"The Three Psychotic Nurses"

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A/N: Malik is the hikari, Marik is the yami, Ryou is the hikari and Bakura is the yami. Just in case, you didn't know.

I'm sick today, really sick but my mom is still going to leave me at home to go out with that pompous jerk! "I can't believe you going that leave me alone for Pete's sake when you know your onee (only) daughter is thick.(sick)" (a/n: nose stuffed) Mom smiled at me and shook her head. Why smile at me ahen I'm feeling so miserable, why?

"Why are you smiling at me like that?" I bet she could hear the uneasiness in my voice. She simply winked at me while putting on her old pearl earrings, passed down by my great grandmother to my grandmother, who passed it down to her daughter, who is my mom. Which means, she 'll pass it down to me when I'm a little older then I'll have to give it to my own daughter. My family is pretty strange. It's like we have some kind of curse or something. Every couple in our family can only have one girl and when they try ro have another baby, it never works.

But I'm too sick to think about that right now I should be thinking, "Why?!" Mom blinked once or twice and looked at me strangely, "Why what?" I tried to say something but all I did was sneeze at that moment. "Achoo! Achoo! Achoo!" I put a tissue near my nose. "Ow" After about 40 times of blowing and wiping your nose, the possibly 41st time really hurts.

"Bom,(Mom) how can you go out with somebody when I'm tho(so) thick(sick)? Your Wei Wei needs you." I tried to make a puppydog face but my face really hurts like hell.

"Quit being a baby", she said. "You're not going to be alone. In fact, I've hired three people to take care of you while I'm gone."

I couldn't help but feel angry, I mean, she's my mom. She's supposed to take care of me, not complete strangers. "You mean to tell me, people I don't even know are going to be babying me all evening?!"

She shook her head slightly and said," No, your three best friends." Huh? I only had one bestfriend and she was at a concert tonight. Maybe the concert got canceled for some reason. I felt my mouth forming a smile. Then we can hang out like we do all the time. But who were the other two people? Maybe her cousins or sisters.

"Who are the other two? I only have one best friend and I though Lin was-" She chuckled softly to herself and said,"Who said anything about Lin? I meant, Bakura, Malik and Marik." I settled my head further into the fluffy pillow propped up against my back. "Oh" Wait a minute! Did she just say Bakura, Malik and Marik?!

"I'm sorry, my ears must be stuffed up, too. Did you just say the names: Bakura, Malik, Marik?" She nodded. I was getting ready to scream when the doorbell rang.

"Oh! That must be my date!" She ran out of my room and I heard her clomped down the stairs in her high-heeled shoes. I clutched my head my with both hands. My own mom just made my oncoming headache worser. I looked to my left at the dresser beside my bed. My medicine was sitting on the surface. But it was out of my arm's reach. "Come here, damn you" I cursed. I extended my fingers a bit, I almost had it when,"Wei Wei! They're here!"

I jumped up, surprised by my mom's sudden greeting and fell off my bed. "Ow" Now my headache's worser than ever and I still don't have my medicine. My face was facing the beige carpet but I didn't want to look up, especially at the three psychos standing near the doorway. I could hear Malik and his Yami trying not to burst out laughing. Bakura chuckled deeply and seized me by the arm and pulled me up.

He whispered quietly to me,"You're such a baka." The doorbell rang again and mom raced out of the room and clomped down the stairs again to answer the door. Oh, my aching head. Oh, great now I'm alone with three potential murderers. My legs felt like jello and Bakura still had his arms around my arm but he let me go. I fell down instantly and my stomach gurgled but it was drowned out by their laughter.

"Stop laughing" I said meekly. I felt worser now and my headache worsened as their laughter rang throughout my mind. My vision blurred for a second. I'm okay, just have to get back to bed. What is that ringing, is that in my head? No, it's the phone.

"Hello?" I couldn't hear whoever it was. I put the phone down on the dresser and yelled,"Shut up! I'm on the phone and I can't hear over your laughing!" They stopped, they listened to me? I can't think about that now either. "Sorry, who is this?" I said.

"It's Ryou. Is Weili there?" I winced and pulled the phone away for a second. I hate being sick. You can't do anything you normally do without getting hurt. It sounded like he was yelling into the phone but I knew it was my sickness' fault.

"I'm Wei. What's up, Ryou?"

"I just wanted to tell you that I hope you get better soon and that it was partly my idea." I was confused.

"What idea?"

"That Bakura took care of you while you were sick." he said so calmly.

"What?!" I practically shrieked into the phone. "Ryou, I didn't even do anything to you! Why are you punishing me?!"

"I'm not trying to punish you. I just thought that it's be nice and he really needs the money."

"Money?! Can't he just steal! That's what he does best! If Bakura's here because it was your idea, then why is Malik and Marik here?" I whispered into the phone and looked over my shoulder to see if they were listening. Bakura was still standing by the doorway, looking annoyed about something but Malik and Marik was looking in my closet! "Wha-? Malik and Marik, put down my bra right now!" I yelled at them and turned around again.

"The reason Malik and Marik is over there is because of me", another voice came on the other line. Isis?

"Isis, is that you?"

"Yeah, and it's payback time!"

"What?! What did I do?"

She tried to cackle but failed miserablyand ended up in a coughing fit.

"Err, you okay?" I couldn't help but giggle.

"Yeah, could you hold on. I just get a glass of water."

"Forget about that. What did I do to deserve this?"

"You told Lin my secret!" she yelled. I winced again.

"So? That was one person. It's not like I told everybody you know like Bakura" I added some emphasis on that name.

"What are you saying about me, mortal?" I could feel his breath on the back of my neck.

"Aah!" I yelped in surprise. I threw the phone up in the air and I could hear it land on somebody. "Oof!" Everything's getting dark now. My legs can no longer support my body.

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