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It was early afternoon in Neverland. The pirates were doing a search of Neverland, trying to find the lost boys ( and having the usual sucess rate of Zero). It was Hook's idea that they split up to cover more ground.
Thus Smee was by himself. He was rummaging through some bushes when he heard someone whisper his name.
"Oh Begorrah, Who be there?" He asked, not seeing anyone.
"A little bird who's lost his way."
There was something familiar about the voice, though Smee couldn't place it.
"Beggin' yer pardon, Mr. Bird. But have we met?"
"Once upon a time, though who I am in name and face is no longer who I was. Now I am just a shadow cast by a long gone sun."
"Er... righty then"
"Tell me, Mr. Smee. How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?"
"Lets see now. Err.... times three.....carry the one....errrr. Oh bejeepers, I don't know."
So intent was Smee on the problem that he never noticed the dark figure behind. And he never noticed the figure's arm move at a superhuman speed and slit his throat.
Blood both seeping and squirting out his severed throat, Smee was on the ground dead before he even had time to register pain. The figure merely wiped off the blood that had splattered on him.

"Depends on the tune"


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