This was written for Midoriko-Sama, who offered a bribe I couldn't refuse... I love her stories too much. And Midoriko-Sama, I'm still deciding what story I want.....

My Immortal / The Letter

Kagome stepped further into the room. Nodding to Sesshomaru and Shippo as they passed leaving the two of them alone, she spoke, "Yes Inu Yasha it's me. Do you accept her as yours?" Shippo had explained the ritual weeks ago. A male friend took the child from the mother and placed it on the floor in front of the father. If he picked up the child it was acceptance of the child as his. Seeing her daughter in his arms was enough, but she still needed to hear the words.

"Hai, I accept her as mine. Kagome I..."

Kagome bit her lip, she had broken every promise she had made to herself. She wasn't ever going to see him. Mikomi was never going to be told anything other than the lie. But as soon as Shippo had left the room she had known he was near. She had to see him. "It's all right Inu Yasha. I won't make any demands of you." She walked to him and began to take the baby from his arms.

"I'm sorry." his voice was barely a whisper. "I thought it would be better if you never saw me. If you thought I was dead, maybe you could move on, find ..." Never releasing his hold on the baby, he turned his sightless eyes to her.

She saw the tears well in his eyes. Something she never thought to see. Taking her hands from trying to take Mikomi from his arms, she held his face gently. "Oh Inu Yasha. Didn't you realize, even if you were truly dead there would never be another for me. I've loved you from the moment I first saw you pinned to the Goshinboku. I felt every injury with you. I cried the tears you couldn't. I've known you weren't dead since that day at the noodle shop." She ignored the soft growl "I had run to my car and was crying when Shippo and you stepped out. He begged me to let you keep the lie. I'm the one who insisted on him bringing you to that bar." She knelt in front of him. "And even now, I'll walk away. Mikomi and I will be fine. If you wish to visit her I won't deny you. Don't you see Inu Yasha, your wants and desires are my wants and desires. When you planned to leap into hell with Kikyou, I didn't stop you. I couldn't."

He felt her hands leave his face, a soft rustling and then his daughter's slight weight was taken from him. "Kagome, please... let me hold her just a moment....." He stopped speaking he felt it a warmth behind his eyes, then a pink light filled the darkness as it receded he beheld the most beautiful site he'd ever seen. Kagome, kneeling before him in one arm their daughter and in the other hand the Shikon No Tama. He blinked several times to be sure what he was seeing was real. "How?"

"A small wish. A wish for you to see your daughter." She explained placing the jewel in his hand. "It was always yours for the asking." She leaned forward and softly kissed him. "We will be across the hall. If you don't come, I'll understand." She rose and walked out of the room.

He sat staring at the jewel for a long while. Softly he spoke to it. "Well, seems once again I have to make a choice about you. But, I no longer desire to be either human or youkai. Hanyou is enough for me. You know we're a lot alike. You have the soul of a human and the soul of a youkai with in you. I have the blood of both running through my veins." He thought a few moments and spoke again. "I chose Kagome over Kikyou five centuries ago. I truly would be a fool if I let her walk away again. Mikomi, hmm I wonder if Kagome knew that was my mother's name. I don't know if the wish is selfish Midoriko, and I hope the demon in this thing doesn't pervert it."

Across the hall Kagome felt the surge of power and then she felt the disappearance of the Shikon No Tama from the world. As the door to her room opened a familiar face walked in, his hair now black and eyes lavender. Tears formed in her eyes, but it didn't matter if he had chosen to become human, he was here. She tried to speak but a finger to his lips stopped her. She watched as he walked towards them, lifting Mikomi he whispered something. He handed the child back to her mother. Her daughter now had the same coloring as her father. She looked at him puzzled.

"I wished for the ability to protect you and our daughter from the ridicule I suffered." He winked and as his eye opened the honey gold that she loved shown through. "I'm still the same me. If you can accept me as a hanyou, I want to marry you, and be a real father to my child."

He watched a smile cross her face. "I've always loved you for who you were, not what you were. You know that. Of course I'll marry you, silly puppy."

Leaning down he kissed her, his lips soft and gentle. It wasn't a kiss of passion, but one of love too long denied. Neither heard the door open. Two beings watched for a moment before closing the door. Looking up at the well dressed silver haired demon before her Mrs. Higaroushi smiled and spoke softly, "Seems I will soon have a demon for a son-in-law. Now Sesshomaru, I think you and I need to go down to the cafeteria and discuss the differences in customs."