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Chapter 1: Table Manners

"Five more minutes until karaoke night starts," Suzie said excitedly as the mauve-haired girl looked up from her watch.

Henry looked over at his younger sister who was sitting to the right of him, "If you want to sing, you'll have to finish you're udon first."

Suzie grabbed her wooden chopsticks that was set next to her soup bowl and with her chopsticks picked up a bunch of udon from her soup bowl, stuffed a portion of the noodles in her mouth, and slurped up the thick white slippery noodles into her mouth.

"Suzie! Don't stuff your mouth like that you might choke!" scolded Henry.

Suzie swallowed her food, "But I only have five minutes to finish my food."

Henry rested his left elbow on the table, leaned his forehead into the palm of his hand in frustration as he continued to look at Suzie, "You knew what I meant by finishing your food. Finish your food properly."

"Talking about proper behavior," started Rika who was sitting on the other side of Henry, "It's not proper to put your elbow on the table."

Seeing Rika correct Henry made Suzie giggle.

Henry took his elbow off of the table and leaned back in his chair, "Sorry."

"I don't care if people put their elbows on the table or not, but if you're teaching Suzie table manners, you'll have to set a good example yourself," remarked Rika as she flaked off a piece of her teriyaki salmon with her chopsticks, "Geez Henry, you're such a bad role model for your sister," Rika said sarcastically right before she put the piece of food into her mouth.

Ryo laughed from across the table, "Yes, Henry is the most irresponsible one sitting at this table," joked Ryo.

"You should be more like me Henry," said Kazu as he sat straight up in his chair and brought his right hand to his chest, "I'm a good role model."

Everyone at the table laughed at Kazu.

"Why are you guys laughing? I'm serious," stated Kazu.

Everyone stopped laughing and just stared at Kazu with perplex expressions on their faces not knowing if he was kidding or not.

Rika gave off a smirk, "Yea, a person who acts like a fool most of the time is the perfect role model for Suzie. Yea, you're a good role model, and I'm the Queen of England."

Everyone laughed at Rika's remark.

It's been over four years since the tamers defeated their last Digimon, Parasimon. It was a Saturday night and all the tamers, except for Ai and Mako, were eating dinner at Jeri's family's restaurant. Jeri's family got a new karaoke machine for the restaurant, and Jeri wanted to show it off to everyone. However, since it was karaoke night, the restaurant was busy, and to make things worse, one employee was running late. So Jeri had to fill in for the employee and wasn't able to eat with the rest of the tamers. As for the tamer's digimon, they were upstairs having dinner in Jeri's room. Some people in Japan still freak out when they see them, so they had to eat upstairs to stay out of sight.

Jeri walks over to the table with a tray of drinks, "Here's your orange soda Henry, and here's your coke Ryo," said Jeri as she took the drinks off of the tray and set it in front of them. "Does anyone else want a refill?" asked Jeri as she stood at the end of the table where Kenta and Suzie were sitting.

"No we're fine. When are you going to be able to take a break? You've been working for hours," said Takato.

Jeri walks to the other end of the table and sits down in the unoccupied seat next to Ryo and in front of Takato, "I just have to take care of our table now. The waitress I was filling in for just came in a few minutes ago," answered Jeri with a smile, showing no sign of fatigue.

"I thought you were serving our digimon too," said Takato.

"I got Calumon to serve them," responded Jeri.

"Do you think it's wise that we're letting them eat unsupervised?" commented Kenta.

"Kenta has a point, they do have crazy eating habits," added Henry.

"They'll be fine. Renamon is there to keep them in order," assured Rika.


Meanwhile in Jeri's room...

"Who ordered Maki sushi?!" asked Calumon as he hovered into Jeri's room with the order in his paws.

"I did, I did!" exclaimed Guilmon excitedly as he waved his paws in the air from across the room.

Calumon picked up one of the six Maki sushis, a sushi with raw mackerel in the middle wrapped in rice and seaweed from the plate, "Ready?"

"Ready," responded Guilmon.

"Kay, here it comes," said Calumon as he threw the sushi in Guilmon's direction.

Guilmon opened his mouth to catch the sushi, but suddenly Impmon jumped in front of Guilmon and caught the sushi in his mouth and ate it.

