Author's Note: I fell in love with the relationships in G Gundam and eventually found myself writing how I think things might be between Domon and Rain after his confession of his love for her. Thank you, GoldAngel2 - for introducing me to this great anime.

My reason for the romance/fluff in the below story: This fic is about that first stage in a new, loving relationship when a couple is lost on cloud nine because everything feels so right as they are both showing true affection while discovering the other's love and expressing their own. I love writing about a tough man letting go with a woman, and in this case, a woman who just happens to be his childhood friend. Plus, remember how shy Domon looked when Rain kissed him in the picture in the credits at the end of the show (the one where his eyes are popping out)? After watching the 49th episode, I saw that he had become much braver, losing most of that shyness. He didn't look embarrassed at all when he lifted Rain into his arms to carry her away with him after they defeated the Dark Gundam; not minding at all when his cloak slipped down her leg to reveal some of her skin. The truth was out about everything from the Dark Gundam to how he and Rain really felt about each other. He himself stated it was time to start their true journey. And after a first kiss, his shyness will just about vanish.

I hope you enjoy my first G Gundam story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for the enjoyment you give me in reading your stories.

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim to own G Gundam or any of the characters.


Chapter 1: It's Different Now

By now everyone knew that Domon Kasshu had saved Rain Mikamura from the Dark Gundam by admitting his love for her. His confession couldn't have been more honest and soon she was in his arms ready to be one with the King of Hearts. Once back on earth the two knew things were going to be so different in so many ways. First, the stress of gundam fights wouldn't be laying heavily on their minds, and second, they'd have to accept and adjust to their loved ones whom they had lost. However, they planned to do all of this by moving into the future together.

After arriving on Han's boat, which had become their home while in Neo-Hong Kong, Domon and Rain drew apart so that they could change into their regular clothes. Wanting to put the Dark Gundam and the sadness that came with it out of their minds for at least a little while, they began to look very forward to spending time alone with each other now that they knew they were very important to each other as more than just partners of the Neo-Japan team.

Since Rain's body had been wrapped with the famous, red cloak on the journey back to earth, Domon couldn't help but to take in her sweet scent coming from it as he hooked it back around himself. As memories of the past year with her ran through his mind, he thought, She's really been there for me; always watching me with those…blue eyes of hers. He smiled at last accepting that he had found her attractive for a very long time now, and he didn't know what he was attracted to more. Was it her beautiful face or the fact that she was a beautiful person through and through in every way who had stood by him?

Once fully dressed, Domon found himself on the outside of the boat with Hoy and Ming looking up at him with admiration on their faces. When Rain came out wearing her dark, pink dress and blue jacket, she immediately felt Domon's intense stare. When their eyes met, he gave her his cocky smile just before telling the kids that he and his partner were leaving for awhile.

At first Hoy was about to beg to go with the gundam fighter and his mechanic till Ming stopped him. Even at her tender age she could tell that the gundam team only wanted to be with each other. The little girl hadn't missed when the King of Heart's cocky grin softened, which made Rain smile very affectionately at him as they continued to just stare at one another. Beginning to drag Hoy back into the boat, Ming exclaimed, "You guys have a good time! Bye!"

Smiling since she had almost forgotten about her two young friends, Rain said, "They're cute."

Without thinking, Domon spit out, "They're cute, but you're gorgeous." Because he hadn't meant to say that out loud, the strong man's face began to turn a slight shade of red even though he had already told the woman before him that he loved her.

Rain felt her heart jump since he had never complemented her in such a way before. Lifting her hand, she covered her mouth in an attempt to conceal her smile from the now blushing King of Hearts. Even though he had confessed his love for her that day and had literally swept her off of her feet before they headed back to earth, it was obvious that he hadn't meant to say how he felt about her looks just yet. Down deep she knew many times before, she herself had secretly enjoyed letting her eyes take pleasure in his looks without him even realizing it.

As Domon watched her beautiful, laughing eyes, he thought, This is so…new for us.

Lowering her hand after reading his mind, Rain smiled softly as she said, "It's different now. I know." It was time for each of them to stop holding back how they really felt for each other.

