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I Found a Little Courage to Call it Off

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Chapter 27


Many stories end after the main action has taken place but there are always loose ends to tie up, questions to answer and anyone who's ever read a good story knows that stories don't really have an end, they all continue long after we've written The End. In real life there is no such thing as 'The End'. So what became of the people whose lives we've followed?

Well, to everyone's great surprised, Blaise and Millicent moved in together and had four kids. This was predicted by no one and perhaps that was why it worked, there was no pressure and in their own equally odd ways they were very well suited to each other.

Her crush on Severus had started in Pansy a life-long taste for older men and she married a rich millionaire at twenty five. He was fifty four at the time. She claimed she only married him for his money and that she'd poison him but she just never got the chance but actually she adored him and worshiped the ground he walked on, even if she did have him twisted round her little finger. Of course, Draco saw through the pretence immediately and teased her mercilessly, though not as mercilessly as she teased him when he married. The four Slytherins remained friends through everything that happened in their lives, some friendships really are built to last; like Narcissa and Severus' with Molly and Arthur and with Greg.

Greg never remarried or even had another relationship, in his mind no one could ever replace Isabella, not that there weren't enough women falling at his feet! He liked having Millicent as a daughter in law (though she and Blaise never actually married - living in sin was more their style) and he adored his grandchildren. Altogether he was happy, which was more than he would have once believed possible.

Molly and Arthur were of course very happy together and were soon blessed with grandchildren of their own but that is most definitely another story! In fact most of what befalls the Weasleys is another story but I can tell you that of course Ron and Hermione married and had ten children, much to Molly's delight!

Draco did marry; it was _who_ he married that amused everyone so much (particularly Pansy!). Draco fell for a high-powered muggle lawyer. She was down to earth, no nonsense and Draco never stood a chance, he and Ron would spend much of their futures realising that they were controlled by their wives but not really minding as they weren't too good at surviving alone. She and Draco had three children who played happily with Blaise and Millicent's and Ron and Hermione's children. Severus and Narcissa became very fond of their muggle daughter in law who was good-natured, witty and self-confident.

Severus and Draco were often mistaken for actually being father and son and the two were certainly that close. Draco never forgot that whenever he'd needed a father figure Severus had been there. Severus himself was deeply touched when Draco introduced his fiancée by calling Severus and Narcissa his parents, a slip of the tongue that he didn't even notice. Severus did though and smiled quietly whenever he later thought about it.

As for Narcissa and Severus well they lived happily but tempestuously ever after. It didn't matter what it was, they could bicker about it, but that was half the fun in life to them, what was the point in being together if you couldn't try and get one up on each other every now and again? Severus continued to work at Hogwarts and Narcissa worked from home as a translator and mother. Dippy drove them both mad but, as always, meant well so it was difficult to stay angry with her for long.

And let's not forget that sweet young Auror, Owen Green. He and his wife and children were very happy together and Owen was promoted before Evelyn, much to her eternal disgust!

Morgana grew up into a bit of tomboy (or if I'm honest a lot of a tomboy!) much to poor Narcissa's despair. She and her father were always close but she and Narcissa were too, despite her refusal to wear dress robes unless bribed heavily. Morgana attended Hogwarts and was a Slytherin, of course, and would one day marry someone a little unsuitable herself. She not only chose a Weasley but a Weasley with a fatal flaw in her father's eyes, he was a werewolf. His story is not written here but it will be told. Once Severus got over the idea of a werewolf stealing away his only daughter the two began to get on, though it was Narcissa who had to smooth things over when they got a little tense and Severus made unfortunate remarks about rabid animals.

Altogether, life was never dull, always complicated and generally good. Minerva became a close friend of theirs and Dumbledore simply proved impossible to get rid of. Secretly Narcissa still had a lot of respect for the old man (who was showing suspicious signs of living forever) and then there was Hagrid who had rather taken to them and particularly to Morgana. Severus flatly refused to let him baby-sit unsupervised but he and McGonagall occasionally watched over Morgana while Narcissa and Severus went out for an evening and the Weasleys were busy.

Draco and his sister got along rather well, though she did tease him a fair bit, particularly with her love of snakes which Draco was, shall we say, less than fond of (in particular there was an incident which involved him standing on a chair while Ron got the laugh of his life and Draco's wife had to remove Morgana and her snake). He taught her to play quidditch and often regaled her with the tale of his first win against Potter!

On the Voldemort front the entirely expected happened, there was a lot of fuss for a few years before Harry Potter and Dumbledore finished him off. Severus having a much larger part in it all than Narcissa would have liked, but thankfully her worries were all for nothing and the Death Eaters never did get their revenge on the man who betrayed them.

Their little group of family and friends remained happy and in fair health enduring joy and occasional sorrow together but always remembering how different things could have been and how it seemed mere chance had brought them all together.

If it hadn't been Severus who had found Narcissa the day she had seen the little girl killed would the two of them have become so close?

If Ron and Draco hadn't been born at a similar time would Molly and Narcissa's friendship never have existed?

But the one thing Narcissa had learnt in her life was that it does not do to dwell on what ifs. Things are not the way they might have been, they are the way they are and you can either like it or lump it. Things had worked out for the best and Narcissa had no problem at all in simply being grateful for the way things were. Life was good and would continue in much the same manner for many years to come, so even though we leave them here with the birth of Morgana the story isn't really over because stories are never over. Perhaps then I shouldn't write what I am about to, but I will anyway.



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While Narcissa Malfoy was spending her first summer out of school meeting, and falling for, Lucius Malfoy, Bill Weasley was waiting for a letter, an important letter, a school letter. This was the letter which would start his Hogwarts career and the some of the most lasting friendships of his life. Bill and Charlie spent their teenage years in war time with a father who was rarely home before late at night, a mother who worried dreadfully for them, and a little brother who was old enough to know that everyone was upset and scared but not old enough to fully understand why. What was it like during those terrible years of the first Voldemort war? A time when trust could get you killed, when carelessness could not afforded and when people lived in fear. What would it be like to grow up in that environment, who would it turn you into? Well, kids are strong, they bounce back easier than adults and they cope because they have to, but that doesn't mean they always find things easy. My next story is about Bill and Charlie and the rest of the Weasleys starting from the arrival of Bill's letter, when Charlie was ten years old, the only sign of Percy was a heavily pregnant Molly, and Voldemort was gaining power, power enough to take over the wizarding world and destroy all those who stood in his way.

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