CHAPTER 17: A Love That Will Last Forever

On her wedding day, Rain stared at herself in the full-length mirror of Miss Marie Louise's hotel suite. The suite may have been beautiful with its dark, blue walls and white, wood trim work, but not nearly as beautiful as the bride. The striking bride was wearing the chiffon wedding dress specially made for her. It was very elegant with its delicate white straps that were made to look like flowers running over her slim shoulders. The dress also fit tightly around Rain's small waist just before it flared out down to the ground with more flowers all about it; also made of the chiffon.

"Oh Rain," the princess said walking over to the bride to place a flesh, white rose in her hair just behind her ear. "You look so beautiful."

Blinking her happy tears away, Rain said, "I can't thank you enough for everything that you've done."

Seeing how truly thankful the bride was, the princess smiled back and said, "Think nothing of it. I love doing such things."

"But you've done so much. You've arranged a wedding on a beautiful island, had a wedding dress made for me, and arranged a honeymoon in a beautiful hotel suite all so…happily and easily. Have you done this before?" Rain asked so touched for all the arrangements that the princess had prepared.

"Well…no," Miss Marie Louise admitted with a smile. "What can I say except that I am a romantic fool." With that said, the two females hugged each other.

Across the hall in George's suite, Domon too was standing in front of a full-length mirror.

"Domon Kasshu," George said walking into the room, "I never thought I would see you dressed in a tuxedo." Though the King of Hearts still had his red sash around his forehead, the knight was very pleased that Domon had agreed to wear the tux.

"I liked the black one better," the groom said of his tuxedo. Though he was just as innocent as Rain, he had never been crazy about wearing all white.

"You do look sharp," Chibodee said walking into the suite.

"Thanks," Domon said turning to see Sai and Argo following behind the Neo-American fighter.

"Hey, Domon," Chibodee said as if he had a great idea. "Since you won't be using your cloak, can I borrow it to see if I can pick up on chicks?"

Domon turned to the boxer and said, "Who said I'm not wearing it?"

"Ignore him," Argo said walking over to Domon. "Are you ready?"

Smiling, Domon said, "I should be asking you that since I think that you and Nastasha may be next to tie the knot."

Argo only smiled not about to deny his feelings and future plans with Nastasha.

"Bro, I'm really happy for you and Sis," Sai said sounding very sincere.

The King of Hearts smiled and nodded a thank you to the youngest Shuffle Alliance member.

Entering the suite next was Dr. Kasshu. He only smiled as he watched his son put on the red cloak, and then the doctor soon announced that it was time for the ceremony. Ready to start this part of his life, Domon checked himself out in the mirror one more time. As the other men started to head out of the room, Chibodee said, "So, Japan. Are you sure you don't want my advice for tonight?"

Rolling his eyes and then looking at his father who was still in the room, Domon said, "Sorry, Chibodee. But someone beat you to it."

With a broad smile, Domon's father said, "Knowledge to be used as advice comes from experience and age, Chibodee. So I spoke with my son last night about his honeymoon night."

Domon then just barely gave his father a smile of thanks while looking quite shy over the advice Dr. Kasshu had given, and then they all left the room.


On the beautiful island of St. Thomas, there was no better place to have a wedding than outside between some beautiful trees near the beach. This special day the weather was perfect with not a cloud in the sky, and the wind was only a gentle breeze. An aisle of various colored flowers had been made leading to an arch of flowers where Domon and Rain would be married. The King of Hearts now stood before the arch, glad to see only his friends and father there to witness the occasion and also glad that the ceremony would be starting within minutes. Grinning, he was in addition relieved that his friends understood why he chose whom he did to be his best man. Turning around to that special person, Domon bent down to the small individual in the small tuxedo and said, "Hoy. Thanks for agreeing to be my Best man."

Hoy only said, "Okay," and then hugged the man he so admired.

At that very same moment, Ming was hugging Rain. "I knew you and Domon would end up together as soon as I met you," Ming said happily.

"I'm glad you knew," Rain said with a slight laugh as they released each other. "You were so very right, and thank you for being my Maid of Honor."

Suddenly, the sound of a violin signaled to Ming that it was time for her to walk down the flowery aisle. As Rain's heart began to race, she gave Ming a sweet smile. As the little girl started to move down the aisle, everyone smiled at the cute little female in the fluffy, white dress that the princess had made for her as well. When little Ming reached a smiling Domon, he leaned down and kissed her on her cheek.

