Disclaimer: Fantine is not mine, nor will she ever be. La.


There are teardrops
Hot, such as boiling water should be
Are they my own?
Is it truly my eyes spinning out
Down my face, my cheeks, my skin
Suddenly, I should realize
Skin is so soft
My forehead is throbbing
Vibrating, such it is
Things are so
I put out a hand, I think, for a moment
To touch the sky
To stroke the sky, why not?
To caress the sky
But caress is such an ugly word, so it hisses.
I'd rather... I'd rather
I might kiss the sky
With my
Or my
But my fingertips, my mouth, are so
Everything is
Everything burns
Is that surprise? Is that from not understanding?
I always hated to be alone
Alone is never-ness
Silence, silence and demons belong to alone
It frightens me, and I always hated things that
Frightened me.
When I close my eyes to press out the
So that my eyes don't burn
Then, I see green
Pale, unhurtful, melon green.
Is that protection?
I want to go home, as if I could
I want to go to someone's arms, who will touch my hair
Kiss my hair
And tell me it isn't
Like everything else
Someone, maybe Maman. Someone who will promise me
Love isn't supposed to be hell
And I'm only dreaming.
Only a dream, isn't it? Dreams can be nightmares
May I renounce my dream?
My body is so
My inside of me, my chest, my hands, stomach, feet
I think it hurts
Except not quite
Like a fever, so to be dizzy
And quiver a little
Right now
For this moment, just a for a moment, singly
I think I would give anything
Not to be alone
Not alone
I don't want it now, I want to give it back
Trade it in
Love is so strange, much stranger than I thought
It does hurt
Not like being
It is pain, but more than that, and it consumes
I think I'm going to die
Only that I feel too apart to die
Because my mind is very pale, and clinging to shreds
Of something
A thousand miles away from earth
That's why I won't die
I'm not
Real enough
To die
I'm not anything
Overpowering, aching, I am
Maman, the tears are mine

Owari ~ End