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"Do you know how to get out?" Joey yelled desperatly to Jakal as the two of ran out of the melting Palace, Jakal still carrying Yugi and Presley.

"No idea!" Jakal screamed back. The sky was still the dazzling colors of sunset, but the sun was no longer high enough to clear the outer wall.

Several others were shouting around them as well. "The darkness is returning!" "Where's the Pharaoh!" "Help us!"

Someone suddenly bumped into Jakal and looked up at him. "Hey!" the man said, recoiling, "He has the two the Pharaoh was looking for! And they're hurt! Get him!"

"Oh no," Jakal said.

"You've got to be kidding me," Joey yelled as they again started running, this time away from the huge, angry crowd. Unfortunatly, they quickly ran out of room to run.

"Trapped," said one of the followers as Joey and Jakal were backed into the high stone outer wall.

"This can't be happening!" Joey complained, "We go through stone jerks and psychotic wizards just to get pumbled by this mottly crew!"

"The Pharaoh!" someone yelled, "The Pharaoh needs them!"

"The Pharaoh was a lie!" Jakal shouted back at the crowd, "I've seen it with my own eyes. It was Scarab in disguise, as it was in ancient times."

A fourth the crowd froze, relizing finally, not only who the speaker was, but also what he was talking about. The rest weren't quite as enlightened.

"But what of the Pharaoh's Power?" someone else shouted.

"It's supposed to free us from this prison!" another added. The crowd roared with agreement.

"Wha?" Presley said, lifting his head off Jakal's shoulder.

"Wha's going on?" Yugi said, dazed.

"They live!" someone in the crowd shouted and the rest fell into a stunned silence.

Jakal gently set the two boys down on their feet and they looked around, surprised. "What's happening?" Presley asked.

"They tried to harm you!" someone yelled.

"Who? Them?" Yugi asked, looking behind him, "No, they're are friends."

The crowd calmed down considerably. That is until...

"The darkness is coming!" someone shouted. Everyone looked back to see the various buildings melt and the sky was being eaten up by swirling purple clouds followed by a wave of blackness. The crowd started to panic.

"STOP!" Yugi yelled. Everyone was silenced. Stunned a little at the instant obediance, Yugi shook his head a little and looked over at Presley. "I think I know what to do," Yugi said.

"Me too and I agree," Presley answered.

They both nodded and closed their eyes. Yugi suddenly appeared to grow a foot taller and Presley's hair grew longer as weak outlines of the Millennium Eye appeared on their foreheads. They simultaneously held out their hands, and a golden wave flew over the crowd, blinding everyone. When the boys opened their eyes again, the crowd was gone.

"They're at peace now," Yugi whispered.

"What did you do?" Joey asked.

"That's not important," Presley said, "What we need to do is get out of here!"

"But how?" Jakal asked.

"The Western Gate," Presley and Yugi said.

"What?" Joey asked.

"If we follow this wall," Yugi said pointing, "The Western Wall, facing the setting sun, then we should get to the Western Gate, the way we came through."

"Then what are we waiting for, a written invatation!" Joey said, "Come on!"

The four of them ran along the wall, the dark wave creeping up behind them.

"There it is!" Jakal shouted, pointing at a blue-ish swirling vortex contianed within a yellow stoned gateway. Running full tilt, the four grabbed each other's wrists and sped strait into the vortex.

Three succeeded to penetrate the thick, soupy blue wall, but Jakal crashed into it as if it were brick, causing the other three to jerk to a halt on the other side, still holding on to him.

"What's wrong!" Presley screamed through the portal, still able to see his guardian on the other side.

"It won't let me through!" Jakal shouted back, pushing against the vortex.

"What's going on!" Yugi shouted, confused.

"He's stuck!" Presley shouted back. He started to pull Jakal's wrist hard, placing his feet on the edges of the gate for leverage.

"Why!" Joey said, pulling his other wrist.

Then it hit Presley. "It's because he's dead," he said to himself.

"What?" Yugi called, helping Presley to pull.

"It won't let him through because he's dead!" Presley shouted, "You need a spell to release the dead from the Western Gate!" "Unless they already have a live body to ocupy on the other side," he added to himself.

"Then leave me!" Jakal shouted, "You can't help!"

"No!" Presley screamed, pulling harder, "I'm not leaving you in there!" He could see the black wave rolling up behind the guardian, gaining in height and power.

"Don't give up Jakal!" Yugi yelled.

"Help us!" Joey joined.

Jakal looked up at the pulling teens, their determination catching in him. He pushed with all his might.