Within seconds the wedding march began to be played on the violin and a beautiful vision in white soon appeared from behind the trees at the end of the aisle. The King of Hearts watched as Han took the arm of the beautiful bride and started to slowly walk her down the aisle. Domon couldn't believe how pleased he felt to be getting married to this woman whom he now so willingly wanted to share all with. She truly was everything to him.

Watching her future husband as he was watching her, Rain first thought that he was wearing his normal attire because of his cloak, but the tuxedo soon stood out, and she thought he looked so incredibly handsome. Forcing herself to hold in her happy tears once again, she still found it amazing that she was going to marry Domon Kasshu. He had been her childhood friend, her gundam partner and as of lately, a very close partner outside of the gundam. Without a doubt, she knew she was always supposed to be with him.

When Han released Rain's arm for Domon to take, the older man said to the younger man, "Remember. This woman is your destiny."

"I'll never forget," Domon said in awe of her beauty now that she was standing next to him. She always looked beyond beautiful in her everyday clothes but in this dress; on this day, she looked absolutely stunning.

The minister would have spoken, but the bride and groom appeared to be off by themselves in another world .

"Rain," Domon whispered as his eyes swept over her beauty while he actually searched his mind for the perfect adjective to describe her. "You're…breathtaking."

Smiling, she said from the bottom of her heart, "Thank you, Domon. You look very handsome."

He knew she was surprised to see him in a tuxedo. "Thanks. I hope you don't mind the bandanna and the cloak," he said of the famous red sash and cape.

"Of course not," she said since she had actually always liked those two things on him.

"Man…you are beautiful," he repeated in a whisper as if he couldn't deny that fact to himself any longer. No one knew there had been times before when he let his eyes enjoy her beauty without her even knowing it.

Domon couldn't deny that he was so glad that his life had come to this; that the woman he had been so scared to admit his feelings to he was now about to marry. Now nothing seemed more important than giving into his feelings and experiencing love. She was the one thing, or rather person, he could let himself go with.

Being that the wedding was among so few but very close friends, Chibodee said, "Japan, why don't you stop drooling over your bride and let the minister marry you."

Everyone laughed lightly, even George as Domon smiled while saying, "I can't believe I'm saying this, but Chibodee's right. Let's get married."

"All right," Rain said smiling back at him.

The short, but beautiful ceremony had been wonderful because of the strong, obvious love between both Domon and Rain. Anyone could see that the tough fighter was devoted to Rain and that with her, he expressed himself in a total different way than how he did in fighting. The observers at the wedding also knew that Rain and Domon's differences made them ideal for each other. He was the hot tempered one who down deep wanted to be the protector, and she was the level headed one who down deep wanted to be the one to nurture. She had been the one able to give him his peaceful state of mind like no other.

Still staring at her, the King of Hearts realized once again that Master Asia had been very right on the things that he had said about women. No matter how rough Domon was as a fighter, he wanted and needed Rain's sweetness and she in turn wanted the strong, confident man that he was.

As the minister's words moved along, Domon held Rain's hands in his and soon they said the customary vows to each other. As he said his vows, the King of Heart's eyes never left his queen's. His voice was soft and loving just like it had been when he had pleaded with Rain when she had been imprisoned in the Dark Gundam.

As the friends watched the Neo-Japan team make their vows, they all knew that this was one marriage where the promises would be kept. If Domon was anything, he was loyal; besides very much in love with his partner. And to Rain, he was the person in her life who meant the most to her.

A pin could have been heard being dropped as Domon and Rain tightened their hands around each other's and easily said the famous words, "I do."

Everyone including the minister smiled when Hoy handed Domon, Rain's wedding ring. After the rings were on their wedding fingers, the Neo-Japan team was pronounced husband and wife and kiss they did when the minister announced it was time.

Upon both Domon and Rain's request, there wouldn't be a long reception following. They had insisted that if they would have eloped by themselves, there wouldn't have even been a reception. Wanting alone time, they wanted to start their honeymoon as soon as possible. However, they told their friends to party as long as they liked. The small reception was held at Miss Marie Louise's hotel in a small room off of the lobby that was too decorated with colorful flowers. After many pictures were taken of the bride and groom and their friends, Dr. Kasshu surprised everyone by rolling in a TV. After finding some very old home videos, Domon's father turned the TV on and there were Domon and Rain slow dancing together at the young age of ten.

