Oh, god, he's coming. He's on his way and I'm gonna die tonight. He said his soul was permanent. That some demon who owed him a favor grounded it. Once the words were out of his mouth, we were all over each other.

It was nearly a week before I knew Angelus was back. By then, it was only Dawn, Giles, 'Angel' and I. We were a wreck. When 'Angel' suggested that we split up, I agreed. I should have known something was up, but I was too much in love. When I got back to the Magic Box, he had already drained Giles, and was working on Dawn. I just stood there in disbelief, as he killed my sister. When he looked up, he grinned at me, his face smeared with Dawn and Giles's blood, and I ran. That was two days ago, and I've been running ever since, just trying to live a few more hours. Because I doubt that I'll even get to live that long.