By Bain

A Ranma 1/2 - Evangelion crossover fanfic

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He knew they were talking about him.

"Great-Grandmother, he still not responding" a worried voice said.

They were worried about him.

"I know child, but son-in-law will be fine. And even if he isn't mentally, he can still bear strong children for the tribe."

They still wanted to use him and he knew this. At one point he would have argued, fought, did something, anything... but he just didn't care anymore. She was gone. Akane, the woman that he loved... and he couldn't save her. She died. 'But I don't want to live... not without Akane' Ramna would think to himself.

"Great-Grandmother, this no right. Airen... Ranma no love Shampoo, not like Ranma love Vio... Akane" Shampoo said in anguish as she wrung her hands. She looked filled with worry and sorrow. Her eyes were red and puffy from weeping. "Ranma should to go back to Japan with family. Is not right to take Ranma after what happened at Jusendo. Ranma suffered enough. No want see Ranma like this. No like seeing Ranma hurting." Even though Shampoo loved Ranma, seeing the pain that Ranma was suffering was almost too much to bare for the young Amazon. She had always known that Ranma didn't feel the same for her as she did for him, but hoped she could win his heart. Now she knew she had no chance.

Ranma listened to them talking about him, but he did not care. He kept replaying the events that led to his beloved's demise in his head. He watched them over and over, trying to figure out what he could have done differently. What he did wrong. What he could have done to save his the only one that had any room in his heart.

He didn't cry. He stopped caring about anything past the pain in his heart. He didn't even care if his curse would be lifted. He just sat wherever someone let him sit, and replayed the events over and over again.

"It does not matter!" Cologne vehemently responded waving her cane in the air. She was getting very irritated at her great granddaughter's attitude. "We will follow the law and the law says that you will marry him! The tribe will be stronger with his blood. That is all that matters!" Cologne finally calmed down a bit, then continued to talk to her protégée. "You will stop talking such nonsense. The Tendo girl's demise at Jusendo makes our position stronger. He will not want to go back to Japan now. He is ours. We are now home and he will stay with us."

Cologne knew that her great grand daughter still had strong feelings for the boy. However, she knew that the tribe's honor had to maintained no matter the cost. The laws of the tribe were absolute. 'Besides, he's just a male, it's not like what he wants is important' she mused.

Ranma was tired of hurting. Tired of the pain. Tired of being treated as some kind of trophy. They all wanted a piece of him. Everyone. If it wasn't a fiancée then it was a rival always out to get him. All accept Akane. The only reason for living was now gone and he didn't want to live any longer.

'I'm sorry Akane, I couldn't save you. I was too... weak. Please forgive me for not being enough of a man to save you' Ranma thought to himself. He felt lost. Contemplating life without Akane was just to harsh for him to think about. Ranma started to build up his Ki slowly. 'Just gather up my ki into a perfect shi shi Hakodan... that is all it should take... the price for failing you Akane... I'm sorry.'

A sickly green glow started to form around Ranma. "Wha... Son-in-law is gathering up his Ki! We must stop him! In his state of mind we don't know what he might do!" Cologne rushed to Ranma to press the points on his body to render him immobile to prevent the build up of his Ki for anything harmful. Suddenly a bright light flared up and a young woman stood in her way.

"STOP!" The young woman cried out loud and everything froze. She touched Ranma on the shoulder and Cologne could feel the Ki in Ranma dissipate. "He is no longer yours. I now will take charge of him."

"And who do you think you are!?!" screeched Cologne. "I am the Matriarch of the Amazons and three thousand years of tradition will not be put aside! Ranma is my charge and will marry Shampoo. You will not stop me!!"

The young woman chuckled. "I think Cologne that you will not be able to stop me." The glowing woman twirled around and smiled. "Let me introduce myself. My name is Urd. Goddess of the Past and Love, and I'm here to carry out a dieing wish that has already been granted. Your _tradition_ might be important to you, but in the greater scheme of things such as the universe, it is quite a petty thing."

Cologne was shocked at hearing such a thing from anyone. However she recognized the name and was taken back. This did not bode well for her plans. One did not go against what the gods desires and live to tell about it. 'Dieing wish? What could this be? No! Ranma's life is mine, I will not let her have it!' In desperation, Cologne tried to charge at this apparition naming herself Urd hoping against hope that this radiant figure in front of her was not real or some trickster trying to fool her. However, she found herself unable to move. Cologne then noticed that everything was still in the room, including the candle flame. It did not even flicker. No one was moving except for the Goddess.

"No Cologne, I will not allow you to continue. You see, I am here to grant a wish of someone that... technically died." Cologne now could no longer hear what Urd was saying like all the sound was taken out off the room she could still see that the being named Urd was directing her attention to Ranma.

"Ranma Saotome." Ranma turned to face Urd finally. He was not able to move until now. With a bleak look, he faced the goddess. He didn't care what was going on, as soon as he could be alone, he knew he would try to kill himself again.

"Akane Tendo requested a dieing wish in her last moments on this plane of existence and I am here to grant it."

"A dieing wish..." Ranma whispered, not understanding the meaning of what was going on. He found he could not move, nor gather his will. "What was it?" Ranma asked finally.

"For you to find a purpose in life and to continue living and to find happiness. She knew you would be blaming yourself for her death if she left. Akane Tendo wanted to make sure you would not give up, would not dwell on the past, that you would live and strive on for a new tomorrow and find happiness." A smirk showed up on Urd's face. "She loved you, you know. More than her own life. So I am here to help you if you will let me. Do you accept?" Urd stood back and waited for an answer.

