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For Maladyrancor.


Run. Just keep running.

My breath was coming in short, quick gasps, and I started to wonder if I was hyperventilating. I let the thought slide, trying to clear my mind of stressful riffraff. It didn't matter, anyway. Nothing seemed to matter anymore. I paused to catch my breath, laughing bitterly in-between gulps of air. I could feel my heart pump blood throughout all of my body, yet I felt a bit faint and weak. I leaned against the wall of a building, looking about. The night was dark and dank, and the few streetlights that were lit were old and emitted a less than adequate glow. It was raining softly, and the droplets were cold and stung my face like pinpricks. I began to walk again, my breathing still spastic from the all out race I had been running earlier. I grinned sardonically, thinking somewhat clearer. Who had I been running against? Only myself.

I stared up at the sky, blinded by the downpour. There wasn't any hint of a sunset and there weren't any stars visible through the clouds. Sighing, I tried to think of where I could go; I couldn't just keep running forever. I couldn't go home, after tonight. My body ached with exhaustion, and the bruises that were sprinkled along my form seemed to throb in disregarded agony. I didn't want to go to Yugi's house; the innocent boy was probably already asleep. Besides, who was I to burden the youthful duelist with my own problems? I looked down, kicking a stone across the street. Where else could I go?

I heard a noise behind me, growing louder by the second. It sounded familiar, but I couldn't figure out what it was. It's not like it mattered, anyway. Sighing, I looked back up at the sky. Suddenly, my focus returned. Lights shone upon me, and the screeching sound of breaks sounded noisily in my ears. I felt the impact before I saw the car, and I could feel my senses slipping one by one as I fell into darkness. My eyes opened, wide with fear as I lost consciousness, seeing intervals of bright white and black. Mind numbing, the last thought I had was that I was going to die.


Seto Kaiba climbed out of his limousine, face pale yet stoic. His driver had seen a boy come out of nowhere, and although they had stopped as quickly as possible he'd still heard the dull thud that announced the collision. Getting out of the car, Kaiba knelt by the boy and scanned him for injuries. Seeing no sign of blood, he slid his fingers over the body, searching for signs of broken bones; he found none. The boy groaned softly, which made Kaiba bark an order at his driver.

"Come here and help! He doesn't seem to be hurt much, but we've got to make sure he's alright." Kaiba prepared to carry the boy with the help of his driver, but was startled as he peered into the other's face. He blanched as he realized that he knew the boy, and murmured his name involuntarily in his shock. "Jou?"


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