"Hey! That was mine," said Guilmon in a down tone.

"I'm doing you a favor tubby," said Impmon, "You need to lose weight."

Guilmon looked at his belly, "I'm not tubby."

"Yes you are. You're so tubby that you don't need to use your attacks to defeat digimon, you just need to sit on them," said Impmon. "Hey, ahhh!" screamed Impmon as Guilmon sat on him.

"See I'm not tubby. I'm sitting on you and you're still alive," responded Guilmon innocently.

"I didn't mean it literally you big goofball. Get off of me!" demanded Impmon from underneath Guilmon.

"Nope, not until I eat the rest of my order," said Guilmon as he gave off a childish giggle.

"Ready this time?" asked Calumon.


Calumon got another piece of sushi off of the plate and threw it.

Guilmon opened his mouth again to catch it, but the sushi never made it to his mouth. This time Monodramon caught it.

Guilmon wore a quizzical look on his face as he looked at Monodramon, "Why did you eat my food?"

Monodramon turned around and looked at Guilmon, "Sorry, I just wanted to try one."

"You better get this one Guilmon," said Calumon as he threw another piece.

Terriermon caught it this time.

"Not you too Terriermon," complained Guilmon.

"Sorry, I thought we were playing a game of keep away. Hey this is pretty good. No wonder Impmon and Monodramon ate a piece," said Terriermon as the bunny like digimon licked his lips.

Calumon took a piece of sushi and eat one himself, "Mmmmm... Yum. Oh boy, this is pretty good!"

Seeing everyone else try the sushi, MarineAngemon wanted to try one, so the little pink digimon flew up to the plate Calumon was holding, got one of sushi, and started nibbling on it.

"It's torture watching everyone else eat my food besides me," whined Guilmon.

"No, being sat on by you is. Get off of me before I bada boom your tail!" demanded Impmon again.

Guilmon got off of Impmon.

"Hey Guilmon! There's one more left. Better get it before I eat it," teased Calumon as he picked up the last piece of sushi from the plate.

"Nooo," said Guilmon as he ran towards Calumon.

"Terriermon catch!" screamed Calumon hyperactively as he flings the sushi towards Terriermon.

Terriermon caught it in his paws, "Guilmon over here!'

Guilmon turned around and started running towards Terriermon. Once Guilmon got close to Terriermon, Terriermon threw the sushi back to Calumon.

Lopmon and Renamon were sitting on the top bunk in the room watching Calumon and Terriermon play a game of keep away from Guilmon.

"Aren't you going to stop them?" Lopmon asked Renamon.

Renamon looked at Lopmon, "I would, but it's too entertaining." Renamon adverted her attention down at Guardomon who was sitting down on the floor next to the bunk beds, "Why aren't you joining them in a game of keep away?"

"Because I can't play that game," answered Guardomon.

"And why not?" asked Renamon, "All you have to do is keep the food away from Guilmon and pretend to eat it."

"That's exactly why. I can't pretend and tease Guilmon that I'm going to eat his food, because I don't have a mouth," replied Guardomon.


Back in the restaurant...

"Three... two... one... YAY! It's finally ten o' clock! It's officially karaoke night. Can I sing now?" asked Suzie as she looked up from her watch, clasped her hands together, and started bouncing up and down in her sit excitedly.

"Let Jeri finish her food first," said Henry.

"It's peachy Henry. I promise Suzie that I was going to let her be the first one to sing on the new karaoke machine. Come on Suzie," said Jeri as she got up from her sit.

Suzie got off of her seat as well and followed Jeri to the stage.

"Here's the song list," said Jeri as she got the list from her apron and handed it to Suzie while they were on their way to the stage.

Suzie flipped through the booklet. Jeri could tell that Suzie already knew what song to sing by how fast Suzie was browsing through the booklet.

"Here it is. Number five one seven eight three," said Suzie has they stepped onto the small karaoke stage which was just a few inches off the floor.

Jeri got a remote that was set on top of the karaoke machine and turned on the television screens that were mounted on each corner of the restaurant. Jeri then walked over to the light switches and dimmed the lights in the restaurant allowing only the television screens, and the candles on each table in the restaurant to illuminated the room.