Laughing, Chibodee said, "Domon, your wife was taller than you!"

"Bro, your hair even stuck up at that age," Sai said laughing.

Domon laughed it off as he and Rain prepared to make their leave.


By the time the newly, married couple got to their hotel, it was nearly dark. For the stars were already coming out when they entered the magnificent lobby of the brightly colored hotel. Its beauty seemed to fit the theme of the romantic, St. Thomas Island. Both stepping up to the front desk, Rain smiled when Domon said that Mr. & Mrs. Domon Kasshu were there for their suite. The King of Hearts himself was proud to have Rain sharing his name. Obviously knowing who they were, the dark haired man at the front desk smiled and assured them that their luggage was already in their suite. He then handed Domon a card, which took the place of an actual key. Nodding a thank you, Domon took the card and then squeezed Rain's hand as he began to lead her to the elevators.

Though both were extremely happy to be married, their nervousness about what would soon happen between them once in their suite had them both silent as they stepped into a vacant elevator. When the doors of the elevator closed and it began to move up; hand in hand, Domon and Rain just stared at the closed doors before them. In Rain's mind, she suddenly began to recall times earlier in the year when she had walked to hotel rooms as only Domon's Neo-Japan partner. As always she had just followed behind him and never once had the thought crossed her mind that she should be worried about sharing a room with him. Also recalling those moments in his mind, Domon remembered that though he had been quite rude at times, he had respected the smart female greatly. She had been his friend from childhood, and though he had begun to have different feelings for her, his mission always laid heavily on his mind. Love had been too hard for him to understand at the time - until now.

After stepping out of the elevator, each continued to think about what they were about to share in the suite they would soon be entering. Despite the fact that Rain was a very beautiful woman, not being vain made her somewhat nervous about being exposed to Domon. What if he would be disappointed with what he saw but then she reminded herself that that wasn't what love was about. Somehow it had slipped her mind that he had seen her before when she had escaped from the Dark Gundam. But because everything had happened so fast and the fact that Domon had been so relieved to get her back, he hadn't a chance to be in awe of her beautiful unclothed body. Actually kidding herself she thought that maybe she'd be disappointed with him. However, she knew that wasn't going to be the case. She had seen him too many times before without a shirt while tending to his injuries. Though she had been doing her job as a doctor, the fact that she had begun to have uncontrollable feelings for him, made it easy for her to let her eyes enjoy the sight of him. Physically, he had really turned into a man while training with Master Asia. But again, it wasn't his body that she was in love with but rather his heart and soul.

Hand in hand as they continued to walk, and Domon found himself becoming more and more nervous. It almost seemed quite funny to him that he could fight the toughest of the tough and now here he was nervous about expressing himself through his body in a complete different way, rather than with his fist. While he had overcome most of his shyness in having Rain close to him, and he was able to express his love for her in kisses or by just holding her close, he was still shy at the thought of the rest. It worried him that most of the time this day and age, a man's first time wasn't on his honeymoon. He wasn't quite sure of what to expect and more than anything he wanted to please his wife and not disappoint her. Of course his nervousness meant in no way was he going to back out of the night. More than anything else now that they were husband and wife, he wanted this night. He wanted Rain. He wanted to touch her, feel her, smell her, bury himself in her, and know every part of her that no one else knew. Another bond would be formed between them this night, and there would never be any memories for either of them being with anyone else in the same way. They were truly the love of each other's life.

Once to the doors of their suite, Domon pulled out the card. After inserting it into the lock on the door, he then pushed it open. Rain was about to walk in when Domon said, "Wait. I want to do this right."

Before Rain could say anything, he gently scooped her up into his arms. Smiling, her arms then went around him as their eyes locked, and he just held her and continued to stare into her big blues. Neither of them had to say how much they loved each other because in those few seconds just staring at each other, it was clear in their eyes as their nervousness lessened.