"Yes. Things are…different between us," Domon said staring into her eyes. He had to force himself not to just grab her and attempt to kiss her - to show her how much he felt for her. Instead he took slow steps to her and then gently took her hand.

Rain's heart skipped yet another beat as she realized that this man who she had been in love with was going to treat her as more than just a friend for now on.

Hand in hand they began to make their way towards land not caring where they went as long as they were together. Though they could never forget, they could dwell on their losses later.

As they walked on enjoying each other's presence, Domon was still somewhat amazed that his heart felt alive with love. The fire this woman caused in him was unreal and he wondered what she saw in him. He had been so rough and horrible with words more so than not, but still the majority of the time he had only seen affection in her eyes for him. For now on he intended to treat her like she deserved to be treated, like a queen.

Ahead of where they were walking it sounded if a party was going on, as if people were all ready celebrating the earth being saved. While the young couple continued to near the loud noise, they were soon surprised to see a fair. Giving Rain's soft hand a gentle squeeze, Domon grinned at her and asked, "Wanna go?"

With a tender smile, she said back, "Sure." As they headed to the fair, the sweet woman made sure to take in how her fighter's rough hand held hers so gently, and she found herself wondering if he could love as strong as he could fight.

It wasn't long till they were enjoying the fair and becoming amused at some of the sights to be seen. There were young kids begging their parents, who already looked to have motion sickness, to ride more rides. There were also young, teenage boys sneaking up behind young, teenage girls who in turn let the boys have it if they touched where they shouldn't. Indeed it was true that many people were celebrating; bowing their heads in gratitude towards Domon and Rain for the Shuffle Alliance and friends saving the earth from the Dark Gundam.

Knowing without a doubt that the King of Hearts could handle all of the rides since he could pilot a gundam so very well, Rain spoke up and said, "Domon. Do you want to ride any of these rides?"

Surprised that she asked, Domon began to find the idea intriguing so he asked, "Why don't we take a ride in the Haunted House?"

Unconsciously squeezing his hand, Rain joked back, "I should have known you'd want to ride that one."

"Are you scared to?" he asked with a look that said that he knew she was.

Defending herself, Rain said with confidence, "I've been through rougher things."

"Yes you have," he said very seriously. Not wanting to dwell on just what right now, he smiled as he began to lead her to the spook house.

Thinking back to when they were children, Rain remembered the many times that a much younger Domon had talked her into doing such things as this.

Once to the line for the Haunted House, he said, "Ladies first." Letting go of Rain's hand, he then put his hand on the small of her back to gently push her ahead of him.

"I'm not going in there first," she said then realized that she had given away that she wasn't so brave after all. "I mean...I can handle it."

Domon let out a small laugh before saying, "I'm only pushing you into the line, and I'll be right behind you."

With a mischievous smile as she let him move her in front of him, she teased, "That's what I'm afraid of." Seconds later she fought to control the butterflies in her stomach when she suddenly felt his hands close around her waist and his hard chest press against her back. Once again she took in how nice it was to be this close to a once distant Domon. Earlier she had found it hard enough just to pull herself from his arms when they had gotten back to earth.

Besides the fact that revenge over the Dark Gundam had just about taken over Domon's mind in the past, he too had been afraid of getting a negative response from his female partner. Though he was the toughest fighter who risked his life, deep down he hadn't wanted to risk losing her in anyway. Now as a smile appeared on his face, he couldn't deny how pleased he felt that he could finally be this way with her; that she too seemed quite comfortable at having him so close.

The pretty, blue-eyed female couldn't have felt more content as they moved along in the line. She liked the flutter in her heart as her partner teased her over how scared women looked coming out of the spook house because of what they had just experienced inside. "Domon," she said remembering something. "I'm glad Chibodee isn't with us because there may be scary clowns in the house."

Grinning at the thought, Domon said, "I almost forgot that he's scared of clowns."

"I think he's over it," Rain said remembering when she had helped the Neo-American fighter through that ordeal.

The King of Hearts also remembered he had been so jealous when he had thought that Rain was falling for the boxer when she had just been helping him. In fact, Domon had been the one to insist that she help Chibodee.

Smiling over what she was about to say, Rain said, "Can you imagine Chibodee panicking and calling his Gundam out in the middle of the Haunted House? That would be quite funny, though not to him."

