Circumstances Unknown
Case 9: Broken Passions

"I didn't think Tsubaki would show up today." Aya whispered as a cheerful girl entered the classroom, as if nothing had happened.

"Hi guys! Did I miss anything?" Tsubaki asked, while she sat down in her seat in the corner.

Silence shrouded the group, and everybody looked at her awkwardly with a hint of pity. "Uh," Aya started. "How are you feeling?"

Tsubaki looked at everybody as if she was clueless. "What do you mean? Should I be feeling any differently?"

Rika glanced at Aya and replied. "About what happened yesterday...?"

Tsubaki crossed her eyebrows and spoke with a tone of annoyance. "Why should THAT bother me? You guys are crazy." With that said she turned around and gazed outside the window, towards the basketball court.


Maho slowly glided her way towards the lonely girl sitting on a bench. The girl glanced up surprisingly to see someone walking to her.

"Hi," Maho spoke, uncomfortably. "May I sit there?"

The girl moved her stuff from the seat and silently acknowledged her.

"Umm..." Maho awkwardly broke the ice, considering this was the first time she's willingly tried talking to other humans. "So, uh- you're new here?"

"Yup," The cheerful girl held out her hand. "My name's Takoshi Kanna, nice to meet you!"

Maho was stunned to witness such a warm and inviting welcome; she took the girl's hand in hers and began a new friendship.


Growl... "Kazuma, I'm hungry." A curled up green-eyed girl called out from the living room. The sibling's parents would be arriving back home in about a week.

Sigh. "I'll make something then." The blonde rock star groaned as he got up from his comfortable spot on the floor.

Tsubasa watched intently at her step brother, as he gathered the ingredients from carefully organized cabinets. He twisted around and caught her staring at him; he just smiled at the blushing girl in front of him.

"Does Italian spaghetti sound good?" Kazuma beamed a smile.

"WOW!" Tsubasa looked up and marveled in amazement. "You know how to cook that?"

"Yeah," He continued. "Mom and I were the only people living in our house, so we took turns cooking and cleaning."

Tsubasa seemed kind of sad as she sat down. She just realized that she didn't know much anything about her new brother, and that she never even bothered to ask what he was feeling. What exactly was this man, living under the same roof dreaming about during his pleasant sleep, which makes him unwilling to wake up?

The delicious scent of tomato sauce filled the air, as the beastly girl gulped down her spaghetti hardly chewing at all. Kazuma propped his chin up with his elbow and watched his cute step sister dump food into her mouth.

He was biting his bottom lip, wanting to say something to her. Then finally he broke the pattern, "Tsubasa..."

Tsubasa glanced up at him and stopped digesting her plate. With sauce all over her mouth and some on her cheeks, it made her even cuter than she already was.

Kazuma gazed into her emerald green eyes with a serious expression on his face. A hint of pink was showing up on his cheeks as he stuttered something from his lips. "Tsubasa, I-I..."

She swallowed what was in her mouth and spoke, "What's the matter?"

"I--" He adverted his stare and stood up from the table. "Never mind..." Tsubasa stared after him, confused as he strolled to his bedroom and shut the door.


He watched her intently. Her almond red hair blew in the wind as she twirled around and danced in the setting sun. Her skin was pale and soft as snow; her cheeks were pink from the cold. As she spun around to wait for him, her soft smile seemed to speak to him. Her eyes bright as the stars, but they also had a dreamy quality to them. Freedom whispered through the air, from the completion of the final exams.

"Do you think you did well on the finals?" Miyazawa asked quietly, with a voice as sweet as the sweetest fruit.

Her beauty and charm overwhelmed Arima, because he loved her too much. He didn't know when or how he fell in love; all he knew was that Miyazawa was his whole world. He would never let her out of his grasp; he would never let her go.

From behind her, Arima threw his arms around her waist. His hands cupped each other tightly, in a non escapable bond.


She didn't seem to mind his body placed against hers, in a dreamlike embrace. Miyazawa raised her own hands and placed hers on top of his, sealing the bond. They stayed in that never ending clasp until the sun disappeared beyond that invisible horizon.


