'Leben die normale Lebensdauer' or 'Living The Normal Life'

By Queequegg Written: August 2003 Rated: PG to PG-13 (just to be safe!) Pairings: Mainly Kurt/Kitty, but I'm sure you'll be able to find a few others in the background ; ) Disclaimer: I don't own either the X-Men: Evolution series or the X-Men in general. Each is the respective property of Warner Bros. and Marvel.

General Author's note: It's been a VERY long time since I have published anything on ff.net, and this is my first X-men Evo fic, let me know if you like it. I'm a HUGE fan of Nightcrawler in general and of the Kurtty pairing, so of course here's my addition to the category.

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Chapter 1.

It was a beautiful Spring day, the sun was bright and the breeze was cool. A few of the young occupants of the Xavier Institute had decided that it would be a great weekend for camping out in the wilderness of some of Manchester's surrounding forests. Professor Xavier himself had encouraged his student's idea, as this school year had been a rough one. The previous year his students had been revealed as mutants to the school and to the public. This only made the dreads of high school worse for the remaining few, and they were not looking forward to the upcoming exams before graduation.

No one seemed more down in fact, than the usually jovial NightCrawler. Kurt Wagner's "outing" as a mutant had been a bit rougher than his peers. The young man not only had a mutant gift of teleportation, but he also had many physical mutations that made it harder for him to be accepted as normal.

At first he was the only one of the institute whose mutation had not been revealed on the evening news. Because of his holographic image inducer the Professor had given him, Kurt was able to hide his true appearance at school and from others that would not understand. Since the news stations had only seen an "unidentified blue monster" they had not yet linked the two together.

So, for the first time in his life, Kurt was not the one being shunned, cornered or stared at. So he separated himself from his mutant friends in a vein attempt to be "normal." He soon felt the guilt of his betrayal and revealed his teleportation powers to the entire school during a battle against the brotherhood. It was his girlfriend Amanda and unfortunately, her parents, who were the only ones aside from those at the institute that had seen his true self without his image inducer.

To make things worse, Amanda was a non-mutant and her parents were none to happy to learn that there only daughter was not just dating a mutant, but one that resembled a blue, furry demon. So her dad put in for a transfer and they moved far away from "mutant high" at the semester break.

So, here they were; Kitty Pryde, Evan Daniels and Rogue pitching their tents as dusk set in.
"Hey, like, where did Fuzzy go?" Kitty asked, struggling to get her stake secured in the very solid ground.

"He went on a hike, 'to clear his mind'."Evan replied. "Here Kitty, allow me." The mutant known as Spyke, for what was a very obvious reason at the moment, sprouted a large bone growth from his forearm, or "spike" as he called them, and shot it directly into the ground where Kitty had been struggling.

"Thanks. Why don't you just go ahead and do the rest while you're at it." said Kitty as she sat down on a fallen tree and tossed her own stake aside in defeat.

"Ah don't know how y'all talked me intah coming out here. Now ah'm just getting bug bites as ah sit around and dread the next few weeks of school." Rogue complained with her Southern drawl still prominent. She sat next to Kitty on the temporary chair and swatted a mosquito that had landed on her arm.

"The next few weeks can't be all that bad, at least we're graduating. Don't you think it will be nice getting out of that school?" commented Kitty.

"well, sure 'Little miss A +' wouldn't have to worry about final exams. Ya even took extra summer courses, so ya can graduate early with us! Me. Ah'm just hoping ah pass." Commented Rogue. Kitty sent a mild glare in her direction in response to 'little miss A+'. However, she decided to avoid the topic of school or grades and change the subject.

"I don't know," came the young brunette's reply, "I'm not, like, an outdoorsy type either, but it is beautiful out here. And you have to admit, it's nice having a couple days without people glaring at you every few minutes."

"Yeah. Ah guess. At least ah can get a little sun while we're here."

"No kidding Rogue! Nice threads," proclaimed Evan looking out from behind the tent he had been working on. " Or should I say, lack of threads?"

