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It was a rainy afternoon and Fireruby found herself sitting around the house, watching Rurouni Kenshin recordings. Again. Heavens above… did she NEVER get tired of this routine?

She sighed to herself. Well… the rest of her family was out at some 5-year-old's party Sam had been invited to. She turned herself back over, trying to revert her attention back to the TV. Unfortunately, she rolled herself just a little farther then necessary, so she ended up falling off the couch. She groaned loudly as she stood back up, rubbing her sore back.

It was then that she caught a glimpse of the dark gray Keyboard of Doom™ propped up against the wall next to her computer. Suddenly, the world seemed a whole lot brighter. ((For more information on the Keyboard of Doom™ please see my first fanfic, Karaoke Night.))

"Of course!" She muttered to herself, walking over to the keyboard and picking it up. "Why should I waste a perfectly good afternoon here…" She sat herself down on the couch and set the keyboard down in her lap. "When I could be…" Her voice trailed off as a huge grin appeared on her face.

Fireruby smiled deviously as she began typing random gibberish. After a few minutes of fierce concentration and fingers flying so fast they became blurs, the blonde teen sat back, apparently satisfied.

And she just sat there.

And nothing happened.


And we wait…

And we wait…

And we're getting tired of waiting…

"Oh, shush up Mr. Narrator. Give the Keyboard time to register…"

Oh, fine.

"Who are you, anyway?"

I'm just a random voice. Well, a random male voice. You should know. I came out of YOUR imagination.

"Ugh, fine. But you need a name… Hmm…… Let's see….. Your new name is Rocky."




Fireruby shrugged. "I like the name. T.T.F.N., Rocky."

With that, she disappeared in a sudden flash of light.

She reappeared on a plain white canvas, the Keyboard of Doom™ ducked under her arm. She looked around her and squealed in delight.

"Yes! It worked!"

Um, what worked?

"Isn't it obvious? I'm in a new dimension that I can create and mold to my liking…"


"Maybe you should keep quite for a while, Rocky."


Fireruby sat back down and typed a few more keys on the Keyboard. Her white background almost instantly changed to an endless field of grass.

She clapped her hands together in delight.


"I said shush it, Rocky!"

She turned back to the Keyboard and typed in another sequence of key codes.

With another flash of light (A/N- You're gonna be seeing a lot of those), a tall red-head appeared beside her.

OMG… She didn't…

She did…

It's Kurama.

Fireruby squealed in delight, jumped up and hugged Kurama.

"Um… Where am I?"

"Your in my new dimension! Oh, I'm so glad that worked! I'd hate to be stuck here… alone with Rocky…"

That hurts.


Kurama looked at Fireruby with that adorable curious expression of his. She thought she might melt…

"Who are you?"

She grinned and stuck out her hand. "Fireruby. Nice to meet you!"

Kurama shook her hand, still looking confused.

She sighed. "Well, I guess I'd better bring you some friends… Ignorance loves company, after all…"

I thought that was misery.

"Must you keep interrupting me, Rocky?"

She sat herself back down and began typing again, not really caring what Rocky's answer may be. After another moment of suspense, there was another flash of light. Lo and Behold, there was Rikku.

I love Rikku!

Fireruby smirked. "Well, you might actually have a chance with her, Rocky… considering she's the only single character in FFX."

What about Kimahri… and Wakka… and Lulu... and Auron?

"Kimahri gets married to some lady ronso. Auron dosn't really count... he's too old to be labeled "single". And as for Wakka and Lulu... they're in love. Can't you tell?"


"Poor blind narrator…"

She looked over at Rikku.


"Hi" Rikku replied brightly. She looked around. "It's nice here… Where is here?"

Fireruby sighed. "Why do you all keep asking that? If you must know, ask Kurama..."

She sat back down and started typing again.


Sora appeared.

(A/N- Kingdom Hearts… I hope yall knew that…)

Click. Click. Click.


Holly's here.

(A/N- From Artemis Fowl… Don't worry if you don't know her…)

Click. Click. Click.


Let there be Hiko.

Fireruby sets the keyboard down and stands up.

"Hello everyone! Before you ask, you're all trapped in my pleasant little dimension. You don't know each other because your all from different games, shows and books…"

"Excuse me," Rikku interrupted, sounding pleasant as always. "But why are we here?"

Fireruby grinned. "I'm gonna make you all stars."

They already are.