"Stalking Shadows"

Author: Radiant Sea Serpent

Disclaimer: Everyone except Lynara and Vaitrue belongs to R.A.S.

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He was reasonably tall, well proportioned, and muscular. Hishair was long and pale blue in color tucked behind gracefully pointed ears. The only feature that could be seen of his face though were his eyes, large almond shaped eyes that flashed with a red light and which Catti carefully avoided, the rest of his face was covered with a mask like veil. With more confidence than she was actually feeling Catti squared her jaw and slowly drew her sword, rightfully named Cutter, and stood off against the vampire.

"Ye're not fer havin me friend, I'd kill him meself before lettin ye get him." She said firmly. The vampire cocked his head and slowly approached her. Catti began to back away but then realized that that was precisely what the creature wanted, by backing away she would leave the room's door reasonably unguarded. She held her ground bringing the sword out to her side when the vampire was within only a few strides from her. She stared boldly into his face careful not to meet his gaze. The vampire looked her over carefully.

"So much courage." He said suddenly his voice smooth and melodious the sound of it inspiring an almost irresistible urge to sleep in Catti-brie, "It does much to accent your beauty." He continued, lifting a slender sharp nailed hand to stroke her cheek.

Catti swallowed hard, this was nothing like she had expected, it was just so much easier thinking of him as an unthinking monster. Gritting her teeth she flinched back away from the Vampire bringing her sword up between them, "Ye'll not have him!" she growled.

The vampire's eyes narrowed and she had a terrible feeling that he meant to attack, and indeed he would have but a sudden choked cry from Drizzt caused both human and vampire to look into the room. Drizzt was in a half upright position, his eyes were open glaring with open hatred at Lynara who fought to keep Drizzt pinned to the bed. Lynara gasped, blood running down her arms from cuts caused by the budding claws on Drizzt's hands.

"I do not believe your friend feels the same." The vampire said amused. Turning he began to enter the room but stopped hissing in anger as he intercepted the invisible barrier caused by the holy water spilled on the floor. Catti wasn't really too worried about the vampire as she was for Lynara, she knew perfectly well Drizzt's skill in hand to hand combat. Her fears were met a moment later when Drizzt curled his legs up between him and Lynara, kicking her with enough force to send her stumbling backwards into the wall. There was a sharp crack as her head hit the wall then she collapsed, senseless, to the floor. He then rolled off the bed into a sitting position where he sat breathing hard.

Catti gasped and moved to enter the room when with a sudden blurr of movement the vampire grabbed her by the back of her tunic and threw her forcefully backwards into the hallway wall. She crumbled to the floor in a heap, blood running down her neck from where she had hit her head on the wall.

"Drizzt." she managed to whimper before collapsing into darkness.



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