'She knew?' The thought that Akane knew him so well surprised him. 'Kami I miss you so much, Akane. But you want me to live? It's just so hard to continue without you and it hurts so much Akane. What do I do?'

Ranma did not respond for while. Conflicting emotions displayed on his face, showing a glimpse at his internal struggle in his mind on what to do. His grief was so great that he didn't want to go on without Akane. But he couldn't just let her death be meaningless, could he?

'Am I that selfish? I miss you so much Akane... your face, that cute smile, even getting hit by your mallet when I say something stupid. It hurts so much to know I'll never be with you again. My Uncute Tomboy...' Tears started to flow down Ranma's face. 'And this is your wish Akane? For me to continue, to live... to live even without you? Can I do it?' He started wiping away the tears. With a new resolve Ranma finally answered in a whisper, "yes I accept."

"I am glad that you chose to accept this Ranma" Urd said cheerfully. "I'm sure you won't regret this. Let me explain something to you first. While Akane's physical body died, know that her soul was called by Kami-sama himself because her soul was needed elsewhere to help save mankind. I really don't have all the details on what transpired, he never explains everything to me, you know. But I understand it was really important and of course saving mankind is always a good cause. Can't really question Kami-sama's motives now can we?" Urd gave Ranma a sly wink. "At least you know that Akane still lives on, albeit that she doesn't look the same or remember who she use to be, but her soul lives on."

Ranma did not know what to make of this news. 'Akane's soul is alive... at least she's still alive in some way.' That knowledge eased some of the pain in Ranma's heart. Maybe we can meet again...' Ranma didn't know if he should hope or not.

"Now Akane wanted to make sure you had a purpose to live. Soon, mankind will be tested to see if they are worthy of their continued existence. They will be fighting for their right to live. You are needed Ranma Saotome, to help mankind fight for their existence. Do you accept this duty? The fate of everyone will be in your hands. Not to put any pressure on you of course. Also, if you do accept, know that your body will be modified slightly so that you will be able to help mankind in their time of need. Nothing drastic I assure you."

'Do I accept? Mankind's existence... Akane's alive and she wanted me to do this. This is her wish. Do I do this? For Akane I will. And just maybe....' "Okay, I accept." Ranma stated softly.

"Good" replied Urd cheerfully. And with a flash of golden light Ranma disappeared.

Cologne found she could see and hear again. "Where did you send son... Ranma? What did you do to him?"

Urd giggled. "I sent him to find his soul mate once more."

R A N M A 1 / 2 - N E O N G E N E S I S E V A N G E L I O N

'The heating and the oxygen circulation are already out' Shinji Ikari thought to himself.

Life-support was failing after being stuck 16 hrs inside the black hole the angel created. Shinji knew he was going to die.

'I'm cold' he thought, pulling his knees up to his chest holding them. 'It's useless, the suit is giving out too. This is the end... tired of... everything...'

Shinji closed his eyes, and waited for death. Knowing he was going to die brought a kind of peace to his mind.

Then suddenly, Shinji felt a presence envelope him, and it felt familiar... "Mother?"

"Help is coming" Shinji heard a disembodied voice. "Help is coming soon Shinji"


"Evas are in position and standing by."

"AT Fields are ready to generate."


"T-Minus 60 seconds to mine drop."

Everyone listed the chatter over the radio, in preparation to drop the N2 Mines into the sea of dirac that was created by the 12th angel. Suddenly the ground encompassed by the shadow of the angel shattered with a shock wave.

Asuka watched from inside her eva in astonishment. "What's going on?"

In the control center, everyone was shocked and puzzled by what was going on.

"Status!" Misato demanded.

"Unknown!" Hyuga replied a bit frantic.

"All meters and gauges are going off the scale!" Maya Ibuki responded.

"But we haven't done anything yet!" Ritsuko countered as she checked all the readings.

"No way!" Misato said shocked, amazed at what was going on. "Shinji?" she queried.

"It's impossible!" Ritsuko responded. "Unit 01's power level has to be at zero!!"

They all watched as the sphere turned black as night. Suddenly a rupture appeared in the outer shell, spilling a red substance that looked like blood. A closer looked revealed Unit 01's fist breaking through.

Everyone watched in amazement as Unit 01 ripped and shredded it's way out of the angel's spherical body. It's head appeared out of the angel's body and roared out like a savage beast that suddenly came alive. The angel's body exploded outward in a spray of flesh and blood as Unit 01 landed on it's feet.

Asuka whispered from Unit-02. "Is that what I'm piloting?" She was awed and frightened by what she saw.

"God in Heaven" Ritsuko breathed as she watched the horrid display from the control center. "What kind of Monster have we made this from?"

The giant eva seemed to be cradling something in it's right hand. With uncharacteristic gentleness, Unit 01 placed the object in question on the ground in front of itself.

As everyone looked on in amazement, wonder and even a little horror, the red ichor bleed away from the small mass in front of Unit 01 leaving sleeping figure of a young girl with red hair in a pigtail...


Author's Note:

Well, I don't know where I'm going with this... Actually I have some idea, just don't know how to pull it off. I am a very sporadic writer at best, don't know when I will continue this story. Don't ask about the title, I have no idea why it's called that either. Please read, review, make suggestions, critize, whatever strikes your fancy.