Disclaimer: All that is In stars belongs to Susie. A great role modal for all.


By Underthesky

*She was different, before.

She was one of us, before.

She was beautiful, before

She was...


She sat alone at a table in the corner.

Eating her lunch of salad.

No one talked to her.

No one thought of her.

She was alone

She ate and watched everyone.

With large green eyes.

He walked by.

In her eyes there was a reflection of his face...

*Was more beautiful than all the things of my childhood.

All the things I had seen.

All of the ocean.

He shone with the warmth of the sun,

And for him I would cast away the emerald sheen of my skin,

Just to hold him.*

He turned to look at her.

*She was so pretty.*

His eyes looked into hers.

The brown flooded her vision.

Eternity passed.

And it was over.

His eyes went to a lower spot.

A green forest of threads.

That lay on her body.

Fitting so tight.

She wanted him to steel her gaze again.

She lost it all her pulse, her breath.

*Everything nothing*

She stood.

He called to all of them.

She got in the line.

*I was no more silent than the many girls who waited, waited

All with lips sewn close with threads of anticipation.*

They were under his spell.

All of them.

A spell that took everything from them.

All thoughts were on him.

They stood seeing only them and him.

No one saw her.

She saw herself.

*I was soft.

I was new.

I was perched on my new legs.

A goddess on a pedestal of hocked flesh.

My new found heart fluttered the silk of my gown,

Draped over my shoulders.

Flowing onto the floor behind me,

Wavering on the shining floor.*

She may be the most beautiful,

All of them stood in the still moment.

*I was lovely.

I was exactly what he wanted.



For a moment,

A dance*

The Line grew shorter,

Until she was left,


A hand reached for hers.


*I swayed softly.

I leaned my body against his.

I felt his breath on my neck*

*And it was over.*

No one saw her.

No one saw them.

All they saw was him.

He let go of her.

She let go of everything.

She ran, ran.

Where no one knew.

No one saw her.

*We brought to her a dagger.

Silver and gleaming like the caps of the waves.

"Kill Him"

"Forget Him"

Come back into the sea.*

She was never seen again.

Was she ever seen?

No one saw her.

She was alone.

*I am alone.

I have no voice.

Only their voices.





They echo like the crashing of the waves apon the rocks.

Constant, flowing, aching.





No one saw.

No one knew.

She is lost to all of us.

A great price for them.

A great price for her.

A great price for those who didn't see her.

She was alone.

*She was so pretty.*