The King of Hearts soon moved forward carrying his wife into the suite where memories for a lifetime would be made. They were surprised to see candles all around the huge suite. Miss Marie Louise had made it a point to have someone go in just before Mr. & Mrs. Domon Kasshu's arrival to make the already beautiful suite even more romantic than it was. As Domon gently placed Rain down to stand on the white carpet of the mauve colored room, which had two large white, leather sofa's, there were two more closed doors seen directly across from where they was standing. The newlyweds looked at each other and then together took steps forward to the closed doors. Once in front of them, Domon slowly pushed the doors open. Rain gasped at the sight of the room while Domon's eyes fell on to the large bed just a few feet away from them. The white carpet had continued into the room, which had long, white, satin curtains that draped on to the floor. Rain's eyes then moved to the huge bed, which consisted of white, satin sheets and tons of satin pillows. There were candles lit around this room as well.

When Rain turned to look at Domon, he was already staring very lovingly at her. Putting his hands on her shoulders, he whispered, "Are you nervous?"

Her eyes began to glow with such trust and love as she whispered back, "Not with you, Domon."

Hanging on to her words, he whispered, "Come here," as he inched her closer to him. Once he had her up against him, he then whispered into her ear, "I love you."

The sweet female whispered it back just before Domon captured her lips in a very tender kiss. Their nervousness for now seemed to wash away as the kiss slowly intensified while their mouths opened to let each other in. Rain's arms were around Domon's neck when she felt his hands slowly moving down to her lower back, and soon she felt those hands pull her firmly against him. With that action, Domon sighed into her mouth, and Rain could feel his body responding to hers, which made her eager to know more of him. However, she suddenly broke their kiss before they got too carried away, and then saw the desire in Domon's dark eyes. For there was no reason for him to hold back until Rain whispered, "I…I should go change."

In a husky voice, the King of Hearts whispered, "Okay," as he forced himself to release her.

As she backed away from him, he just watched her go to a door that she assumed was the bathroom. Her assumption had been correct, but before Rain could even look around the beautiful bathroom, she leaned her back against the door after it was closed just to catch her breath from what her husband had started to stir inside of her.

Remembering that Miss Marie Louise said there would be a box in the bathroom consisting of a white nightgown, Rain then took notice of the gorgeous stoned bathroom to see a tub as big as a small pool. There sitting on the top steps to the tub were two boxes. Walking over to them, Rain saw that one had Domon's name on it. Quickly, she grabbed it so she could get it to him before he'd have time to undress himself. Opening the door but not looking out, she called out his name.

Seeing that Rain was feeling quite bashful at the moment, he wasn't about to admit that he was having a problem taking his clothes off since it was the first time that a woman would see all of him. "Rain, you can come out. I'm still dressed."

As Rain stepped out, she smiled and handed him the box. "It was in the bathroom waiting for you," she said with an embarrassed smile.

As Domon took the box, he glanced at it wondering what was in it and then heard the bathroom door close behind Rain once again. Opening the box, Domon first saw a letter from Chibodee.

Dear Domon,

I was afraid that you'd scare Rain on your honeymoon night by wearing nothing but your cloak, so I told George's princess to leave this for you. However, the more I think about it, just wearing the cloak might really turn Rain on.

Your Shuffle friend,


P.S. Remember. Do things right.

"Chibodee," Domon grunted out. A few seconds ago with Rain, he had felt his nervousness drifting away, but now the words - Do things right - were starting to mess with his head once again. Looking into the box, Domon saw all black. Putting his hand in, he then pulled out a long, black silk robe. Looking back into the box, he saw something else that shined as if it was silk as well. Sticking his hand back in, he then pulled out a pair of black, silk boxer shorts with a note attached to them.


Yeah. It's me again. I think the first night you should just put these on. You don't want to scare your lady right from the get go.


P.S. Take that bandanna off before you take your wife to bed…unless Rain wants to tie you up with it.

With that, Domon crumbled up the note and tossed it behind him, and then he looked around as if he thought Chibodee was actually there watching him. Under his breath, the King of Hearts mumbled, "I'll kill him if he shows up here tonight."

