Disclaimer: Ah......yoo vish to know vether or no we own ze Phantom? Vell, ve are going to zee it October 18 for mee birthday......YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^ ^ But we don't own it......*sob*

LeLe: To all the reviewers, you may have muffins of any kind!

CK: Except the poisoned ones, we gave those to Raoul...

Raoul: HEY!

LeLe: Well, they were GREEN, did THAT mean anything to you?

Raoul: Well....I...I....I....*begins to cry* *passes out on the ground*

CK: What DID we put in those muffins?

LeLe: We put squirrel in them....LalaLA!!!!

Erik: I'm not getting paid enough......

Christine: But we already knew that dear.

Meg: WOW Christine! Do you have ESP?

Christine: ESP? This means.......?

Carlotta: It stands for Extra Sensory Perception.

Piangi: *pops up out of nowhere* Hey I have ESP!

Carlotta: ......yeah right. *off to the side to everyone else* ESP to him means 'Extra Salt and Pepper'........

CK: I have ESP too! I can sense that.......LeLe is thinking about muffins again..........

LeLe: Fo' sho'!

Boris: She's always thinking about muffins.....or me......... LeLe: Mostly you, sweetcheeks. *pinches his cheeks*

Boris: XI Lucky me.

CK: Ooh, before we get started, we have to do the Disblamer!!!!

LeLe: I thought we already did that.....

CK: No, the DisBLAMEr, not the disclaimer......

Boris: Don't use big words, they confuse me!!!

Raoul: *wakes up* *turns to Boris* Will you be my extra special friend???

LeLe: HANDS OFF FOPPY!!!!!! *attacks Raoul*


Erik: *singing to himself* I'm the only sane one here, la la la la la........

LeLe: *stops fighting so she can hear Erik sing*

CK: Wow, music promotes world peace.....so Eminem doesn't REALLY cause violence......right?

LeLe: Um.......okay......

CK: But now is not the time for that!!! We must do the Disblamer!!!!!!!!!

LeLe: *too much pep* EXPAIN this to ME, puh-LEASE?

CK: The disblamer! Since we're writing a story about murder, greed, corruption, violence, exploitation, adultery, and treachery, we need to remind the parents of all the reader out there about our....um...erm...."perfectly clean" legal records.......that way they don't complain or sue us.........

LeLe: But isn't that what we put at the BEGINNING of the chappie...?

CK: *sigh* No, LeLe.......*turns to readers* We are all citizens who have not gone to jail (yet) and me and LeLe don't commit or support murder, greed, corruption, violence, exploitation, adultery, and treachery.......

LeLe: Well, except adultery.

CK: Okay, I am gonna kinda sorta in a way forget I ever heard that..........

Meg: *runs into the room crying*

LeLe: Why the waterworks, pinky?

Meg: I-I-I d-did-d-n't g-get t-t-to g-go OOOOO-OOOO-OOOOONNNNN!!!!!!!!! *bawls*

CK: O_O Wha?

LeLe: *turns back to CK* I still don't get it.......

CK: Wrong topic, lady, we're on to something new now...........

Meg: *sobbing* All m l-life I've wanted to be a star, and now you people are CRUSHING MY HOPES AND FUTURE!!!!!!

CK: Really? All I thought we did was stick squirrel parts in a muffin........

LeLe You want center stage?

Meg: *nod*

LeLe: Well, there it is. *points to stage* *a spotlight appears on stage*

Meg: ^ ^ *bit nervous* *gets up on stage*

CK: *to M. Reyer* Start the music!!!!!!!!

LeLe: Here it is!!!!! All that ballet!!!!!!!

Mme. Giry: Wait.....what is my daughter doing us there........?

All That Ballet

Meg: Come on, babe

I've got my ballet gown

And all that ballet

I'm gonna bend my knees

To keep my lunch down

And all that ballet

Get a horse

I know a whoopee spot

Where the wine is cold

But the baritone's hot

It's just an opera-house

Where you forget your spouse

But not that ballet

*dance break*

Curl your hair

And wear your ballet shoes

And all that ballet

I heard that Carlotta's out

So she just blew a fuse

And all that ballet

Hold on, hon'

We're gonna run past home

But make sure I don't leave you

For the baritone

Don't cry if I do

I never did like you

But not that....

