Deep crimson eyes blinked open in the dreary haze of sunlight, a yawn escaping from honey-kissed lips.

Yugioh felt a warm touch around his chest, and noticed Yuugi soundly sleeping, and arm draped over his darkness. The pharaoh frowned at the welts that were present, marring his delicate alabaster face. The things they had gone through…

He turned from his back to his side, wrapping his arms firmly around his light. He winced when Yuugi hissed in his sleep, the wounds he managed to touch aching and sore. A sudden rage began to boil inside of him, and Yugioh wanted to slaughter the ones who had hurt his lover.

Yuugi moaned as he awoke, blinking owlishly up at his yami. Sleep and confusion whirled around in his violet orbs until he could get his mind to awaken and focus. Yugioh saw his eyes water, a sense of gratitude washing over him.

Thank the gods you're alive…

Yuugi tried to speak, but every attempt fell dead at his lips.

The pharaoh frowned even harder, noting just how drained Yuugi seemed…how he felt… he seemed but a fragile piece of glass cradled in his arms.

He gave him a delicate kiss, caressing his silky hair with affection. "I'm all right now beloved. Rest now. Restore your strength."

Yuugi shook his head, hiding in Yugioh's chest. Such a strain it had been…I've never enveloped the Shadows so closely before…

Had Yuugi whispered into his ear?

"Hush…it's all right now."

Yuugi's body shook for a moment, and something wet fell against the pharaoh's chest as he cried. I missed you. I thought that I had lost you for good. It almost broke me, my darkness, seeing you so near to death. You nearly lost me too…

A sadness the likes of which he had never felt bombarded his senses, and Yugioh felt himself reeling.

It…he…could it have…?

Pressing his face against Yuugi's head, he cupped Yuugi's cheek and closed his eyes, concentrating. Can you here me love?

Yuugi's head slowly moved upward, meeting his yami's intense gaze. Curious, tentative tendrils reached out and touched Yugioh's concsious, probing for assurance.

Unsurpassed love and passion exploded between the two, and the pharaoh's light suddenly cried out in sheer joy.

Gods, it's back! It's truly back! We have our bond again! Yuugi gave a mixture between a laugh and cry, hugging Yugioh furiously.

It felt so oddly strange, and yet somehow familiar sensing the feelings and thoughts of another, and the pharaoh felt himself falling into the melodic trance with unpracticed ease. A small smile graced his lips.

It's back, beloved. For ever.

Yuugi pulled his yami closer. Who attacked us, beloved? Who wanted so badly to hurt us?

Yugioh snarled. The cannibals just outside our borders. How they managed to sneak inside of the palace, I have yet to figure out. Nor have I deciphered how they disabled me, either.

Yuugi sighed into his chest. It was a spell-binding circle. That was how they made you so weak. Every time you used energy, the more drained you became.

I will destroy every single one of them for hurting you, Yugioh promised.

There's no need. The shadows have already delt with them. I doubt there's a scrap of bone left of them now. He paused for a moment, sorting his thoughts. The shadows were just so angry. I've never felt so much anger before…It shook and rattled me to the core…I have so little energy at the moment.

Yugioh felt him drifting off to sleep again, and sent as many comforting thoughts as he could muster. Sleep now, beloved. There are no more threats.

~ * ~

Two weeks had passed since that awful event, and the two rulers had healed quite well, allowing them to go back to their daily royal duties.

Every evening the two spent with the horse that had helped to save the pharaoh, and Yuugi had insisted on calling it Yuki.

'Trust me', Yuugi had said, 'It fits him perfectly.'

At the moment, however, Yugioh was in the throne room, looking over an execution paper that had been set before him. Another thief, it seemed, had been captured, this one having stolen a prodigiously large amount of gold and jewels.

Most of the council members were making a point to keep their distance from him that day. Yugioh's temper was flaring, and he wanted nothing more than a way to release his frustration.

As it so turned out, he was being pressured yet again to produce an heir, and he had no intention of wanting to do so.

But the problem still remained…who would take over the throne when him and Yuugi were gone? If there was a magic spell Or incantation that could create a child for him, he had yet to find it.

Just as he was about to write his signature for the execution, Yuugi peered over his shoulder, looking at the papyrus with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

Yugioh suddenly found the papyrus in front of him missing, a giggling light fleeing down the halls.

"Yuugi, bring that back!" he snarled, chasing after him angrily as he watched the chance to release some frustration slipping past his sight down the halls.

One of the councilmen winced, hoping that Yuugi wasn't going to be receiving a wrath that all of them feared.