"Ready Suzie?" asked Jeri.

Suzie lowered the microphone stand and cupped the microphone in between her hands, "Ready."

Jeri entered the number of the song that Suzie wanted to sing with the remote. Suzie, feeling a little nervous, closed her eyes, and took in one deep breath to help her relax. Once relaxed, she opened her eyes, looked at the closes television screen, and waited for the first word of the lyrics to the song to be shaded in with color, signaling her to sing that part of the song, and once it did, Suzie sang into the microphone, and her voice suddenly filled the air.

"Wanna be the biggest dreamer
Running full speed through
Both the future and the present"

"Why does Suzie always sings that song?" asked Kazu as Suzie continued to sing the next verse.

"She feels that it's our theme song," answered Henry.


"She said if you listen to the lyrics, it talks about what we went through three years ago."

"Even if I slide
And skin my knees
I've gotta stand right back up,
I know my chance will run away"

"Oh yea, it does," said Kazu as he paid close attention to the lyrics.

"Suzie has a good voice," commented Rika.

"Big and bigger, biggest dreamer!
Dreaming is the start of everything
That's the answer
I'll fly farther than anyone
Through all the tomorrows"

Jeri made it back to the table, "If anyone else wants to sing a song here's the list," said Jeri as she laid the song list in the middle of the table before sitting down in her sit.

Ryo picked up the booklet and browsed through the list.

"Fly to the horizon,
Our courage has gained wings
In order to grow big and strong,
I'll run too

For a long time
I've heard the count down
I'm prepared,
Let's start now, change into zero!

Big and bigger, biggest dreamer!
We've gotta believe,
Disappear into the twinkling in stand
I'll run, not turning away from my heart's target,
Through all the tomorrows

Big and bigger, biggest dreamer!
Dreaming is the start of everything,
That's the answer

Wanna be the biggest dreamer
Running full speed through
Both the future and the present"

Suzie finished singing and everyone in the restaurant applauded her, and the tamers gave Suzie a standing ovation. Suzie gave a bow, leaped off the stage, and headed back to the table. As she made her way to the table some people paid her a compliment on her singing.

Ryo sat back down and started looking through the song list again, "Hey, they have Miss Independent. That song remains me of you Rika."

"Why do you say that?" asked Rika.

"The song is about a fierce independent girl who mellowed down because she fell in love. Just like you."

"Just like me? I haven't fallen in love," said Rika.

Ryo gave off a soft chuckle knowing what he'll be getting himself into, "Yes you have. You've fallen for me."

Rika leaned forward in her chair slowly, "It must be a little too nosey in this restaurant because I thought I heard you say that I have fallen for YOU?"

"You heard right," replied Ryo as he got up from sit.

"Where is he going?" asked Rika.

Everyone watched Ryo walk towards the small karaoke stage.

"I think he's going to sing," replied Kenta.

Ryo hopped onto the stage, walked over to the karaoke system, got the remote, and then walked over to the microphone. Ryo adjusted the microphone stand, raising the microphone up to his lips. Ryo looked a crossed the room over at Rika, and gave Rika a mischievous grin. Rika with an unexpressive face, leaned back in her seat, crossed her arms, and waited to see what Ryo was up to.

Ryo turned his graze away from Rika, and his crystal blue eyes roamed the room, "Lady's and Gentlemen, can I have you attention please? This song I'm going to sing is about a girl I know. You see she acts like she hates me, but I know deep down inside, she loves me."

Everyone at the table quickly looked at Rika expecting her to go ballistic from what Ryo said, but Rika just sat there, didn't move a muscle, and kept her eyes fixed on Ryo.

".So I'm dedicating this song to her." Ryo punched in the number of the song with the remote, laid the remote on the ground, and waited for the song to start. The beats started and the first lines of the song appeared on the screen. And once the words got shaded in, Ryo started singing in perfect tune.

"Miss independent
Miss self-sufficient
Miss keep your distance, mmm
Miss unafraid
Miss out of my way
Miss don't let a man interfere, nooo
Miss on her own
Miss almost grown
Miss never, let a man, help her off her throne
So, by keeping her heart protected
She'd never ever feel rejected
Little miss apprehensive
Said ooh, she fell in love"

Ryo started to rock his upper body and his head to the music once the up beats started for the chorus.