"Wait! I think he's moving!" Joey shouted. And sure enough, the mummy's hands started to warp through the vortex.

"KEEP PULLING!" Presley shouted. The boys pulled even harder as they started to sweat.

"My hands are slipping!" Yugi said desperatly. His fingers were sliding on the now dead, bandaged skin of Jakal's wrist. He struggled to keep a grip.

"Hold on!" Joey encouraged.

"I can't!" screamed Yugi as the bandage he had caught hold of ripped.

"NOOO!" Presley yelled, whipping out a hand to grab the falling teen, just short of his hand.

"YUGIOH!" Yugi yelled at the same instance, and suddenly Yugi's arm grew a good six inches and Yami grabbed onto Presley's outstreched hand. All gave a sigh of relief.

"Thanks," Yami said, looking up at the boy.

"No problem," Presley answered. But then a powerful force tugged on his other hand. Whipping his head over, Presley saw Jakal's arms being pulled back through the portal. "NO!" he shouted.

Both arms sucked back through, taking Joey and Presley's arms with them. "It's too late!" Jakal warned as the darkness lapped at his feet and rose over his head, threatening to crash down. Jakal had made up his mind. He suddenly yanked his arm out of the unsuspecting Joey's hands. The stuned boy fell, having nothing to hold on to, but at the last second, grabbed onto Yami's foot.

Presley cringed painfully, now holding up so much weight, but then looked back up at Jakal, pleadingly. "No," he whispered.

Jakal gave him a sad smile in return. "It has been an honor, Presley."

An echoing shout filled the air, mingling with the screams of the boys as they fell, splashing into the cold river below. Joey's head appeared up first, gasping for air, followed by Yami, who pulled up a broken looking Presley with him.

"Where are we!" Joey asked, tredding water. The three of them looked up to see a red bridge above them in the moonlight.

"The Golden Gate Bridge," Presley murmmered, "We're back in San Fransisco."

"Back where we started?" Yami asked.

"Yes," Presley answered, looking down at the water, "But not all of us," he added to himself.

The other two still looked up at the bridge. "How are we going to get up there?" Joey thought aloud.

"I think I can help with that," said a winged figure as he swooped down on them, scooping up all three in one pass.

"JAKAL!" the three yelled in startled, yet welcome surprise, looking up at their rescuer. Jakal smiled at them.

"But how?" Presley asked, dumbfounded, as they landed atop the bridge.

"I believe I can answer that question," Rath said, walking up to them.

(About five minutes ago, Earth time)

Tristan watched in horror as Joey's sneakers dissappeared over the side of the bridge, following the fall of Yugi and Presley as well. "NOOO!" he screamed, dashing forward.

"Stop!" Tea yelled, grabbing hold of his arm with her good hand, but only succeeding in being dragged along. But Ishizu also grabbed onto him, and together the girls succeeded in stopping him, but not to his liking.

"Let me go!" he yelled, tugging at thier grips.

"Let me go!" someone echoed him from behind. The three turned to see Armon holding an angry Nefertina back with his golden arm. She kicked and scratched, desperately trying to get away, leaving deep scratch marks in the gold, but Armon could not feel them so he held tight.

"You can do nothing to help them," Rath said, as if he were trying to convince himself of that instead of them, "The both of you," he added, looking at Tristan.

"But our friends!" Tristan argued back.

Before anyone could say another word though, they heard shouting.

"What's wrong!" "What's going on!" "He's stuck!"

"What's that?" Tea said.

"It's them!" Rath said, looking over towards the edge.

"It won't let him through because he's dead!" they heard Presley shout, "You need a spell to release the dead from the Western Gate!"

A spell! Rath thought desperatly. He knew that spell! But what was it!

"No!" Presley screamed, "I'm not leaving you in there!"

"Jakal's stuck!" Nefertina yelled, "We have to help!"

The six of them ran over to the side as they heard Yugi say, "My hands are slipping!" They arrived just in time to see Yugi fall.

"NOOOO!" Tea and Tristan screamed along with Presley before Yugi transformed into Yami and caught Presley's hand. All gave a sigh of relief.

But then they saw Jakal's hands disappearing back into the Western Gate. Rath's mind raced.

"I know that spell, I know it," he shouted at himself, frustrated.

"You do?" Ishizu asked.

"Then say it already!" Nefertina shouted.

Rath racked his brain, digging haphazardly through the thousands of spells stored there. Then finally it came to him, the one he had read in his studies of the Shadow Realm.

