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I Found a Little Courage to Call it Off


I've had a little time

To think it over

Had a little room

To work it out

I found a little courage to call it off

I've had a little time.


**Narcissa's Thoughts**


Chapter One

It was almost a week into summer and Narcissa was beginning to think that nothing so very dreadful was going to happen after all. The Death Eaters had made no moves and neither had the ministry, it seemed that they were dragging out the stalemate. Lucius had been to a lot of meetings with various people and had told her little about what had happened in any of them. She scanned the Daily Prophet for any news but they hadn't even accepted that Voldemort was indeed back yet so Narcissa never found anything useful.

Lucius was out again and Draco appeared to be doing some holiday homework so she didn't interrupt him, she wasn't sure how much effect their conversations had had on her son. Draco had been a little quieter since they had spoken and he had not spent so much time with his father but that could have simply been because Lucius was not around to spend time with.

She was sat in the gardens with a book when she caught sight of someone appparating at the front gates, shading her eyes from the bright sun she realised it was her husband. He caught sight of her and headed in her direction instead of going up to the house.

"Narcissa, glad I caught you. Some people are coming round this evening after dinner. We just need some tea and perhaps a little something to eat, can you sort that out?"

"Yes, how many are coming?"

"They'll be five of us all together, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to make yourself scarce and keep Draco out of the way, we have important things to discuss."

"Of course." **Because I really wanted to attend a Death Eaters' tea party! Then again I might hear something useful.**

Lucius seemed to realise he had lost her attention, "Narcissa?"


"You seemed a bit far away, you alright?"

"Yes." **And please don't ask me questions like that as though you could give a damn.**

Lucius nodded and made his way over to the house.


Later that evening Narcissa found herself listening intently outside the door to the dining room. That particular door led into the ballroom so it was unlikely anyone would choose to leave by it and no one would enter the ballroom on purpose. She had at first been stood in the hallway listening but had then realised that she would be caught easily if one of them left without warning.

"We strike tonight. Show them we're back! Teach that fool Fudge a lesson!" she heard her husband's voice clearly from her position behind the door and panic gripped her, she had an idea of exactly what kind of strike he would have in mind.

**No. I won't let you do this; I won't stand idly by, not this time.** Narcissa racked her brains for some way of stopping them, of creating a distraction, **preferably without getting myself killed! Ok, let's think about this. I suppose I could send Dippy in to create a distraction...no, getting Dippy killed's no better than getting myself killed. Well, I suppose I'd rather Dippy died than I did but still that's hardly the point! Well, I can't really just go and attack them or stop them physically in any way and I certainly won't be able to talk them round. If only I could incapacitate them in some way so that they wouldn't be permanently hurt or know that it was me, something that could look like a ridiculous accident.** She sighed, **there's nothing that could achieve that! Or is there? What about a sleeping draught?**

**Funny how the first thing that springs to my mind is a potion, I guess Sev had more of an effect on me than I realised! Then again potions is a 'subtle science and exact art'! And subtle _is_ what I need!**

Narcissa kept a strong sleeping potion in her bathroom just in case she or Draco ever needed it. She slipped quietly upstairs and retrieved it from the bathroom cabinet then returned to the ground floor where she caught sight of Dippy emerging from the kitchen with the tea tray and noticed that the elf had failed to bring the sugar bowl, "Dippy! Where's the sugar?"

"Oh I is forgotten the sugar!"

"Well out the tray down in the drawing room and go and get it or Lucius'll go mad!"

Dippy complied and Narcissa followed him into the drawing room, bottle clutched tightly in her hand. When Dippy had bounced out the door, she poured the potion into the teapot and stirred it quickly with a spoon, the potion was tasteless they'd never notice it was there. She whirled round suddenly, thinking she had heard a noise behind her, but there was no one there.

**Great, now I'm really getting paranoid.** She shook her head and put the lid back on the teapot. Dippy ran back in with the sugar bowl, and Narcissa gestured to the tray, "Right, now take this through to Mister Malfoy and his companions."

Dippy picked up the tray and set off to the dining room.

Twenty minutes later when Narcissa slipped into the dining room they were all sound asleep.

**Perfect, I don't think they'll be causing trouble tonight.**

Narcissa slipped upstairs to bed, telling Dippy to wake her early the next morning.


Lucius and the other Death Eaters did not wake until gone ten the next morning, Narcissa was alerted to this by Lucius yelling her name in anger.

"Yes dear?" she asked, walking calmly into the dining room.

"What the bloody hell happened?!" he snapped.

"Ah, well. It was a sleeping draught; Dippy boiled the water for your tea in my cauldron, which I'd left in the kitchen for her to wash. Unfortunately, or I suppose you could say fortunately that it wasn't something worse, I'd been brewing a dreamless sleep potion. I couldn't wake you all, I did try."

The Death Eaters looked gobsmacked and Narcissa was deeply tempted to laugh, they looked like they didn't know what on earth to make of this turn of events.

"I should go and leave you to it, can I get anyone some breakfast?" she smiled vacantly, thoroughly enjoying being deliberately unhelpful and obtuse.

They shook their heads in astonishment and Narcissa slipped out of the room. She went into the drawing room so that she would hear when they left when suddenly someone came up behind her and grabbed her arm, whirling her round.

Gareth Crabbe was stood in front of her, still holding her arm, with a mean expression on his face. "I know what you did!"

"And what would that be?" she asked trying to sound calm.

"I saw you yesterday evening, you spiked that tea!"

"No I didn't!" Narcissa was too frightened to do anything but simply deny all knowledge.

"Yes you did!" he insisted.

"It was all an accident, a mix up with the house elf!"

"Then you won't mind me fetching Mr Malfoy?" he gave her a cruel smile.

"Not at all, go right ahead."

Crabbe seemed a little phased by the ease of her answer but he turned to walk from the room.

Narcissa raised her wand, "One tip, never turn your back on someone you plan to turn in! Obliviate!"

Crabbe brought a hand up to his temple and turned to face her, a dazed expression on his face, "What happened, Mrs Malfoy?"

"You said you felt dizzy, don't you remember?"

"No, I don't."

"You must have blacked out for a moment, perhaps you should sit down. Can I get you a doctor?"

"No, no I'll be fine." He shook his head as though to clear it and left the room and headed down the corridor to where she could still hear the voices of the others.

**Yeah, Narc, great plan! Way to nearly get yourself killed!** She took several deep breaths, **how did Sev do this, work against them from within, my nerves are shot after one close encounter!**

The Death Eaters all quickly dispersed soon after, leaving Lucius still deep in shock.

"Narcissa, how the hell did this happen?" he asked again, sounding utterly bewildered.

"I told you, it was Dippy."

"I'm going to kill that elf!"

What horrified Narcissa was that the statement was not made in anger, in fact Lucius sounded entirely calm and composed, and she knew he was perfectly capable of doing it.

"Lucius, I've already had her punish herself. You can't kill her unless you fancy eating my cooking, you know how difficult it was to replace Dobby and we can't risk having human servants in the house at the moment!"

"You're right," he sighed, "Well I hope the bloody thing's in pain! I have to go, I'm going have some fun explaining how this all went wrong!" Lucius sighed and stormed from the room, undoubtedly about to go and attempt to explain to the Dark Lord how five of his Death Eaters had managed to fall asleep on the job.

Narcissa breathed a sigh of relief, **I've pulled it off.**

It was not until she lay in bed that night that the full horror of the day's events struck her, along with a single terrifying thought which suggested she was beginning to exist on borrowed time; **memory charms can be broken.**


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