Walking out of the bedroom, Domon looked around for the other bathroom since he knew the suite had two. Once in it, he began to undress himself; tossing each piece of his clothing into a pile on the floor. When finished, he then picked up the black boxer shorts and just stared at them. I can't believe I'm listening to Chibodee. he thought and then pulled the shorts on. Looking into the mirror, he began to check himself out, which was something he never did except for when he had checked himself out in the tuxedo. He had a couple of small scars on his chest, but that really didn't matter since Rain had already seen them. In fact she had been the one to tend to them. Other than that, Domon thought he looked okay and then seeing the bandanna around his forehead, he lifted his hands to the back of his head and untied it. Upon taking it off, his hair fell forward. Putting the bandanna by the sink he was about to walk out of the bathroom till he remembered the black robe. What the heck, he thought, and then he put it on and tied it closed. Though he was just as innocent as his wife, he was glad that the Neo-American fighter had chosen black for him, like his tuxedo had been. Before leaving the bathroom, he put on a dash of cologne from a bottle that had been in the box as well. Walking out of the room, he went back into the bedroom to see that Rain was still in the other bathroom. Not knowing what to do with himself, he became brave and started to pull the sheets down on the bed. He also decided to put on the two lamps, which were on each side of the bed. He needed more light than the candles were giving off.

Still in the other bathroom, Rain was standing in front of a mirror staring at herself. She had on a beautiful, white gown that left not much to the imagination. It had small, tiny spaghetti straps and was practically see through. It revealed all of her curves and just barely came down to her thighs. Still staring at herself, Rain realized how unused she was to seeing herself wearing such a thing. I can't bring myself to go out there like this, she thought and then remembered the thin, white, silk robe. Grabbing it out of the box, she then saw some perfume in the bottom of the box. After spraying a small amount on to herself, she then wrapped the robe around her body. About to exit the bathroom, she instead stood by the door with her hand on the doorknob for a few seconds, trying to clear herself of all nervousness. Through her young, adult life, she had been careful to save herself for her future husband and now he was just outside that door waiting for her. Opening the door slowly, she then stepped out to see Domon in his black robe looking at her very intensely. Somewhat shy smiles soon appeared on their faces as they began to walk over to each other.

Once standing about two feet in front of each other, Rain said, "Your bandanna."

A tad nervous, Domon asked, "Do you want me to put it back on?"

"No. I'm just not used to seeing you without it," she said so shyly.

"Well…" he said noticing something about her as well, "I'm not used to seeing you lately without the earrings I gave you."

Not wanting to tell him that she feared they might come loose and get lost during the physical activity that was going to take place between them, she said, "They're in the bathroom."

Seeing how nervous she was and not knowing what else to say, he said, "I see that you were provided with a robe too."

"Yes," she said wondering if he was wearing anything under his.

Being that he was indeed a man in every way, Domon's desire for his wife began to rise as he wondered just what was under his wife's robe. Wanting to know, he asked, "Can…can I take your robe off?"

Rain's heart raced at the thought of her once childhood friend, now husband, wanting to treat his eyes to seeing her body. In a very shy yet inviting voice, she whispered, "Yes. It should come off." She then slowly lowered her hands to untie it.

Moving closer to her, he whispered, "Please. Let me take it off of you."

Nodding her head yes, Rain's hands moved away from her robe, and then Domon's replaced them as he stared into her eyes while untying the silky garment from around her. When the robe loosened from around her, Domon's hands moved to her shoulders to take hold of it. His eyes slowly moved down her body as he began to open the robe further, and then he let it fall to the floor. His heart began to race at seeing his wife's body practically exposed before him. Never had he been this close to a woman baring almost no clothing while he too bared almost nothing, and what made his heart pound even harder was that this woman was his Rain; now his wife.

Rain's heart beat wildly while his eyes remained on her body gradually taking all of her in. She felt the need to say something to remind him just how precious her innocence was to her and how much she loved him enough to give herself to him. Forcing herself to verbalize what she was thinking, she whispered, "I'm for your eyes alone."

Entranced by the abundance of beauty that his wife possessed, Domon was at a loss for words. Once again he wondered what made him the lucky man to have this kind, smart and beautiful in everyway woman - as his wife. Daringly for him at this point, he placed his hands on her waist as if to make sure that she was really there and not a figment of his imagination. Feeling her soft, beautiful curves beneath his rough hands, his eyes lifted to meet her stunning blues. In a very loving voice he completely surprised her by saying, "Thank you."

So extremely touched by his unexpected, grateful words, Rain began to feel even bolder and whispered, "Domon. Make me yours."

Emotionally blown away, all the King of hearts could manage was to mumble, "Oh Rain," as he inched himself even closer to her.

Staring into Domon's deep, dark eyes, Rain saw an intense longing in them for her that was ever so increasing. After wrapping his arms around her beautiful body, his lips came down on hers and his mouth opened right away for a very passionate kiss, which she easily surrendered to as her arms wrapped around his neck. No matter how shy Domon had been about getting close to Rain before, that was now fading away because of their strong love and trust for each other.