Shouting it out, he watched as the boys, as well as Jakal, fall.

Jakal with his new found wings, pulled up at the last instant before hitting the water. Circling around, the flying mummy searched desperately for the boys to surface. After finding their bobbing heads, he scooped them up, flying towards the bridge to finally land in front of an extremely relieved crowd.

(And back to the present)

"We were only gone for five minutes!" Joey said.

"Actually less," said Armon, "as getting Jakal out took about four."

The four stood there, dumbfounded, until they were swarmed by their friends. Tristan held out his hand for Joey to grab, and they shook hands. Armon patted Jakal on the back as Rath shook his hand and Nefertina messed up Presley's hair affectionatly. Tea ran over and hugged Yami as Ishizu stood by, smiling softly.

"I'm so glad you're back Yugi!" Tea said happily.

"Ahem," Yami said, clearing his throat a little.

Tea looked up at him, blushed, and let go. "Sorry Yami," she said, "Where is Yugi?"

Yami held the golden upside down pyramid hanging from around his neck. "He's asleep," he answered, "As he rightly deserves to be."

Joey yawned loudly, suddenly very tired. "I think I might... join him," he said softly before falling asleep on his feet. Before he fell to the ground, Tristan caught him.

Presley's eyes drooped. "Me too," he said, wavering a bit on his feet before Armon picked him up, the boy falling asleep is his arms.

Jakal powered down, exhausted, and stumbled as he tried to walk.

"Jakal," Nefertina said, appearing under his arm, holding him up, "You need help."

"No I don't," Jakal argued weakly back, "I'm fine."

"No you're not," she argued back, "You must be just as tired as they are. Maybe even more so, because you haven't recharged in so long."

"But-" Jakal started.

"You won't win this argument so don't try," Rath put in. Nefertina smiled agreement.

Jakal sighed. "Fine," he said, "You can help me walk home."

"Will you be alright my Pharaoh?" Ishizu asked Yami.

"Ug," Yami said quietly, hanging his head, "Please don't call... Oh never mind. I do feel weak, but I will ask for help when I need it."

So they started home, Tristan carrying Joey piggyback, Armon carrying Presley, Nefertina helping Jakal, and Rath, Ishizu, Tea, and Yami walking together, the three helping Yami whenever he asked for it.

Yugi awoke on a soft couch, covered by a blanket, with no memory of how he came to be there. He openned his eyes in an unfamiliar bedroom filled with familiar people. Across the moonlit room, Presley slept soundly in a bed, Joey and Tristan were snoring in sleeping bags on the ground, and Tea curled in the pop-up cot in the corner.

Ishizu slowly walked up to him. "All is well," she said softly, "You can go back to sleep."

Yugi grinned at her small smile, and snuggled back under the warm blanket. "Goodnight Ishizu," he called.

"Goodnight little one," she said, closing the door quietly behind her.

"Good morning!" Mrs. Conervon called into Presley's room, flipping on the lights.

Tristan moaned as Joey called out, "Five more minutes."

"Come on guys," Presley's mom said brightly, "It's time to get up!" Then she walked away.

"You didn't go swimming at midnight," Joey muttered.

"Come on, let's get up," Presley said, sitting up from his bed. Yugi sat up and rubbed his eyes as Tea streched. Joey rolled over and Tristan covered his head with his pillow.

Yugi stood to find himself dressed in long boxer shorts and an old t-shirt. "What?" he said, confused.

"Oh," Presley said, "Yami changed you into some PJs. Our clothes were soaked."

Yugi looked over to see Joey and Presley in PJs too.

"Oh, boys," Presley's mom said, popping back in again, "I have your clothes fresh from the dryer. Must have been some rainstorm last night. Actually, I don't think I remember it raining." She paused for a minute, but then shrugged. "Well," she continued, handing Yugi the stack of clothes, "That's what happens when you don't bring unbrellas like the girls did."

"Uh, right," Yugi said. She then smiled and left again.

Tea yawned. "Well," she said, standing up, "I'll let you guys get dressed. I wonder what Ishizu's doing."

After Tea had left, Tristan and Joey finally got up and Joey, Yugi, and Presley got dressed. They all followed Presley to the kitchen for breakfast.

Presley smelled the air and smiled. "Ah, pancakes."

"Of course," his mother said, "We have guests." She set a pile of flapjacks down in front of each of them, along with Tea and Ishizu.

Joey and Tristan didn't need to be told twice. "Pass the syrup," Joey said through a mouthful of pancake to Tea. Tea cringed in disgust and then gave him the bottle.

