The members of the Fellowship who were awake sat in silence for a few minutes and Boromir took the opportunity to get lost in his thoughts, he had that slightly glazed look in his eyes which Merry and Pippin, if they had been awake, would of recognised instantly and Pippin would be tugging on his hair and demanding a story or something along those lines. Boromir was jolted back out of his thoughts by Aragorn offering him the pipe once more and he took it. He couldn't help but wonder what Faramir would say if he saw Boromir smoking, he agreed with his brother that it was a bad habit. It was also a habit which their father indulged in, which was probably one of the main reasons why Boromir and Faramir disliked smoking.

More minutes in silence past, with the only movement being Aragorn and Boromir passing the pipe back and forth. No one seemed to want to break the silence and for once the darkness which surrounded them didn't seem so ominous to Boromir. He met Legolas's eyes and gave the elf a small smile, which was returned.

The minutes started to stretch out, with no one wanting it to stop. Despite being surrounded by darkness, apart from the soft glow that came from Gandalf's staff, there was a calm feeling in the air and Boromir drunk it up. The remaining three members of the fellowship who were still asleep, Merry, Pippin and Gimli, had awoken, yet they didn't break the silence either, not even the youngest two hobbits.

Yet soon enough Gandalf did break the silence, announcing that they had to be moving on soon and that they should all get something to eat. This announcement led to people digging through packs for food and drink. Boromir made sure that Merry and Pippin got enough to eat and making sure he ate something himself.

However, once the fellowship began to move off through the mines again, Boromir got the uncomfortable feeling that there was something in the darkness of Moria which could really harm him and the rest of the fellowship. He told himself to stop being paranoid, but it didn't particularly work very well, he suddenly had a lot on his mind. Denethor, Faramir, Merry, Pippin, The Ring, Aragorn, the future of Gondor, what his Father would do to him when he found out that he'd disobeyed him, what he'd do to Faramir when he found out that he too had disobeyed him, who else would end up paying for his crimes… Boromir repressed a shudder, he didn't want to draw attention to himself. The fellowship was walking along in silence, the others seemed to share Boromir's reflective mood.

Presently enough, Boromir felt a hand slip into his, as was becoming the norm. He only glanced down to confirm that it was Pippin and not Merry. It was indeed Pippin, Merry was with Frodo and Sam, some way ahead of Boromir and Pippin. He wanted to ask Pip why he was not with his friends, but he wouldn't. And besides, the hobbit seemed to be in as much as a reflective mood as he was.

It took a while for Boromir to notice that the fellowship was walking along in silence - something which was very unusual and caused Boromir to feel nervous. Even in the mines there had been quiet conversations going on and whispers and occasional giggles. The mines now felt really repressive and Boromir was feeling increasingly uneasy. Without thinking about it he scooped Pippin up into his arms, holding him close, remembering times in their rooms when he would hold Faramir close, when they both feared they had heard footsteps on the staircase that led up to their hidden set of rooms.

Pippin wasn't going to protest at the free ride, although it had taken him by surprise. He had grown to depend upon the man from Gondor and was glad that Boromir was now more open than he had been at the beginning of the quest. Pippin didn't feel like such a waste of same on this mission when he was with Boromir. He had a feeling that Merry felt the same way to and realised with a pang that he hadn't really spent much time with just Merry, not since they'd adopted Boromir for a protector, anyway. Pippin lay his head down on Boromir's shoulder and closed his eyes. He could almost see the Shire again and hear Merry's carefree laugh, him describing some mad plan and just generally being his best friend. Pippin had thought that nothing could change that, but he wasn't sure whether it had changed since they had joined the Fellowship. Merry seemed to be spending so much time with Frodo and Sam now, and he was with Boromir, but he didn't know when that had happened, Merry had been with him with Boromir at the beginning, and he still was every night really.

Pippin snuggled up closer to Boromir and was rewarded with the man of Gondor tightening his arms around the hobbit he carried, daring to run one hand through the hobbit's hair. Pippin kept his head on Boromir's shoulder and his eyes closed. He began to steady his breathing and dozed off lightly on the mans shoulder, taking extra rest while he could. He always felt safer when he was near Boromir, as if he knew instinctively that Boromir would not let anything harm him.

Presently enough, however, Gandalf stopped. "I have no memory of this place." Boromir only just managed not to show how much he felt panicked on his face. He couldn't get out of the mines soon enough. However, he had no choice but to sit down with everyone else whilst Gandalf pondered which of the three paths to take. One he had set Pippin on the floor, the young hobbit went to sit with Merry. Aragorn had took out his pipe again and absentmindedly handed it to Boromir. Boromir accepted it without thinking, he was growing use to the taste of pipe weed and it wasn't as bad as he had originally thought it was.