NOTE: Harry Potter is NOT mine!!! I don't own it...I have nothing to do with it. I'm just messing around with the characters. Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling-not me. By the way, this is my first attempt at fan fiction, so it's probably not going to be all that great, but here we go...

Chapter 1- I Know Why the Caged Bird's Insane

Harry Potter was known by many names in both the Muggle and Wizarding World. In the muggle world, he was often known as "that Potter boy" or "fool." In the wizarding world, he was known as the "Boy-Who-Lived" or "Potter" or just plain "Harry." Where he was right now, though, he was often called the "insane one."

It was quite a long story, but short enough to be told. Harry Potter, as everyone in the wizarding world knew, was the evil Lord Voldemort's worst enemy and Harry was the only one that could kill him. On a cool night a year or so ago, Harry Potter and a few members of the Order of the Phoenix were cornered one day in Surrey. The Order members and Harry tried to fight off the band of about 10 Death Eaters, but one (who's name Harry didn't know, for they were all masked) ran up behind Harry, grabbed his wand, and forced a Portkey in his hand.

Harry appeared in a place that he didn't recognize. He had struggled against the Death Eater who was holding both him and his wand, but couldn't escape. He had finally stopped struggling, and just walked forward with dread. The Death Eater had kept telling him that it would be no use to try and struggle because he was captured now. Harry just sneered at him and was dragged along the very large hallway. The Death Eater had opened a heavy-looking door at the end of the hall and Harry was pushed inside.

Voldemort had sat upon a high chair, his crimson snake-like eyes narrowed as he put on a horrible smile. His high-pitched voice had rang through the hall as he spoke. "Bring him to me."

"Yes, master," the Death Eater said.

"Yes, master," Harry had mocked him quietly with a look of disgust on his face. The Death Eater dragged Harry further. He could feel Voldemort's eyes on him. He turned around slightly and attempted to bite the man. He was just centimeters away from biting his hand when the Death Eater moved his hand, concentrating on keeping Harry restrained. Harry had scowled, and turned to face Voldemort as they stopped walking. Voldemort stood and stared at him, that wicked smile still on his face.

"I have you now, Potter, and you won't get away this time. Dumbledore may have put that ruddy spell on you, but it won't keep me from making your life as miserable as possible," Voldemort threatened quietly.

Harry wanted to retort- to fight back- because he knew that Voldemort couldn't kill Harry without killing himself. The spell placed on Harry was to insure that Voldemort wouldn't kill Harry. If Harry died for any reason, Voldemort would drop dead. Only Dumbledore could take the spell off, and Harry knew all of this. His mouth had started to form words until Voldemort spoke first.

"Take him into his reserved cell and return to me for your reward," he said imperatively.

Harry was about to speak again, but was being dragged away and didn't have enough time. Harry had tried to bite the man again, but failed. Harry and the Death Eater had headed back out of the hallway that they came in through, and walked outside. They had walked around the castle (which was smaller than Hogwarts, but still big) and stopped at a door. It was very heavy metal, and looked sealed tightly. The Death Eater whispered a few words, and waved his wand over the door. The door opened, and the Death Eater had shoved Harry inside. They walked down about 6 steps and Harry looked around.

The very large place was full of cells with stone floors. Torches burned on the stone walls, sending a dull light over the place. There were no windows. It was very cold, and Harry shivered slightly at the not-so-pleasant smell. It wasn't very clean either, and stone walls seperated each cell like stalls.

Harry had arched an eyebrow as he read the signs above each aisle. They were in the following order: MUGGLES, WIZARDS, WITCHES, OTHER. Each aisle had five cells on each side of it. The Death Eater had urged Harry down the WIZARDS aisle and they stopped on the fourth cell on the left. On the bars hung a sign that said:



JULY 31, 1980

Harry rolled his eyes, starting to resist the Death Eater as the man took out his wand and unlocked the cell. The door creaked, and Harry was threw inside, landing on the hard, dirty, stone floor with a thud. The Death Eater had closed the door (which were bars) and locked it. Harry had stood up and looked out the heavy steel bars, grasping them with his hand as he put the side of his face against the bars, watching the Death Eater walk away quickly, obviously wanting to get out of this "prison room."

"What is this place?" he asked the retreating Death Eater. The Death Eater ignored him.

"This is You-Know-Who's place, the Fortress of Shadows," said a croaky woman's voice over from the witches aisle. "This bloody room is called the Prison Chamber. They hate it when people talk in here," she added with a growl.

"Thanks," he said gloomily. "Wish I had my wand," he muttered loudly.

"Don't we all, idiot?" said the same croaky woman, "well, all the one's who can use wands, I mean."

Harry could hear many people start muttering, screaming, yelling, and coughing, and talking in languages Harry didn't understand. The Death Eater that had brought Harry in held his wand in the air, and it emitted the sound of a gunshot that echoed throughout the lowly place. Some dirt fell from the ceiling and Harry figured they must be underground. All of the people that were making noise shut up, as the Death Eater shouted "QUIET!!!!!!!!!!" Harry shook his head, removed his hands from the bars, and turned to look around his cell. All three of the walls that surrounded him were pure stone with pictures of snakes carved into them. An uncomfortable looking bed was in the far left corner, and there was a small, unstable table in the far right corner. Harry sighed, aware of only the coughing, sneezing, and whimpers let out occasionally from the people in the other cells.

He would have to stay in this stupid place for the rest of his life. A surge of anger came through him, wishing he could just get out of here. 'It's enough to turn someone insane,' he thought. He decided, upon further thinking, that if these people were going to keep him locked in here and as miserable as possible, he would promise to make their life a living hell.

A year has passed since he made that promise, and he kept it. The Death Eaters who fed and watched the prisoners did not go in the cell with Harry. Harry turned into an insane, aggressive prisoner who would attack anyone who entered in black robes. The Death Eaters couldn't change their robes (which were all black) so they just slid the food through the bars of Harry's cell instead of opening the cell and going in like they normally did, jerking their hands back quickly to make sure Harry didn't bite them or break their hand. The last Death Eater who entered in the cell with Harry got the crap beat out of them. Harry had snapped their wand in half and threw it out of the cell. That Death Eater was dared to go in the cell with Harry, and he regretted it and never approached Harry's cell again.

Harry was the livliest prisoner in the whole Prison Chamber, his green eyes always firey and wild. The other prisoners were used to Harry's aggressive nature, and always knew when someone was approaching his cell because Harry would snarl like a dog and chase them away, screaming like a banshee and cursing. Harry would often pace the front of the bars, waiting for a Death Eater to pass and lunge out towards them, sending the Death Eater scrambling away, startled. Harry would also lay on his bed, looking up at the snakes on the wall and hissing words to no one in Parseltongue. They were always the same words...Ensnare the Senses.....Ensnare the Senses....but of course no one knew what he was saying. He occasionaly said other things in Parseltongue- but most often it was just...Ensnare the Senses..

This was another reason why the Death Eaters never approached his cell except to quickly slide in his food. The only other person the Death Eaters knew that spoke Parseltongue besides Harry was Lord Voldemort himself. Harry talked more in Parseltongue than he did English just to make everyone afraid to approach his cell. It obviously worked. No one understood why Harry was so crazy, but they avoided him as much as possible. The Death Eaters still had to feed Harry. The spell was still in effect and if Harry died, so would Voldemort. So, they had to put up with the boy-who-hated-people-wearing-black. The Death Eaters had managed to put another sign right below Harry's old one without getting attacked by Harry. It said: AGGRESSIVE- ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.

One day, as Harry lay on his bed speaking Parseltongue, a Death Eater opened his cell door and entered.