"I'm gonna beat you!"

"Ha! You can't beat me! I'm the King of Games!"

"Not for long!"

Yugi and Yami were enjoying their little argument while trying to best each other in a new video came that Yugi had bought. It was one of those fighting, button smashing ones. Yugi was in the lead, but Yami wasn't about to lose to his light. Still, they were having fun.

Just then the phone rang.

"I'll get it!" Grandpa Motto shouted. He smiled at the teens as he picked up the phone in the kitchen. "Hello? Oh hello Ms. Ishizu, can I help you? Can you talk to who? The Pharaoh? Oh! You mean Yami. I'll get him." Grandpa Motto put his hand over the receiver and shouted. "Yami! Phone!"

"What?" Yami said, looking behind him. Then he heard the horrible sound of his fighter dieing.

"I just beat you," Yugi said, grinning ear to ear.

"No fair! I was distracted," Yami said in a pretend hurt tone.

Yugi laughed. "That's no excuse! You still owe me a soda!" He grinned.

They both burst out laughing.

"Yami! Phone!" Grandpa Motto repeated.

"Okay, I'm coming!" Yami took the phone. "Hello?"

"Hello my Pharaoh."

"Ishizu, please don't call me Pharaoh. Just call me Yami like everyone else does."

"I have news for you my Pharaoh," Ishizu said, ignoring what Yami just said, "and I think you will find it interesting."

Yami sighed. "What is it?"

"Well my Egyptian exhibit is being moved to San Francisco, California, to join another exhibit there owned by a Mr. Stone."

//Hey Yugi?// Yami asked through their Bond.


//Where's a place called San Francisco?//

/It's a well know city in California./

//Where's California?//

/Oh, it's in the USA./

/Oh./ Yami remembered hearing about the USA when Yugi was trying to teach him about the modern world with this colored ball thing called a Globe.

"I would like you, and a few of your friends, to accompany me," Ishizu continued, "I'm sure it will be beneficial to you."

"Um, hold on Ms. Ishizu." //Yugi?//


//Feel like going on a trip?//


"We're in Frisco!" Joey shouted, causing some of the people walking into the San Francisco Museum to turn and look at him. He blushed slightly and shut his mouth.

"Good goin' there, buddy," Tristan said, locking his arm around Joey's neck in a hold. The rest of the gang laughed.

"Come on guys," Tea said, "Let's actually go inside."

"Yeah, we're supposed to meet Ms. Ishizu at the Grand Opening of her exhibit inside," Yugi said, "Isn't that right Yami?"

"Yep," he answered.

Tristan let go of Joey and they walked in. It was easy to find the Grand Opening. It was where the crowd was. A man was up on a platform, making a speech and two women stood behind him. One was Ishizu, who glanced at them as they walked up, then looked back at the speaking man.

"I guess we wait until he's done," Tristan whispered.

"That must be Mr. Stone," Tea whispered.

"Who's the lady?" Joey asked.

"I don't know," Yami answered.

Yugi listened to his friends whisper, then looked around at the crowd. They all seemed to be paying attention to what the man was saying, which seemed boring to Yugi. Then something gold caught his eye. A pendant, hanging from a strap around a boy's neck. The pendant looked Egyptian. Yugi decided to check it out.

"Hi," he said cheerily, walking up to the boy.

The boy was standing over to the side of the platform, clearly bored. "Hi," he answered, coming out of a sort of zoned out state.

"That's a cool pendant," Yugi said.

"Oh, thanks," the boy said, looking down at his pendant. "Yours looks cool too," he said, indicating the Millennium Puzzle.

"Oh," Yugi said, looking down at it, "It was a gift from my Grandpa."

"Mine was a gift too," the boy said, "From -um- a really old friend." He smiled. "You here for the new exhibit?"

"No, I'm actually here for the old one," Yugi answered, "I was invited to come with Ms. Ishizu to see it."

"Oh you came with Ms. Ishtar?"

"Yep!" Yugi grinned. "Why are you here?"

"Oh, my mom works for the museum," he answered, "See? She's up there standing next to Ms. Ishtar. Oh, by the way, I'm Presley. Presley Conervon."

"Yugi Motto," Yugi said and they shook hands.

Finally Mr. Stone finished his speech.

"Yugi, come on!" Joey called through the now moving crowd.

"Gotta go!" Yugi said. He waved, then walked back over to his friends.

"Who was that?" Yami asked as they caught up with Ishizu and Mr. Stone.

"A boy named Presley. His mom works here in the museum."

"Well that's cool," Tea said.

Walking behind the two adults, the group could here their conversation.

"Now I want to ask you about the safety of my pieces," Ishizu said, "I've heard rumors that your museum, specifically the Egyptian exhibit, has been robbed before."

"That issue has been - taken care of," Mr. Stone answered, "You have nothing to fear Ms. Ishtar. Your exhibit will be safe."

"I trust it will," she answered. Then she stopped and turned around. "This," she said, indicating the gang following her, "Is the group that I have brought with me from Japan."

"Hello," Mr. Stone said politely.

They each said their greetings and Ishizu continued. "I would like it if you could provide them with a tour guide to see the museum before we retire back to the hotel."

"Yes Ms. Ishtar." Mr. Stone turned to look into an office room nearby. "Mrs. Conervon?"

"Yes Mr. Stone?" a woman answered, walking out of the office. It was the same woman from the platform.

'Presley's mother,' Yugi remembered.

"Will you take these children on a tour of the museum?"

"Why sure!" She turned to the teens with a smile. "If you would just follow me."

So they did, leaving Ishizu to talk more with Mr. Stone.


"Who was that?" a cloaked figure asked Presley as he walked by.

"That was Yugi Motto," Presley answered, "He came here from Japan with Ms. Ishtar and the new exhibit."

"I don't trust him," the figure continued, "I got a strange feeling from him."

"Oh Jakal, why do you have to be so protective?" Presley said, "Come on, let's go find the others."

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