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Chapter 1: Fanya's Decision


"Yes father."


"Yes father."


"Uma, Adar."


"Amin ista."


Fanya chuckled to herself as she started to wet a cloth to get her younger sister clean.

"Fana why you make papa mad?" asked Ana, her youngest sister, who was two and a half years old. She was spattered here and there mud and grass stains. She still hadn't mastered saying her older sister's name.

"It's because me and papa don't get.along very well," came the answer, almost unconsciously. Actually, Fanya didn't get along well with her father. She and her stepfather seemed to be sworn enemies. He hated Fanya, and in return Fanya hated him.

After cleaning Ana, she walked her into the dining room, and sat her down on a seat, while not sitting herself. Her stepfather was still fuming about Fanya using elvish.

Her mother pulled her aside "How many damn times do I have to tell you not to go upsetting your father like that! You know how he hates elves!"

"Uma." she answered, then she added coldly, "I can see why he hates me then." She stormed off. She didn't care where she was going, but she wasn't going to stay here. After grabbing a cloak, her favorite cloak, off a hook in the kitchen, she stormed out of the house and into the ranch. Her mother was a bit too slow, and came as she was riding out of the gates.

"Amin wanyaien an Mirkwood, an kena i er ya mela amin!" She shouted over her shoulder. She knew her mother didn't know what she said, but she knew very well herself. 'I'm going to Mirkwood to see the one who loves me!'. Which was her ada. Her father. She had only seen him once, when he came to Gondor, where her mother and stepfather lived, to try to claim her, because she was an elf. Well, half elf. Her mother had fallen in love with her father, Linque, and he had loved her back. But, since humans can love more than once, she easily let him down for another man. Unfortunately, she was already pregnant with Fanya. After Fanya was born, she had left Linque for the evil bastard of a stepfather. Who just happened to hate elves. Thus, Fanya had turned into some kind of maid for her mother, stepfather, 5 brothers and 7 sisters. Fanya was already nearing the age of 20, and was soon hopeful that her mother would let her off for a while, but when she didn't.well, lets just say that she was riding north as fast she could on her pitch black stallion Morion, or black one in elvish. Sometimes she would call her Lurrea, which meant Dark one, but that made her think too much of Sauron.a bad thought.

She decided to pause for the night at a tree that she had long since discovered. She used to ride way out of the city for hours and hours, even days when she was younger. She had found this tree, which was so big that she couldn't have even stretched her whole body around it. 'It's big enough for the whole of middle earth to sit on.' She used to think. Now, she just saw it as a haven.

Laying on the damp grass, she started to sing softly to herself in elvish. Morion seemed to like it, and lay down and Fanya leant up against her, and fell into a light sleep.

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