The Roof

This takes place on the roof just as Felicity and Noel were about to have sex. Here I fill in the blanks. It's rated about PG-13 just forewarning.

Felicity leaned in to kiss Noel and that's when nothing else existed around her. Not her future plans, not her problems and not her boyfriend Ben. It was as if Noel opened up an entire side of her that she had forgotten for so long. At the same time it felt as natural as anything ever did. She felt at home but she also wanted him like nothing before.

When Felicity leaned in to kiss Noel she could feel for a brief second Noel pulled back. There on the roof under the stars and moonlight he stared into her eyes for a moment. He looked at her as if he was searching for understanding and for meaning. He looked at her the same way he'd looked at her since the day he met her. He looked at her like she was the only woman on the planet that filled his soul. Felicity felt that and pulled him in to kiss him again. This time he kissed back.

With this one kiss the feelings and built up emotions came pouring out. It was so emotional that it was as if they both might cry at any moment. Noel touched her cheek gently looked intensely into her eyes. Giving her the briefest moment to turn around, to pull away. She looked into his hazel green eyes as his hand brushed through her hair. She then put her hand behind his neck and pulled him anxiously towards her into a fervent kiss.

He then began kissing her neck and as he pulled down her shirt he kissed her shoulders. Felicity let out a deep breath of delight as his warm lips touched her bare skin. Noel then pulled her shirt up over her head and continued kissing all the way down to her stomach as she laid back on the lawn chair. As Noel slowly caressed every inch of her body Felicity wrapped her arms tightly around his body pulling him as close as she could to him.

Then Noel laid down as Felicity knelt on top of him. He looked up with a smile as he saw the glow of the moon through the curls of her hair. She then began unbuttoning his shirt slowly as she deeply kissed every new inch of skin that was awakened to her. As she leaned on his open chest she then sat up and as Noel watched she took off her bra. Noel though didn't pounce on her...he just sat there looking at her in awe. He couldn't believe how beautiful she was and that he could finally be with her.

Felicity pulled him up towards her as he began passionately kissing her chest she leaned her head back letting out a soft moan. Noel flipped her around so she was lying down and before he could make the next move she was unbuttoning his pants as he knelt above her. Though she couldn't stand having him so far away from her and she pulled him back down to her again. Their warm bare skin intertwined as they breathed in every single kiss as if it were the last.

Before she knew it they were down to nothing and closer than ever. And everything was more amazing than she'd ever imagined. It was intense and passionate and loving and romantic and the most beautiful night of her life. After they'd soaked up every last breath of each other she lay there in his arms dripping in sweat and more happy than she'd been in ages. She'd never even really considered this all summer long but it happening was the most natural thing. The only problem was that they didn't know what to say to each other afterwards.

Felicity though suddenly got nervous realizing that she'd not only just ruined her friendship with Noel but also cheated on Ben. She jumped up suddenly flustered.

"Oh my god!" Felicity said pulling her clothes on fast.

"Uh...I'm sorry. It's my fault," Noel said a little upset but not wanting her to freak out.

"No's my fault. Wow...what did I just do?" Felicity said pulling her frazzled hair into a pony tail.

"Felicity just sit down a minute," he said after he put on his boxer shorts and his shirt.

"Yeah, ok," Felicity said calming down for a moment.

Noel gently touched her leg and looked into her eyes. Felicity suddenly felt like she wanted to cry. She wanted to cry because she didn't want things to end with Noel but she still loved Ben. What was she doing?

"It's going to be ok. It was just a mistake. I know you love Ben, we just won't say anything and it won't happen again," he said rubbing her back.

Felicity looked up at him as a tear rolled down her cheek. At that moment she didn't know what to say. She just put on her shoes and went downstairs where she ran into Ben. All flustered she said she had just stopped by but had to go back to her apartment.