author's note: Well, here is the first part of many, I hope, a prologue as it were. I don't know when there will be more, but I promise there will be some, eventually. I still have to work it all out, and there might be changes to this, but for now this is how it goes.

Imperturbable Serenity

Kalaya watched the couple in front of her. This was her first "adoption" of a Force-sensitive infant, as it had become known, but it felt to her more like a kidnapping. Tal-Nin and Mir-La Jinn had volunteered their son to meet his destiny with the Jedi, but there was still reluctance and great sadness at this moment. Kalaya waited for the parents to say their good-byes to their only child.

"Knight Segun, please take him now, before we change our minds," Mir-La said. Kalaya nodded and took the baby from his mother.

"We will take good care of him, you have my word."

The three adults looked down at the now bawling bundle. His parents tried to hush him and Kalaya rocked him, but he would not quiet.

"He feels your sadness. He must be quite strong in the Living Force. I'm sure he will make you proud."

The parents stood close together, smiling through their tears. "One moment before you go," Tal-Nin said and reached into the now vacant crib. He removed a small toy animal and gave it to his boy. It had gold fur with a darker crown about its head and a matching tuft at the end of its tail. "I made this for him."

Tal-Nin and Mir-La were crafters. They were poor but worked hard to improve life for the children they hoped to have. They lived in a small home with only two rooms: the main one where they now stood and a kitchen. Mir-La wove clothes and quilts; she had stitched the blanket her child was wrapped in. Tal-Nin made toys like the one he had given his son.

"That seems to have done the trick," Kalaya noted after the boy's hand curled around the toy's paw and he silenced. "Jedi are not normally allowed personal possessions, but I think we can make an exception this time. It will help him transition. He will always have a piece of you with him."

"Good-bye, Qui-Gon. We will always love you." The parents kissed their son one last time, and Kalaya took him from the house to begin the walk back to her ship.

As they blasted off the blue-green planet into the inky blackness of interstellar space, she looked back at Algieba, the binary star system they had just left. The big, hot stars shone brightly over the worlds orbiting them. The yellow and orange spheres were like giant marbles in the sky.

"Don't forget this place, little one. It is where you come from, and it is very beautiful." Qui-Gon, whose name meant "bright star," slept in her arms, and Kalaya pondered what the future held for him as they headed for Coruscant and the Jedi Temple.