Bulma's Discovery

"If I could fall into the sky do you think time would pass me by?…." Bulma sang this line along with Venessa Carlton, as it played in her head phones. She sighed and looked up at her ceiling. She was bored as always, wondering if anyone would call her and invite her to something interesting. Luck was with her that morning because Videl called that very instant.

Hi, Bulma. Me and Gohan are going to go to the mall today do you want to come with?

(Bulma sighed, she didn't want to go because Vegeta was gone and she couldn't stand to be near a couple while he was gone)

Uh…I don't know…

O come on Bulma! Just because Vegeta can't come with you doesn't mean that you can't go anywhere. Sheesh.

(Bulma sighed yet again. She knew Videl was right, and didn't she want something interesting to do?)

Oh, alright as long as you pick me up.


They hung up and Bulma went to her closet and picked out a "mall" outfit. Which just consisted of a pair of jeans and a cute top with the words "I don't do mornings" on it. Bulma ran down stairs and waited out side for Videl and Gohan to arrive.

"Ahhh! The sun it burns!" Bulma said to herself, chuckling. She hadn't been outside since Vegeta left and that was almost four days ago.

(flashback wavy thingy)

Bulma was sitting on a planter outside her house. She looked to the sky and saw Vegeta coming out of a cloud towards her. She smiled and stood up to greet her green man.

"Hey Vegeta," she called to him when he was within hearing range. He did a little half smile that always drove Bulma crazy.

"Hi sweet thing" he called back. They embraced when he landed and gave each other a kiss. When they stepped back Vegeta had a grim face. Bulma looked quizzical at him.

"I know your not going to like this but I have to leave town for a few months." Bulma's heart sank.

"A few months…? Why so long?"

"I have to take care of a few things with my family."

"What kind of things?" Bulma asked almost on the verge of tears.

"I not that sure, the only thing I know is that I'll be gone for a long time. Please don't cry." He cuddled her against his chest and smoothed her hair. "It'll be ok. The time will just fly by and you'll get to see me again. Ok?" he pulled her away form him and looked into her eyes. She nodded.

"Will I get to hear from you at all while you're gone?"

"Probably." Bulma sighed and cuddled against his chest again. This was the one place she felt totally secure and she hoped that she could handle not having it for a few months.

(End flashback wavey thingy)

It had only been four days and already she missed Vegeta so much that she would cry to herself intermittently. But now, a chance to go outside! Now that she had made the decision to join Videl and Gohan she didn't regret it one bit. She inhaled deeply the scent of the afternoon and was at peace…for a little while at least. She was snapped out of her trance by Gohan sounding the horn of his car. She looked over and saw Videl waving her over. Bulma ran over and hopped into the car.

"So what are we gonna do at the mall?" Bulma asked while Gohan drove out on to the main street.

"We don't know yet…" Videl sheepishly smiled. Bulma sighed and laid back on the nice leather seats Gohan's car had.

"These seats are comfy." Bulma said while running her hand along the edge of the seat.

"Thanks," said Gohan. Videl turned up the volume on the radio and Bohemian Rhapsody was playing, the whole groups favorite song. When they reached the mall Gohan had to go straight to the top of the parking garage and grab the farthest spot away from the door. Bulma rolled her eyes as Gohan put the car in park.

"Why do you always park so far away?" she asked.

"I like the thrill of it." Gohan replied matter of factly.

"What's so thrilling about it?" Bulma began to walk towards the entrance.

"He always wonders if someone would try to steal it and then he would come to the rescue and get to beat the criminal up." Videl said with no enthusiasm at all.

"Oh," was all Bulma could say to Gohan's weird antics. They reached the entrance was glad that the mall was air conditioned since it was so hot outside. The two girls went straight to the food court and made Gohan buy them two sodas. Gohan emptied his wallet and Videl smiled and thanked him. They grabbed a table and sat down to figure out what to do next.

"I say we go to the furniture place and lay on all their couches!" Exclaimed Videl.

"You always want to do that…" Gohan grumbled.

"Ok fine," Videl shot a glare at Gohan who only whimpered in response. "Bulma you got any ideas?" Bulma didn't respond she was staring off to the right of her with her mouth open in complete shock. "Bulma?" Videl looked where she was looking and saw why she was so shocked. Gohan looked confused and gave in to peer pressure and so looked as well.

"Whoa…" he said when he found out what the girls were staring at.

"The jerk…" Videl said suddenly clenching her fist and giving a glare. Bulma could only stare with her mouth open, fighting back tears.