I sit here and run my hand along her nude, sleeping form, my fingers lightly tracing her spots. I've always longed to do this with Jadzia, not Ezri. But she is dead, and the woman in my bed is the closest link to her. I know it's wrong to use Ezri like this, but I can't help myself. I loved Jadzia with all my heart and I always will, and I have somehow transferred some of my love toward Jadzia into Ezri. I'd ask the ship's counselor, But Ezri is she, and I don't think it would go over to well.

"Mmm..." She moans, and leans into my caresses. "Julian" Ezri opens her eyes and smiles at me. I smile back as she gets up, covering herself with my sheet, and walks around my room, gathering her cloths before going into the bathroom to take a sonic shower. And although I feel guilty for using her I know deep in my heart I know I will stay with her. Because as I said earlier, she is the only link to Jadzia there is.