Rogue blushed deeply. She was wearing some awfully short, cutoff jean shorts along with a black spaghetti strap tank. As opposed to her usually covered skin to prevent contact with others, unintentionally triggering her powers.

"Shut up, ah don't have to worry as much when it's just a few of us. And y'all know better than touch me."

"I was just saying, you look good girl!" added Evan in his defense as he went back to putting up the second tent. Kitty smiled as she noticed Rogue's blush deepen.

* * * *

Quite a ways into the evening the trio found themselves sitting around the camp fire making S'mores.
"I totally can't believe Kurt didn't even come back for food." said Kitty as she absentmindedly swirled her marshmallow above the flames.

" I noticed he took his hammock... I doubt he'll even come back tonight." Evan said between mouthfuls.

"Oh." Kitty tried to hide her disappointment. She wished that her best friend would let her help him through this, but for now she was trying to be respective of his wish for solitude.

Evan stood up and stretched, while letting out a big yawn. "Well, I think I'm gonna crash. Goodnight ladies." And he retreated to the further of the two tents.

"ya know, I'm pretty tired too." Said Rouge standing up, but not before carefully placing a hand on Kitty's covered shoulder. "Don't wait up too long for him, ok? He'll come around tomorrow."

"Yeah, I won't. Goodnight Rogue."

"Goodnight Kitty."

The young brunette watched as her pale friend made her way into the other tent. She found herself not quite ready for sleep. Her mind was wondering and it was leading itself into the same spot it had been traveling to lately, to thoughts of Kurt. She wished there was something she could do or say to make him understand that he is so much better than he thought he was. He could never be a monster or a demon, in fact, he was quite opposite. He had the heart of an angel.

Kitty found herself still sitting in her chair pondering her thoughts while staring into the flickering flames of the dying fire. The silence was broken by a soft *bamf* across from her and she could smell the faint brimstone odor as it dissipated into the cool night air.

"Kurt?" She asked hesitantly. She squinted and peered into the darkness ahead. One of the appropriately named Nightcrawler's many powers was the ability to blend into the shadows, becoming virtually invisible in the dark. She knew that if he didn't want to be found, he didn't have to be, but she desperately hoped that he would show himself.

After several seconds of silence he spoke up. "Vhy are you out here all alone?" She smiled when she heard his German accent behind her.

"Because, like, my best friend totally left me hanging." she responded light heartedly.

"Ja. I'm sorry Kätzchen, but I just needed to have some time alone. We don't really get much of it back at the mansion."

The two chuckled at his last statement. Knowing all too well how hard it was to enjoy some privacy at their temporary home.

Kitty sat smiling, looking back over her shoulder at the "floating" yellow eyes of her best friend. He stepped forward, more into the light of the fire and gave her an awkward hug from his place behind her.

"I may have left you before, but at least I came back for you." He said into her ear. The tiny hairs on the back of Kitty's neck stood up as Kurt's voice sent a shiver down her spine, she wasn't used to his close proximity. She was almost sure she had felt his soft fur brush her cheek.

Quickly trying to lighten the mood, she put on her best mock, damsel- in-distress voice, laid the back of her hand across her forehead and called out, "You came back for me!" She looked up at him and batted her eyelashes, trying not to giggle.

He had stepped around in front of her and held up a small bag. "Of course mylady. You and the snacks." She smacked his arm and they both chuckled as she stood up shaking her head at him.

"My hero." She added in her blandest tone.

"So do you vant to come see the great view I found or vhat?" He asked, ignoring her sarcasm and trying to act nonchalant about it, even though his tail whipped about giving away his excitement.

"Yeah, let's go." She said smiling as he took her hand preparing to teleport them.

"Just don't look down okay." He quickly added.

"Wait! What?!" Her eyes went wide with fear as they disappeared into a cloud of thick black smoke.

End Chapter 1.

So...? What did you think? I know slow start, but give me a chance. :)

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