My Perfect Valentine (Wanda)

By TheLostMaximoff

Disclaimer: Don't own this stuff. Like the summary says this takes place before 'Hex Factor' so Wanda and Toad haven't even met yet. I thought this idea would be really cute.

It's hard to think straight when you're sedated. You just get this really heavy feeling in your body and you feel like you're sliding down into a deep, dark hole. That's how it usually feels. This time though it feels different. It's like I'm just kind of floating, like I'm underwater or everything's moving in slow motion. They must've lessened my dosage. Usually two seconds after they stick me I'm out like a light and having a nightmare or a flashback. This time I just feel all warm and happy and safe. I'm smiling; at least I think I am. It's been a long time since I smiled so I'm a little out of practice.

What is today? It must be a holiday. I can tell because instead of being angry I'm just depressed. Too many happy memories that I can't get rid of. I miss Father and Pietro the most on holidays. I should be angrier than usual but I'm just too sad. I wish I could see them again even if it was just so I could kill them. I wish someone would visit me or care about me.

It's Valentine's Day, I think. Lots of red, lots of pink. Lots of cards and candy and flowers. None for me though, never anything for me. Nobody loves poor Wanda not even her twin brother and her dear father. They did once, maybe, but I did something to make them hate me. I wish I knew what I did to deserve this. Whatever it was I'm sorry.

I decide to play a little game while I'm in this drug-induced state of false happiness. It's a game I play every Valentine's Day I'm forced to spend here. I dream about what it would be like if I had a valentine, if I had someone who loved me. I describe him perfectly enough to envision him in my mind and then I fantasize about our fictional life together. You know, how we met, our first kiss, our wedding, stuff like that. I just dream it all up and then I start crying. Yep, every year. It's like clockwork. I just cry myself to sleep because I know that it'll never happen, ever.

Well, where shall we start? Used to when I started this game I would dream up fantastically ludicrous people. My perfect valentine would be a rich CEO or something and he would look like a male supermodel. He'd come and take me away to live in his mansion and we'd live happily ever after. Well, needless to say, I've kind of sobered since then. Every year it gets less and less fantastic and more and more realistic. I guess as you get older you lose your imagination or something.

Physical appearance, that's where I usually start. Height? Well, that doesn't really matter but probably short. Weight? Skinny, not very muscular. Skin color? White, probably pale even. Eye color? Hmm, that's a tough one. Anything but blue. Blue would remind me too much of Pietro. Green's a good color, an unusual one for guys. We'll go with green. Hair? Probably brown because it goes with the green eyes the best. Age? Well, around my age. Plus or minus three years I guess. No, let's make it two. Okay so we have a white male with green eyes and brown hair who's short, skinny, and is somewhere between fifteen and nineteen years old. Yeah, this year's a real winner.

Well, looks aren't everything. Personality's the real kicker. He'd be funny I guess. It's been a long time since I laughed. I need someone who can make me smile again, a real smile. He'd be goofy and funny. Probably a little shy too. Maybe not very good with girls. I haven't had much opposite sex interaction so I'd probably like for both of us to be on the same level of experience. He'd probably be awkward and clumsy too but in a cute way. That's what he'd be, cute. Not handsome or gorgeous but just cute. He'd be like a stuffed animal you can cuddle with, that kind of cute.

He'd treat me like a princess. That's how Django used to treat me. Pietro must've been jealous but I didn't care. Django would always play with me, he was never too busy like Father. He'd always call me his little princess and he would always tell me he loved me. I miss him and Marya so much.

My perfect valentine would always be nice to me. He'd never hurt me like Father and Pietro. He'd come and rescue me from this evil place. He'd make Father and Pietro sorry for what they did. He'd make them stop laughing at me. That's what Father and Pietro are doing right now I bet. I bet Pietro's happy I'm gone because now he gets all Father's attention, not that it was that much different when I was around. Maybe that's why he didn't stop them from taking me away. He wanted all of Father's love, he always did. Jealous, selfish little brat.

That's okay. I've got my perfect valentine to always love me so I won't need them anymore. My perfect valentine would never abandon me and if anyone tried to hurt me he'd make them sorry. He'd come and take me away and we'd never have to worry about Pietro or Father ever again. He'd always protect me and tell me I was the most wonderful girl in the world. He'd call me cute little names and give me presents I didn't deserve and we'd live happily ever after. We'd get married of course and maybe have kids. We'd own a nice big house with a big yard for the kids to play in. And pets too, cats and dogs. We'd be the perfect family and while we'd be in our nice, happy house Pietro and Father would be locked up and rotting. Then I'd get to laugh at them for a change.

I can feel the tears starting to come. Yep, right on schedule. I'm starting to realize that it'll never happen. My perfect valentine isn't coming, maybe even isn't real at all. I'll just be locked in here forever and ever. No one will ever love poor Wanda.

Damn Father and Pietro for doing this to me. Damn them both to Hell. Wasn't I a good daughter, a good sister? I tried to be, I thought I was. Why'd they do this to me? Why'd they leave me all alone with no one to love me? No, there has to be someone who loves me. My perfect valentine's out there somewhere. I can't be all alone, I can't.

I try to dry my eyes but they won't stop watering. I stare blearily out of my only window at the full moon outside. It's beautiful. I imagine I'm in my perfect house with my perfect valentine. I imagine him snuggling with me and telling me I'm as beautiful as the moon, maybe even more beautiful. I feel myself begin to slide into sleep. My eyes start to grow heavy but I keep watching the moon. I feel myself drift into a half-sleep state. I vaguely wonder if my perfect valentine sees the same moon as I do. I hope he's thinking about me now. Maybe no one loves him too. Maybe just like me he's all alone and dreaming of his own perfect valentine. Maybe his perfect valentine is me. I hope so. My eyes close and I drift into a dream. For once it isn't a psychotic nightmare. It's a nice, happy dream about me and my perfect valentine.