A/N: yay, an update. As I was reading through earlier chapters to remind me where the flow of things were, I recognized a lot of sloppiness and holes. I need to fix them, and I will, but I do promise you that I will not go back and rewrite until I have finished this behemoth.

O o o o o o o o o o O

Duke walked into the infirmary with a face that could have frozen water. He walked directly up to Hawk and laid the files down on the desk in front of him. "What's this all about?"

"Where's Dial-Tone?" Hawk wasn't particularly happy with this situation, he would have preferred to handle it a little more diplomatically.

"We got a break on the airport and needed his help." Duke spoke plainly, though his face did not even attempt to conceal the mixture of emotions and the fact he was still waiting for an answer to his question.

Hawk sighed and massaged his temple for a moment before speaking, "It looks like the leak is coming from Scarlett," he held a hand up to interrupt the First Sergeant before he even got the chance to speak, "And no, I do not honestly believe she is doing something traitorous. But we still need to investigate."

Duke nodded, he really couldn't be angry, as much as he wanted to be, because if he were in Hawk's position, he'd do the same thing. "So what do you need?"

"Access to your quarters, specifically Shana's cell phone." Duke nodded in response to Hawk's words without complaint. "And we need to talk to her." Hawk knew this point was going to be the difficult one.

"She's not much in a state to have conversations right now, Hawk." Duke's brow creased unhappily.

"Doc is turning down her medication."

Duke's voice took on a growling tone, "I know you need your information, but this is not appropriate."

"She is doing better, Doc said it would be safe," Hawk said reassuringly. "I wouldn't endanger her or your child over this." He decided to not voice the added benefit that the side effects of the medication would work effectively as a truth serum.

With a curt nod, Duke walked away from Hawk to see for himself how she was doing. He wasn't sure how he felt right now, everything was too chaotic. Instead he found it easier to fall back into training and just methodically go about the problem-solving, without letting emotions get involved.

O o o o o o o O

"Hot damn!" Breaker called out suddenly. All eyes immediately went to him, looking expectant. He smirked, "Got it. Newark, NJ."

Beach Head got a smug and triumphant expression on his face, "You heard the man, let's move it, and go save some people! Cover Girl, Mainframe, go get Jaye and Lifeline respectively. We're leaving in thirty minutes!"

Jubilant, the team who had been working on this issue split apart and got the team ready to go storm the airport in Newark.

O o o o o o o O

Scarlett smiled groggily as Duke approached and kissed her cheek tenderly. "Hey. I feel funny."

Duke frowned a little, but Doc spoke before Duke could formulate a response, "Shana, you are sick and the medicine makes you feel that way."

She nodded without focusing on him, "Can you turn on the a/c? It's roasting in here." Knowing it too was a side-effect of the magnesium, Doc turned up the cooling system full blast for her benefit.

After a few more awkward moments, Hawk approached the bed, pulling up a chair and sitting beside the counter-intelligence officer. "Hey Scarlett, I have a few questions I need to ask you." She seemed puzzled, but nodded. "Do you know the phone number 555-3728?"

Scarlett's brow furrowed as she tried to force her brain cells to cooperate. "I know that number." She paused, a name forming in her mind, "That's Becky's number!" Her tone was triumphant and she turned to Duke, "You should call her and give her an update."

Hawk frowned in concerned, looking to Duke for some sort of explanation. Duke shrugged, not being familiar with the name or the person. He turned back to his wife, "Honey, who is Becky?"

"Friend of mine. Met her at Allie's cabin." Shana smiled sleepily, "I talk to her about normal people things. She's a normal friend." She giggled a little then yawned, beginning to drift back to sleep.

Duke was listening intently and it all began to fall into place; the taunts about her pregnancy, other more personal pieces of information. He grabbed a piece of paper and wrote on it 'We need to find the phone.' He stood and went to Shana's things, rummaging through quickly to locate her phone. He found it and handed it over to Hawk, "See? She doesn't know anything, so you people just need to leave her the hell alone right now." He spoke forcefully but his facial expression explained it all.

Hawk knew what Duke was communicating; they couldn't be sure what type of device was inside the phone and they didn't want to tip their hand any more than they already had.

"I think you need to look in another direction, Hawk, and leave my wife the hell alone!" he was yelling now, but signing as he spoke, his hands forming the words, 'I'll get the phone to Dial-Tone and Breaker.' Scarlett's eyes opened and she tried to speak, but Duke shook his head quickly.

Hawk nodded to the sentiment and then said aloud, "Calm down Duke. I'm sorry, you know we have to have to follow up everything; obviously this is a dead end."

"Fine. I'm taking her things back to our quarters and getting her some new clothing. Will you stay with her until I am back?"

Hawk nodded and Duke grabbed the phone and a shirt to wrap it in and broke into a run to get the phone delivered to the experts and track down who in Cobra had set this stunt up so he could pay them back in kind.