"Can I at least speak with you?" Tonami shouted after the steaming Tsubaki.

She strutted fast with her head held high, away from the man that had deceived her. Only the sound of Miyazawa's voice made her stop in her jetting track.

"Tsubaki-chan!" Miyazawa called out. "May we talk?"

Tsubaki threw a cold glare at the gawking Tonami and walked with Miyazawa to the empty classroom. From there, she collapsed onto the chair and propped up her chin.

"Tsubaki-chan," Miyazawa spoke, "I-I'm sorry!"

Tsubaki glanced at her slightly surprised. "What?"

"I never meant to hurt you! I just thought that I should stay out of other people's business and let you two handle your own problems! I never meant--"

Laughter and giggling made her stop her endless ramblings. "Yukinon," Tsubaki spoke between snickers. "Y-You are too cute, Yukinon."

Watching her break out in a frenzy of joy, made Miyazawa happy to be there for her friend in need.


Swish! That was the fifth basket in a row for the angry girl. Sunday had approached, and she was shooting a few before the sun went down. As she raised her arms to fire the sixth shot, a hand came out of nowhere and intercepted it. It was none other than Takefumi Tonami.

Tsubaki angrily stomped to the ball, picked it up and continued with her practice. On account of his height, he easily blocked the next shot, and stole the ball away from the furious girl. He dribbled down the center of the court, and leaped in the air preparing for a dunk.

Whap! A fluttering shoe savagely made contact with his head; caused him to plummet on his face. "Shit! What did you do that for?!"

Tsubaki stood formidably over him, thrust her head back and laughed maniacally at the poor defenseless impudent man.

Tonami scampered up and seized the ball from her hands. He drove again towards the basket, but this time she was trailing right behind him. Swish! This would not stop their competitive spirits, as they fought hard to beat each other.

During the final two points, with the rivals neck to neck, Tsubaki was thrashed to the ground by Tonami's fiery instinct to win. He only realized the outcome of what he did after he made the winning basket. He then hurriedly trotted towards Tsubaki, who was looking down in shame.

"Sakura-san..." He reached for her face, but his hand was swiped away. Realizing his fingers were wet with tears, he spoke quietly, "Why are you crying?"

"Who's crying?!" Tsubaki hoisted her chin up, revealing her face streamed with tears. "I'm NOT CRYING!!"

"Why do you insist on denying that you're crying?" Tonami softly continued, completely drowned out by her shouting. "Is pride really that important?"


Her fuming words were cut off by Tonami's lips pressed against hers. His arms collapsed on her waist, wrapping up her arms, which made her unable to punch his head in. Tsubaki struggled in his embrace, tears still rolling from her eyes. No matter how hard she tried to escape, he still refused to let go. Anger soon turned to acceptance, as she stopped her scuffling and finally returned his kiss.

The basketball bounced up and down, and then slowly rolled to their feet. Tonami, with a flick of his foot, kicked the ball away. That would never come between them again. [Fin]

To be continued...Case 10: Brotherly Love [Next]

[Author's note:]
Cherry: Sorry it took such a long time to update! I was working on my website, my blog, and so many other things got in the way! Gomen! ^^;; This chapter was more of a "knot" chapter, because it tied many of the relationships together. I had an overview of the different situations occurring, so bear with me! I know the story line is going very slow, but the ending is going to be great! I don't know exactly how many chapters there's going to be...probably somewhere around 20 or so. I wanted to write about them after college, so that'll take a long time! T_T Arigatou minna!

Kazuma gazed into her emerald green eyes with a serious expression on his face. A hint of pink was showing up on his cheeks as he stuttered something from his lips. "Tsubasa, I-I..."

She swallowed what was in her mouth and spoke, "What's the matter?"

"I wanted to tell you..." Kazuma gulped a couple of times. "I've made a decision."

Tsubasa looked at him, clueless.

"I--" He continued. "I'm getting a sex change!! I want to wear all the female skirts and dresses! And wear makeup without feeling like a fruitcake! I've decided!"

With that said, the surprise made Tsubasa choke on her spaghetti and die. The end! ^^