"Yes. It would be entertaining for us," Domon said at the thought. As the people ahead of them began to take their seats on the haunted ride, he said, "It looks like we're next."

"Looks like I changed my mind about riding," Rain said very seriously; her eyes wide.

"Really?" Domon asked sounding a bit disappointed.

Though she did feel herself getting nervous, for him she said, "It was a joke. I'm fine."

"Remember," he whispered very close to her ear. "I'll be with you."

Feeling chills from his breath on her ear, Rain nodded her head that she understood.

Not admitting that he knew who they were, a man in his sixties who was running the ride soon said to them, "Okay, you two. You're next."

Releasing Rain's waist, Domon followed behind her to their seat of the ride. Anticipating the spook house because he would be somewhat alone with her, he sat down very close to her side.

"Give me your cloak," she suddenly said.

"What? Why?" Domon asked looking very confused.

Pretending to be very serious, she answered, "Because I'm going to hide under it."

"Come here," he whispered draping his arm around her shoulders so that he could hold her close.

As she once again took in the feel of his strong arm around her, the ride began to move.

It was pitch dark when they entered into the haunted house till a light blinked on and then they saw that all around them were skeletons and bodies with fake blood lying around. There were scary moans and groans heard and before the ride had moved even ten feet, Rain threw her legs over Domon's so that she was sitting on his lap. She then buried her face in his shoulder as she held on to him.

The gundam fighter had been taken by surprise but smiled while gladly wrapping his arms securely around her. Taking in the moment he then just about ignored the rest of the scary ride.

When the ride ended, the old man who ran it laughed when he saw them. It was obvious to him that the King of Hearts didn't mind his partner appearing to be glued to him. The man then asked with a smile, "Would you like me to peel her off of you so you can get off the ride?"

"Can we ride again?" Domon asked very seriously because of not wanting to move from their position. However, he knew staying on the ride was out of the question since there was such a long line of people waiting to ride next. It was just that he quite liked Rain snuggled up against him and her arms around him. Yes, it was another time this day that he found he very much enjoyed being physically close to a woman, to her.

Embarrassed by how scared she must have looked, Rain lifted her face from the King of Heart's shoulder to catch him grinning at her. "I really wasn't scared," she said trying to act brave as she pulled herself from him.

Knowing much about love because of experience, the old man said to her, "I think that you were really just making yourself comfortable with the young man."

While a surprised Rain blushed, Domon admitted, "That was more than fine with me."

As the embarrassed woman walked away from the two men, the old man gave Domon the thumbs up. The gundam fighter smiled and then quickly caught up to Rain, and began to pull her somewhere where he had spied something pink.

About five minutes later they were sitting on a bench sharing pink, cotton candy. Seeing a mischievous smile appearing on Rain's face, Domon asked, "What?"

Remembering how she had always gotten the last bite when they were younger, Rain grabbed the last bit of cotton candy left and ate it. She then stood up and smiled at the nostalgic look on Domon's face.

After a grunt, he said, "I can't believe that you did that to me…again." Appearing to be aggravated, he too then stood up. However, his next action was unexpected as he moved very close to Rain and took her into his arms.

Finding herself once again feeling so right within his strong embrace, Rain then caught how seriously he was staring into her eyes. To her, the whole crowd disappeared as she slowly lifted her arms and wrapped them around his neck.

Domon wanted to kiss her but he was nervous as his heart pounded away. He really had no experience with women since he had been gone training with Master Asia for so long. However, each time he dreamt of kissing anyone, it had been Rain, and now here she was staring intently at him; waiting.

"Hey, bro! Sis!" a young voice called intruding in on them. Both Domon and Rain turned their heads to see Sai Saici with a huge grin on his face. "Were you two about to get all hot and heavy?" he asked not caring at all that he had interrupted them. "If so it's about time!"

Both embarrassed, the young couple released each other.

"Sorry, guys," Sai Saici said feeling he had enough fun with them.

Domon turned to look at Rain who was now staring up at the Ferris wheel. "Wanna ride it?" he asked.

Rain took his hand as she smiled and softly said, "Yes."


In the next chapter, Domon and Rain have a talk about Allenby.

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