"Lucy, go eat your dinner."  My mother ordered her.

Lacey tucked her tail between her legs and went into the kitchen.  We all watched her go and as she disappeared around the corner, Mother turned around and looked at us.  Legolas tightened his hold on my waist for a mere second, then let go and put it behind his back.

Uncomfortable silence.

Finally, my father shuffled behind my mother and glanced at Legolas up and down with a raised eyebrow.  After a short inspection, my father gave Legolas a curt nod, which Legolas returned with a polite bow.  I must say, it did look awfully amusing, someone bowing in a hooded sweater and jeans, I mean.

I cleared my throat, attempting to get the uncomfortable silence more comfortable...  Of course, I failed miserably.  "Um...  Father?  Mother?  This is Luke, my boyfriend.  Luke, this is my mother Ayiana and my father Sebastian."

Legolas, being the gentleman he was, took my mother's hand and kissed her hand.  I could tell my mother was impressed in a way, but at the same time, I could bet she was thinking how much of an ass crawler Legolas was.

My mother's eyes caught my eyes and before I could read anything in her eyes, she looked away to have her eyes fixed on Legolas.  "Well.  Luke...  Come and sit on the couch."  She pointed out the couch, which I knew for a certain fact that Legolas could have seen that right away, but I decided not to mention anything.  "Jessica, can I please have some help in the kitchen?"

I swallowed a lump in my throat, "Yes mother...  I'll be right there."

Mother gave a nod and went the way Lacey did a while back.  My father walked towards the living room, expecting Legolas to follow him, which I had no doubt he would, if not for my hand pulling on his sleeve.

"Amin hiraetha, melamin..."  (Forgive me, my love...)  I whispered.

He tucked a strand of my hair that came out during our trip here, "nwalya mani?"  (For what?)  He kissed my forehead gently.

"Nwalya sina!  Atar...  Atara..."  (For this!  Father...  Mother...) I closed my eyes in frustration.

"Melamin...  You will have to put through it once we go back to the Kingdom.  Do not worry about this.  We will be fine."  He tilted my head up and gave me a soft kiss on the lips.  "Quel marth, melamin."  (Good luck, my love.)  He whispered one last time, then turned around and followed my father into the living room.

For reasons that I think everyone would've figured out by themselves, I felt like I was sending Legolas off to hell and closing my eyes, I whispered something...  "I wish you luck, Legolas."  Without glancing back, I walked straight into the kitchen.

I found my mother washing lettuce in the sink.  Croutons, salad dressing, cheese and bacon pieces were on the counter, neatly set, ready to be used.  This is where I got my perfectionist from...  Well, some of it anyways.

Mother turned around and looked at me, "The pasta's cooked already, although we have to cook it with the sauce again.  I suggest we use the Alfredo sauce.  But we can do that afterwards.  What I really want you to do is to cook the steaks.  They're lying on the table there."  She nodded her head at the direction of the stove.  It was right beside it, all four steaks nicely marinated.  "I marinated them last night and they've been in the fridge overnight...  You know your dad and I like our steaks medium...  But I don't know about..."  She paused, then said with a hesitant voice, "Luke."

"All right...  I'll ask him."  I nodded.  Before I could disappear from the kitchen, however, she stopped me short again.

"We're making crème brûlée tonight for dessert."

I nodded again, "I'm sure Luke will like it.  I'll be back in a second, Mother."  I rushed out of the kitchen before she could stop me again and went to see Legolas.

"What do you want with my daughter?"

I blinked.

"You better not be fooling around with her.  And that is a threat.  Do you hear me?!"

"Father!"  I almost howled, "What have you been threatening Luke with?  Please be nice!"

My father scowled at me, "I am questioning him.  Do not interrupt me.  I am doing this for your own good, can you not see?"

I sighed in exasperation, "Father!  I am a grown woman; I can take care of myself.  Quite well too.  Stop protecting me like I am a baby!"

"You are a child."

"To you, maybe."  I retorted.

"Do not use that tone on me, young lady."

"Stop threatening my boyfriend then."

"I refuse to do that."

"You wish."

"What are you here for anyways?"  My father asked me.

I blinked again, "Right..."  I totally forgot about it.  I turned to Legolas, "Luke...?"  It felt unusual addressing him with that name, "Um...  How would you like your steak cooked?  Medium, medium rare, rare or blue?"  I knew he had no idea what the heck I was talking about and I was waiting for a puzzled look from him...

He smiled, "I'd like mine medium please, dear."

I swear my jaw dropped a couple inches, and then I composed myself, "All right."  And he was just so damn close...  Somehow attempting to ignore my father's watchful eyes, I crossed the room and leaned down to peck his forehead.  Then I nudged the side of his face with my nose softly and whispered, "Amin mela lle..."  (I love you.)  I then got up and started towards the kitchen again without a backward glance.  It was astonishing how much that little kiss on his forehead could affect me.

As soon as I got back into the kitchen, I started heating up the pan and then poured oil.  Four medium cooked steaks...  I found my mind wandering back to Legolas every two seconds, as well as wondering how my father and his conversation was going.  I hope it all goes well...

"Did you just hear what I said, sweetie?"  I heard my mom say.

"What?"  I asked, blinking away my thoughts.  I've been blinking quite often.

"I'm going to cook the pasta."

I nodded, "All right..."

Several minutes of silence passed until my mom decided to break it, "He's quite a gentleman..."

"I know..."

"Jessica..."  She paused, trying to find a better word in her head, no doubt, "I'm not telling you I do not...agree with this relationship.  From what I've seen, he's a good boy."

I smiled softly.


I frowned.

"It's definitely not your first, and I have no idea how many boyfriends you have had because as much as I'd like to say I'm close to you, you probably still haven't told me everything for the fear of me getting mad at you.  I was once a teenager, I understand.  But I'd like you to be careful and I'd really like you not to get too deep into the relationship.  I'm not going to give you a big lecture about it because I think you're old enough to think for yourself, despite the things I have said on the phone.  But he is still a guy.  Some guys are trustworthy, some guys are not.  Just like some people in the world are trustworthy and some are not.  I'm not saying Luke is not trustworthy at all, but I'd like you to just know him a bit more before going too deep, so just in case it doesn't work out, it won't be too heartbreaking."

I smiled gratefully, "So you're not against him at all?"

She shook her head while heating the pasta sauce.  "No.  I'd just like you to be careful.  Guys lie about a lot of things when they want a certain thing."  She lifted her eyes to meet mine and I turned away from the intensity of concern there was in here eyes.  "I have told you many times that.  I have no doubt you know what I am talking about, Jessica.  Luke might be lying to you, he might not be.  We don't know."

I flipped the steak, "I do.  He won't lie to me."

"When you think you're in love with someone else, you think they are perfect, Jessica."

I had no comment to that.  Finally, I flipped the last steak on the plate and whispered one last thing before I headed to get my father and Legolas.  "He is perfect, Mother."

She looked up.  "No man is perfect..."

He isn't a man, Mother...  That is where you're wrong.  He is no human...  He is an elf.  Someone of grace and beauty, someone of perfection, someone with more wisdom than anyone on this planet...  He is perfection...

* * * * *

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