Chapter 3

Felicity just stood there in shock not sure what to do. Noel turned around having just poured himself some coffee and he looked very scared.

"Want a cup of coffee?" he asked obviously not knowing how else to handle this.

"Um…" Felicity paused and then just headed out of the kitchen and back up to her room.

Noel came into her room shortly after she did and she was already furiously packing. She couldn't believe Hannah was there, it was exactly how her life always went. Just when everything seemed perfect something came to ruin it for her.

Noel sat on her bed quietly as she attempted to ignore him as best as she could.

"Why are you packing?" he asked as he was very aware he needed to tread lightly.

"Are you kidding me?" she snapped as she just started tossing clothes into her bag without folding.

"Yeah, I know you are upset Hannah is here but it's not what you think."

"I know she's here, that's all I care about!"

"My mom has just stayed in touch with her and she just stopped by to say hi. It's completely innocent Felicity."

"C'mon Noel. You can't really believe that. After the way she was last time? Look what she did to our relationship the last time she 'showed up'!"

"You know I have to say, this isn't really fair. After everything you put me through with Ben can you really make such a deal about Hannah?" he said standing and beginning to pace.

"Noel! She's in your mom's kitchen!" Felicity said with frustration and then closed up her suitcase.

"I can't make my mom make her leave, we are still friends," he said stubbornly.

"That's fine, I'm leaving then!"

Felicity stormed out of the house and Noel still drove her to the airport. They didn't talk during the drive although there was so much they both wanted to say. She didn't want to leave things like this and she couldn't understand how they couldn't let these things go.

Noel helped her take her things out of the car when they got to airport. They stood there in silence for a moment. Felicity then just picked up her bag and began to walk away.

"Wait!" he said as she stopped but didn't turn around.

"What Noel?" she said in a very sad and disappointed tone.

"I don't want this to end," he said as he walked up to her and put his hand on her arm.

"We can't have this distance between us the rest of the summer if we're still like this," she said and turned around, "it was so wonderful in Berlin but we're not ready for the real world. I'll be in the same place as Ben all summer and you'll be here where Hannah is. Neither of us are ready to trust each other enough."

"Ok, so what does this mean?" he said softly stroking her arm.

"This means we go on with our lives the rest of the summer and hope that we can find a way back to each other by next semester," she said as she leaned up and softly kissed his lips. He leaned in to kiss her more but she pulled away and headed to her terminal. She was ok until she sat down on the plane and she realized she couldn't go back to him. Tears started running down her face as she realized she just left Noel with Hannah for the whole summer. She didn't want to be without Noel but life had left them no choice.

Felicity thought of Noel everyday for the first 2 weeks she was home and just went to work at a bookstore of which she got a job for the summer. She saw all of her friends pretty often but she was so disappointed by how everything turned out she wasn't the most fun person to be around. She and Noel hadn't even talked since she left, she had no idea what he was up to…or who he was with.

She was on her break enjoying a good book and an iced coffee over in the corner when she heard "hey" behind her. She turned to see, yes it was Ben. Somehow Ben always shows up when she's her most vulnerable.

"Hey," she said with an uneasy smile but happy to see him despite their last conversation.

"I had heard you were back and just wanted to say hi," he said and there was an awkward silence, "mind if I sit?"

"Oh yeah sure. Sorry," she said as she welcomed him to sit across from her. They smiled at each other and she put down her book.

"How are things?" he asked leaning back in his chair as he always does, there was something so appealing about it. Hell there was something appealing about him in general.

"Alright," she said obviously showing things weren't 'alright.'

"Something happen after Berlin?"

"Way to be subtle Ben," she laughed a little. She wasn't sure of his intentions right now but it was nice to have someone to talk to who knew the 'college' Felicity. All her high school friends didn't know the person she was now and it made it weird at times.

"What can I say?" he said with his usual crooked smile.

"Yeah we kinda broke up, I guess. It was after we got back from Berlin. Hannah was there, it was bad," she said shaking her head as she remembered the ordeal.

"Did he cheat on you?" he said getting angry.

"No, no. She was just saying hi to his mom but it just brought up major trust issues. We just realized we couldn't safely last the whole summer," as she got a little choked up thinking about it again.

"Oh, that sucks," he said touching her hand. Her first impulse was thinking he was making a move but then she realized he was just being nice.

They started spending time together and it was nice. It was just friendship though and he turned out to be a really good friend. Of course there were moments where he seemed to want her as more than a friend but it always disappeared. Hanging around with Ben definitely helped her get her mind off of Noel although it did occur to her that if she was spending so much time with Ben it could be the same with Noel and Hannah. This was something she just had to accept though.

It was the end of August now and school would be starting in less than a week. She was excited to get back to her life in New York but was nervous to see Noel. Would they fall right back into their passionate romance? Would he not want to be involved with her? Would they lose everything including their friendship?

Felicity and Ben headed back at different times so she'd be showing up to the dorms alone. She hoped to have her own room this year because she was going to be a Resident Advisor, like Noel was to her. Finding herself walking down the old hallway again automatically put a smile on her face and she felt back at home.

She found her new room and it was glorious. It was huge, she was really looking forward to having her privacy unlike last year. As she sat on her bed she looked across the room and saw another bed already occupied and other boxes around the room. No way, I can't have a roommate. Then she saw the one thing she'd dreaded, the box.

"Yeah, I puked a little when I found out we were living together again too," Megan said as she walked in the door.

"But I'm an RA, I need my own room!" Felicity said with a hint of a whine.

"Yeah I bitched for an hour but I guess threatening doesn't do any good around here. Some of the rooms were damaged over the summer so there is a shortage," she said as she started changing in front of her, she hadn't changed.

"This can't be," Felicity said covering her face with her hands.

"Don't worry, I put a spell on them," she said as she threw on a see-thru shirt and headed for the door, "Just don't forget, I'm not your answering service. Tell your men that!" Then she was gone.

Felicity then started unpacking when there was a knock on the door and as she turned around her stomach flipped over several times. It was Noel and he looked more gorgeous than ever.

"Hey…" he said with a smile.

"Hey Noel," she responded wanting desperately to hug him.

"Can we talk a minute?" he asked cautiously.

"Of course," she said with a warm smile inviting him in and he closed t he door.

"I've been going over and over what I was going to say to you for the longest time. I thought maybe I should be cool and not say too much or maybe I should just give you time to settle in. Then of course the last minute I decide to screw all that and just tell you how much I've missed you," he said nervously.

"I've missed you too. I've thought about you all summer and wanted to talk to you so bad," she said as they hugged tightly for a while and she even began crying a little.

When they pulled away he smiled gently and wiped a tear off her face. They stared at each other for a moment and were about to kiss when there was a knock. Ben then walked in the door while saying "I think I figured out that movie we were talking about last week is about—" when he realized what he'd walked in during. Noel's face dropped and Felicity had no words.