"What is this feelin' takin' over?
Thinkin' no one could open her door
Surprise...It's time
To feel what's real
What happened to Miss Independent?
No longer need to be defensive
Goodbye, old you
When love is true"

Ryo stop rocking to the beats as the beat slowed down for the second verse.

"Miss guarded heart
Miss play it smart
Miss if you want to use that line you better not start, nooo
But she miscalculated
She didn't want to end up jaded
And this miss decided not to miss out on true love
So, by changing her misconceptions
She went in a new direction
And found inside she felt a connection
She fell in love"

This time Ryo stepped in front of the microphone, turn his back to the audience, and started shaking his butt to the booty shaking beats of the chorus, which made a brunch of girls in the restaurant go wild. Ryo was really getting into the music.

"Henry, could you pass the soy sauce?" asked Rika as Ryo continued to sing the song.

Henry passed the soy sauce to Rika; Rika then leaned forward and got Ryo's coke.

"Rika, you better not be doing what I think you'll be doing," commented Henry as he watched Rika.

Rika looked at Henry, "You expect me to let Ryo get away with this?"

"No, but you're sitting a bad example for Suzie. I normally wouldn't care, but since we were talking about setting a good example for Suzie earlier." Henry trailed off.

"I am setting a good example for Suzie," responded Rika.


"I'm showing her that you shouldn't get mad, just get even."

Henry chuckled at Rika's come back and then turned to Suzie, "It is better to get even then to get mad, but it's best just to let things go."

"Then why doesn't Rika let what Ryo is doing go?" asked Suzie.

Henry leaned over to Suzie and whispered, "Because she's too stubborn to."

Rika pour in good amount of the salty dark liquid into Ryo's drink. Swirled the cup around a few times to let the soy sauce mix in with the coke, then put the drink back from where she got it.

"Miss Independent," and as Ryo sang that last sentence of the song, everyone in the restaurant, except for Rika, applaud Ryo, and a lot of girls gave him a standing ovation. Ryo bowed, then got off the small stage and headed back to his table.

Ryo made it to his sit and sat down. Ryo looked at Rika waiting for a reaction, but got none.

"Why are you staring at me?" asked Rika.

"You're not going to say or do anything about what I just did?" questioned Ryo.

"Nope, I don't know what happen to Miss Get Back. I hate to admit it Ryo, but I can't think of a good way to get back at you for your little stunt," said Rika.

"So I finally got you," said Ryo.

"It's not that big of a deal," Rika said bluntly.

"Yes it is," responded Ryo, "You never let things slide."

"If it's such a big event why don't you make a toast Ryo? A toast, that for the first time I can't think of a comeback," Rika said sarcastically while retaining her straight face, and pretending to be pissed off.

"Okay..." said Ryo with a grin as he stood up and got his drink off of the table, unaware that he was playing right into Rika's trap, "I would like to make a toast. To collaborate that for the first time, Rika wasn't fast enough to come up with a come back."

Everyone except for Rika raised their drinks in the air and said cheers, then everyone in the table drank their drinks except for Henry, Suzie, and Rika. Rika just sat there and watch Ryo drink his drink, Henry was just staring at Ryo wanting to warn him about his drink, and Suzie was trying her best to hold back a giggle.

All of the sudden Ryo spits the salty dark soda back into his cup, puts his cup on the table, and starts coughing with a squinted expression on his face.

Rika leans back in her chair and crosses her arms with a grin of satisfaction on her face. Henry was trying to fight the urge to laugh, but failed when he saw that his sister was cracking up beside him.

Ryo looked at Rika, "I... should have... seen this coming," said Ryo in-between coughs. "I knew you wouldn't let me get off that easy."

"What are you talking about? I did let you get off easy. I put soy sauce in your drink instead of wasabi," contradicted Rika.

"Dude Ryo, you were wrong. Yes Rika has mellowed down quite a bit over the years, but she still remains Miss Independent," said Kazu as he laughed figuring out what just happened.

"Some things just never change," added Takato.

~To be continued...

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