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~~~~~~ Richie was cleaning the antique shop with his headphones blaring. His body was moving with the rhythm of his favorite band, Queen. Mac was out running some errands and Tessa was busy in her work shop. It had been a slow day and cleaning was just not passing the time. Not that cleaning was exactly something he enjoyed doing, but normally it made the day go by faster.

Mac walked in and saw Richie dancing away while wiping down the glass frame over an old map. He couldn't help but smile at the teen. He was completely oblivious to the fact that anyone else was in the store. The Highlander didn't condone what Richie was doing, but he had to admit that watching Richie dance was a funny sight.

He put on a serious face before walking over and tapping Richie on the shoulder. The younger man whirled around, pulling the headphones of his ears. Duncan had to keep from laughing at Richie's open mouthed expression.

"Mac," Richie exclaimed. "I wasn't expecting you back so soon."

"Apparently," The Highlander said, crossing his arms. "Do you realize that I could have robbed the store blind and you wouldn't have noticed until you had to flip the tape?"

"Come on Mac, I mean there is two seconds of silence between songs," The teen smiled, trying to lighten the mood.

Mac glared at him and Richie's smile faltered.

"Richie," He said in a warning tone.

"All right, all right, no more head phones."

Duncan smiled. "Good, now let's go get Tessa and we'll go get something to eat."

It was Richie's turn to smile. "Italian?"

The Highlander laughed. "Sure tough guy. Why not?"

"Cool..Um why don't you go get Tessa and I'll close up. That way we can leave sooner."

"Sounds like a plan. We'll meet you out front in about ten minutes all right?"

Richie nodded. "No problem."

Mac walked out of the room and Richie started closing up. He locked up all of the display pieces and closed out the register. He was on his way to lock the front door when a man walked in. He was staring at something that was in the opposite direction Richie was coming from.

"I'm sorry sir, we're closed."

The man turned to face him. He had slicked back brown hair and brown eyes. He was about Mac's height with a smaller build. He was wearing blue jeans, a white shirt and a black leather jacket.

Richie's jaw dropped and his face visibly paled. The man, who was about twenty years older than the teen, smiled.

"Well now, ain't this a surprise." He said, stuffing his hands into his jacket. "Richie Ryan, I ain't seen you in about three years."

Richie didn't say anything. He did not want to be here. No, he wanted to be here, he didn't want this guy to be here.

"Ain't you even gonna say hi?" The man asked again.

"What do you want Jesse?" Richie asked.

"Calm down kid, I didn't know this was your joint. I just came to check out a possible job," He said looking around again.

"Forget it!" Richie yelled. He looked around to make sure Duncan hadn't heard him. "Look these people are my friends. You're not about to steal from them."

Jesse turned cold, brown eyes to him. "I think you're forgettin' your place kid."

"No, I'm just trying to forget my past!" Richie spat quietly.

"Well now I don't think that's going to happen."

"Why is that?"

"Because now that I know you work here, you're going to help me pull this job."

"You're crazy! I'm not going to help you rob my friends!"

Jesse smiled. "Oh, I think you will. Because if you don't you're 'friends' are going to find out all about your past."

"They know about my past." Richie said trying to sound confident.

"They might know you were a thief, but do they know everything else?" Jesse asked walking around him. "Do they know about us?"

"Richie?" Tessa called from the stairs.

Both men looked up. Both Tessa and Mac were standing there.

"Is everything all right?" Duncan asked.

Richie put on his best fake smile. "Yeah guys, this is just an old friend of mine. Jesse Adams, meet Tessa Noel and Duncan MacLeod."

"Nice to meet you," Jesse said.

"I was just telling Jesse that we were getting ready to go out," Richie said. "We'll be back in what two hours?"

"Something like that," Mac said.

Richie looked at Jesse. "So why don't you come back and we'll talk then."

The older man nodded. "Not a problem kid." He looked up. "It was nice meeting you folks."

He turned and walked out. Richie glared after him. Then he walked over, locked the door and went to dinner with Tessa and Mac. He wanted dinner to last forever because he truly did not want to meet with Jesse tonight.

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