My Tasha is gone.

My friend and my lover.

Nobody knew. Because we were scared. Scared of what people would think, scared of what my mother would do if she knew I was in love with another woman. We were scared of everything and nothing at the same time. And now she's gone.

My Tasha is dead. I will never get to see her beautiful face again. Never get to hear her lovely voice laughing, teasing or even complaining about her Never again will I get to taste her lips on mine, or feel her reaching out to hug me in her sleep while she was laying next to me.

I will always remember her pain when she was killed. We shared a special bond that I have never had with anybody, not even Will. And I would not change having had that for anything. But the agony she went through...

My Tasha is gone.

And I don't know how I will be able to go on without her.