~ * ~

Ateme hummed softly to herself, allowing the wool in her hands to spin down into a thin thread, weaving itself further onto the spindle. Spinning had always been relaxing for her. She preferred it to the loom any day of the week.

The other girls in the weaving room where laughing with each other, folding freshly made linens and assorting rare and expensive dyes for the pharaoh's robes.

"Did you here," the girl next to her stated vehemently. "Both of the Twin Rulers refuse to look for wives! They won't have an heir! Who will take over the throne?"

"Personally, I think it should stay that way," another woman said, weighed down with the robes she was mending for some of the guards. "I've seen those two smitten with each other, and it's the most adorable thing I've ever seen. I think that even a mid-wife would get in the way."

Voices lifted slightly in affirmation.

Egyptian sunlight alighted the whole room in a warm afternoon glow, perfumes for the materials being crafted creating a sleepy haze.

The door creaked open, and as every head in the room turned, jaws dropped slack.

The Light in the weaving room?

Ateme saw the Light poke his head inside cautiously, looking around quickly before walking in.

Yuugi looked around curiously, never before realizing that the palace had any kind of weaving or lined room that housed all of the workers for it. The tools they were using fascinated him, and he noticed that movie portrayals of such activities from the ancient past were highly off. This looked nothing like a sweat-shop.

His eyes locked onto Ateme, and he walked over carefully, allowing the door to close softly behind him. He pointed to her spindle and thread. "May I?" he asked politely.

Ateme was dumbfounded, numbly handing over her materials as he sat down next to her on a spare chair.

Yuugi had only ever read in history books about the old way thread and twine used to be made. Before there were even spinning wheels women used something that looked like giant spin-top that children would often play with from his own time. He always had a hard time believing that the simple little tool could pull wool into such a fine thread.

He held the part thread-part wool in his hand carefully, watching with awe when the young girl twisted the spindle, allowing it to spin freely above the floor.

Ateme was yet again amazed as she watched him smile, getting a strong hold for the knack of spinning quite quickly.

"There you are!" Yugioh barked into the room, pointing at his lighter half.

Ateme froze along with all of the other women, whilst Yuugi on the other hand gave a playful 'eep!' and darted up, starting around the room.

"Get back here!" Yugioh yelled, giving way to chase. Yuugi laughed maniacally as he ran about, jumping over piles of folded linen. The dust danced out of their way as it glinted in the streaming sunlight, Yugioh's deep red robe billowing out behind him.

Yuugi yelped as he tripped over a basket full of cloth, spilling the white contents all over him as Yugioh followed suite.

Every woman in the room watched transfixed as the two became massively tangled, two heads eventually popping up and panting for breath.

Yuugi smiled as he looked at his darkness, breathless and flushed. Yugioh looked pointedly at him and snarled, clearly annoyed that his previous task at hand had been interrupted.

Grabbing a linen sheet that he had not yet been entrapped in, Yuugi wrapped it around the pharaoh, brought him in close, and gave him a deep, passionate kiss.

The moment Yuugi backed away, Yugioh saw him smiling widely. The pharaoh, however, was bound and determined to get that paper back. Getting ready to pounce, the pharaoh suddenly found himself wrapped up like a mummy, his arms bound to his sides.

Yuugi had wrapped the linen around him, making him unable to move. "Let me go," he growled.

Yuugi smiled and went to stand, suddenly falling over himself. He looked up shocked, noticing only now that his devious little darkness had wrapped a linen strip around his legs. Yugioh smirked in accomplishment.

Pouting, Yuugi turned his head to the side, folding his arms. Mach hurt was written all over his face.

Yugioh sighed, giving in to the little game that his light had begun, knowing exactly what it was Yuugi was waiting for. He was silent for a moment, suddenly realizing just how much he had been over-reacting. And yet Yuugi was not angry with him. "Gomen ne, aibou. I won't sign the execution sheet."

Yuugi looked at him out of the corner of his eye, unable to stop the smile that split across his face. Hugging his yami tightly, he undid his ingenious bindings around the pharaoh.

Yugioh in turn unbound his light, holding his hand out expectantly. "Give it back," he replied.

Yuugi did so, giving his darkness a playful kiss in the process. Laughing after they broke apart, Yugioh picked him up after wrapping him in another sheet of linen. "Little imp," he growled, heading out of the room.

"It works," Yuugi replied back, his feral grin never leaving his face.

Ateme stood and walked over to the mess that had been left behind, bending down to fold the linen back the way they were before hand.

"Such a mess they left behind," an older woman observed softly, a smile gracing her aged face.

"This is one disaster I don't mind cleaning up," Ateme replied, folding the cloth with infinite care.

~ * ~

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