Meg and Company: Ballet

Company: Skiddoo!

Meg: And all that ballet

Company: Hotcha


Meg: And all that ballet

Company: Hah!



It's just an operahouse

Where you forget your spouse

All: But not that ballet

Meg: Hold up your hand

To escape the lasso's noose

And all that ballet

Right up here

Is where I store the juice

*holds up a Hi-C juice box*

All: And all that ballet

Meg: Come on babe

I'm gonna make you cry

I betcha Jackie Chan

Could never kick this high

Cuz in old Hollywood

He knows he never could

Do all that ballet

Company: Oh.....

You're gonna see Meg mega mambo dip

Meg: And all that ballet

Company: Oh.......she's gonna dance until her slippers slip

Meg: And all that ballet

Company: Oh......this dancing ain't a joke

Oh....her mom would have a stroke

Mme. Giry: Meg, you get off that stage this INSTANT!!!!!!!!!!

Company: If she'd hear

Her baby's queer

For all that ballet

Meg: And all that ballet!

Come on, babe

I've got my ballet gown

And all that ballet

I'm gonna bend my knees

To keep my lunch down

And all that ballet

Get a horse

I know a whoopee spot

Where the wine is cold

But the baritone's hot

It's just an opera-house

Where you forget your spouse

But not that ballet

*music break*

No, I'm no one's wife, but

Oh, I love my life

And all that ballet!

*end song*

CK: Okay, g'night, folks!

Meg: Wait, isn't there supposed to be that part where Roxie shoots Fred?

LeLe: Here, have a pistol.

Meg: *takes pistol* *starts shooting wildly*

Buquet: *gets shot in the head*

CK: XI MEG!!!!!! *takes away pistol*

Meg: Man, Joseph never gets a break, does he?

Erik: Apparently not.........

CK: *sigh* Well, all ye insane readers, read and review!! Nice reviewers will now receive their muffins!!!!

Boris: Ahkay, well, I don't think CK needs a muffin...she did WRITE a lot of this, after all.....

LeLe: *stands on a chair* CK WROTE THE LYRICS!!!! I had NO input on this WHATSOEVER, so don't thank me for them!! Thank ME for the insanity!!! *calms down*

Boris: Ahkay, then......Neciekinns, you get a nice cranberry muffin...with artificial cranberries!!! *hands out the the muffin*

Miranda7911, yes, you MAY have a muffin...in fact, have this pretty blueberry one!!!!! And it's 1% FAT FREE! *gives her the muffin* To The Phantom Parisienne: Hey, your Cell Block Tango was GOOD! And since it was good, you get free choice of your muffin flavor.....but I recommend not eating the green one.......

LeLe: And the one with the ears coming out of it......

Boris: ....yeah......okay, PhantomAngel22, you get this lovely banana nut muffin.....*to LeLe* What kind of nuts are in there anyway?

LeLe: Coconut!

Boris: ....um, okay.....*to PhantomAngel* Well, I hope you're not allergic to that...... Okay, La Pamplemousse, we give you this chocolate chip muffin AND a chihuahua!!!! *hands out the two things* Tattered Sparrow, you get this lovely.......erm.....what IS this, anyway?

CK: It's a muffin, isn't it?

Boris: It looks and smells like something died in it.....

LeLe: Must be the squirrel one. Give her a different one.

Boris: Um, okay, here, you get a bran muffin! *gives away muffin* Oh, and to the person who blinked......we give you a dictionary!!!! *hands over the book*

LeLe: To LeLe's guy....*ahem* JOHN......no way in hell are you getting a muffin now!!! *seething* *clams down* Love you, sweetheart!

CK: O_O Erm.....read and review....any flames we get will be used to roast marshmallows.

LeLe: I ate some squirrels with some fava beans and a nice chianti.........*hisses*