Even back during their very first kiss on the Ferris wheel, his shyness had vanished upon kissing her and since then during all of their kisses, his eyes were sealed shut as if he was in a dream. Rain had a power over him, which made him want to be very expressive with his feelings for her. Because of his wonderful affection, Rain felt as if she was floating on a cloud each and every time he held her close.

Now during their very powerful, passionate kissing, Domon suddenly just barely withdrew from the kiss. His eyes just scarcely opened; revealing a glossy coating over them as he whispered upon her lips, "Rain, I want to make love to you."

Because most of her nervousness had disappeared during their feverish kisses, Rain whispered, "Yes. I want to be as close as I can to you." She didn't have to convince him of her feelings since she was unconsciously pulling on the back of his robe as if trying to pull it away from his body.

Upon hearing her sweet, surrendering words and feeling her gentle tugging, Domon forced himself to release her only so he could untie the long, black garment from around himself. When it fell to the floor, Rain's eyes hesitantly wondered down his well built body, and he wondered if she was relieved that he had on the black, boxer shorts. Not being able to stop himself, he smiled at the thought. Her eyes caught that smile when they lifted back to his face, and she smiled back knowing that she must have seemed somewhat bashful on the subject of seeing all of him.

As his hands wrapped around her waist again, her hands then lifted and began to take in the feel of his hard chest, which sparked an even stronger fire in him. In no way did her soft touch feel like that of her doctor's touch, but rather as a lover's. As their hands explored each other, Domon found himself becoming very eager to please his wife. Bending down, he lifted her up and into his loving arms and then carried her to the huge bed.

Many minutes later, a white gown lay alone on the floor beside the bed that held the newlyweds. For a very long while, their tender kissing and touching carried them away, making them each ever so responsive to each other during their perfect passion.

Though Domon wanted his wife very badly, he instead took his time and got acquainted with every part of her. Absolutely nothing mattered more to him than her, and he couldn't seem to get enough of her. In sweet time, the feel of Domon's lips and the gentle touch and stroking of his fingers caused Rain to suddenly tremble as she unconsciously lifted her head from the pillow and clung to her husband who was making her feel such incredible sensations. As she continued to hold on tightly to his body there was no mistaking that her low, soft moans were a result from a tremendous pleasure that he had caused her to experience, which was very rewarding for the King of Hearts. Now filled with even more desire for her husband, Rain bestowed more love on to him as he stole the kisses from her breath.

When Domon decided it was time for he and his wife to be together, his only fear was of the pain she might feel. Looking down into her eyes, he softly voiced his concern for her as he tenderly caressed her face with his hands. Staring into his warm eyes, Rain reached up and began to caress his face as well as she stressed that she was ready.

Minutes later, a black, silk pair of boxer shorts joined Rain's white gown on the floor. Indeed the newlywed's expression of love did bring Rain some slight pain, but not for long under her husband's tender, caring loving. Later, Rain felt completely fulfilled to see the pleased look on her husband's face when he reached his highest point of pleasure. Just after the both of them experienced such incredible fireworks together; sounding almost breathless they whispered words of love to each other and gave each other small, sweet kisses. Holding each other's exhausted bodies close, they soon dosed off in each other's arms.


The next two days the newlyweds lived on room service since they never wanted to leave the suite. Wanting to make his wife laugh their third night together, Domon came out of the bathroom wearing only his cloak. To his surprise Rain was sitting on the bed wearing only his red bandanna around her forehead. With a wicked smile and while making eyes at her, Domon said, "I like it," just before he dove onto the bed to grab her.

That forth day of their honeymoon after they swam in their tub for probably the tenth time since staying in doors, they finally decided to leave the suite. At different times at different places on the St. Thomas Island, the sound of a small, not so fast motorbike could be heard. If you were lucky enough to catch sight of the motorbike, you'd see a smiling man with wild, black hair tied down by a red bandanna steering the bike. A beautiful, happy, brunette haired woman sat snuggled behind him, with her arms around him, holding on to him tightly. Both Domon and Rain were all smiles as they rode off not caring where they went as long as they were together. Though times in the future were unpredictable, they knew they'd be all right as long as they had each other by their sides. After all, anything was possible with a love like theirs.


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