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Note: Okay, so in between OBAFU, PPC work, and my other new fanfic project, I had a few minutes to spare. Those were spent creating a "Five Things" thanks to Selena and her Warren "Five Things" (&^*% plot bunnies!). Hope you enjoy.

Five Things that Never Happened to Dawn

By HonorH

1: Sister, Sister

Dracula had moved on, and Buffy decided she'd be just as happy to forget the entire bizarro incident. Hopefully, Riley and a good--or bad--movie would help her do just that. The Slayer hiked up the stairs to change clothes and run a brush through her hair.

"Did not!"

"Did too, you little klepto!"

Rolling her eyes, Buffy stopped by the room the yelling was coming from and poked her head in. "You two think you could give it a rest just for a day? Mom said she had a headache."

"She said I stole her shirt!" protested Dawn, pointing an accusing finger. "As if I'd steal her slutwear."

"You're so smart, you tell me where it went, kid," said Faith. The younger Slayer glared at her little sister before turning her attention to Buffy. "B, you seen that stripey sleeveless blouse of mine? I was gonna wear it to my job interview."

Buffy sighed. These two got into it at least once a day. "Haven't, but isn't it kinda skimpy for a job interview?"

"See? Slutwear!" said Dawn.

"I was gonna wear a jacket. You think I'm stupid? Do not answer that, Dawn."

"I didn't take it," Dawn stated again. The young girl moved to Buffy's side, pouting a bit. "She's always saying I took her stuff. It's not fair."

Buffy brushed Dawn's long, brown hair back from her face. Such a sweet kid, especially for all she'd been through, and she absolutely idolized Buffy. That was kinda nice, if Buffy was honest with herself. Besides, the memory of the look on Giles' face when Faith had shown up in town with her 12-year- old sister in tow ("Damned if I was gonna leave her with our junkie mom or Boston's child welfare system. You got room for us at your place, B? Watchers don't pay for dick.") was always good for a chuckle.

Besides, privately, Buffy thought maybe Dawn was the best thing for Faith. Faith had been walking on the edge when she came into town after her Watcher's death, and the triple-punch combination of Gwendolyn Post, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, and Allan Finch had very nearly driven the dark-haired Slayer over that edge. Having Dawn to care for, though, had grounded Faith--and Joyce becoming Dawn's foster mother had drawn them both into the Summers family.

Hadn't exactly been a smooth journey, of course, but excepting the daily sister-fights and the logistics of four women, one bathroom, Buffy thought it was worth it.

"Faith, why don't you borrow my red silk shell?" Buffy suggested. "You always look great in red, and we can find the other one later and more quietly."

"Fine, whatever," muttered Faith, sweeping out of the room.

"I didn't take it," Dawn repeated for the benefit of all and sundry. "Gawd. She doesn't do this to you."

"Yeah, well, I'd beat her up. How about we go school shopping tomorrow?"

Dawn bounced cutely and hugged Buffy. "You are the greatest, you know that? I wish you were my big sister instead of Ms. Moody."

"Nah," said Buffy, mussing Dawn's hair. "I'd be a terrible sister."