"So," Ishizu said as the rest of them ate, "What are we planning on doing on our last day in San Fransisco?"

All the teens stopped eating and looked at each other. "Absolutly nothing!" they all said, then started cracking up.

"Wait," Presley called as the group of them walked up to a large stone Sphinx. They had decided to walk around and get one last look at San Fransisco before Ishizu's group had to return to Domino. "I'm sure there is someone who would like to say goodbye before you leave, or perhaps a group of someones."

He leaned towards the Sphinx and hit the hidden switch, causing a door to scrape open from the Sphinx's paw. The group followed Presley into a large stone room that only Ishizu recognized, and one of the ocupants recognized her. Kahti walked up to her and rubbed his body against her legs.

"Hello Sacred Cat," Ishizu said, smiling and knealing down to scratch the cat behind his ears. Kahti purred in appreciation.

"Leave her alone Kahti," Rath said, walking out of his study to meet them. He was rolling up a scroll as he came, apparently trying to clean the mess he had made in his hastened studies over the past few days.

Armon made his way from the kitchen wearing an apron, a delightful smell following him. Nefertina pulled herself out from under the Hot-Ra and started to rub the grease from her hands with a spare cloth, smiling as she walked up to them. But a nod from both Rath and Armon sent her into another room, one mostly empty, save for four stone sarcophagie.

"Jakal," she called, nocking on the blue one in the shape of a hawk, "Armon has lunch ready."

"Alright, I'm coming," said a sleepy voice from the other side, and they heard a yawn, "Be there in a second."

"Oh, and we have company," Nefertina continued.

"Do we now?" Jakal said, coming out of the sarcophagus. Looking around the corner, he spotted Presley and his new friends standing near the entrance. "Well then, we shouldn't keep them waiting." He walked up to the group. "Let's eat."

"Alright!" shouted Joey and Tristan.

"Ah, people after my own kind," Armon said.

After each grabbing a plate of food, they all sat on couches, chairs, and pillows on the floor, in what was considered the living room as the kitchen was too small for ten people, and began to talk and eat.

"Great food!" Tristan said, after taking a particulary large bite of meat. Armon beamed.

"So when are you guys leaving?" Nefertina asked.

"Right after this," Ishizu answered.

"We just came to say goodbye," Tea added.

"I hope you will come back some time and visit," Presley said.

"Of course!" Yugi answered.

"We still have to teach you how to play Duel Monsters," Joey said with a mouthful of food.

"Oh yeah!" Presley said, remebering. It seemed like forever ago they were talking about that, though it had just been yesterday.

"How will you guys be?" Tristan asked, "Now that's Scarab's gone."

"Unfortunatly, he may be withheld for now," Rath said, "But he always seems to find a way to come back."

"He isn't banished there, like Heishin is," Jakal added, "But maybe at least you lot will have some peace."

"Well," Yami said, "I don't know about that. There are a few others that might keep us on our toes." A few that came to mind included Kaiba, Bakura, Pegasus, Marik, Dartz, the list could go on.

"Unfortunatly, we have the same problem," Rath added, thinking of the many gods and goddesses that had come through the Western Gate, and a certain former student of his.

"I've been meaning to ask you this," Armon said, turning to Joey, "How did you and Tristan get the Shabti staffs to work? They're supposed to be powered by the magic that runs through the wielder's body." All four mummies looked towards them, as well as the rest of the crowd, curious.

Joey and Tristan looked at each other. "We don't know," Joey answered truthfully, as Tristan shrugged. They all sat there, confused for a second, before Presley broke the silence.

"What about the exhibit?" Presley asked.

"It will be staying for a year," Ishizu said, "And then we may all come back to help return it to Domino."

Yugi sat back and looked around as conversations started up again. Here they were, sitting inside a Sphinx with four live mummies and two pharaoh's, eating lunch and talking together like it was a normal, everyday event. He laughed in spite of himself.

/What is it/ Yami asked him.

/Nothing/ Yugi answered/I'm just glad to have friends like these. And you as well Yami. I'm glad you're here./

Yami smiled. /I'm glad you're here too, Chosen One./

Yugi's eyes widened and he threw the pillow he was sitting on over at Yami. Yami held up his hands and blocked it. They both started laughing.

"Hey, what was that for?" Joey asked, confused at Yugi's actions.

"I don't know," Yami answered, smiling, "Why did you throw that at me Yugi?"

"Because you deserved it," Yugi said, smirking, "And you still owe me a soda."