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Julian comes up with a plan to get his fortune back. Pilar goes to Springfield.

Tony DiMera had to calm himself while reading the morning paper. He had almost choked on a sausage link, from laughing so hard!

It had been six weeks since the announcement that Austin Reed and Chad Harris had inherited all of the Crane empire. Tony had smirked when he heard the news. Killing Alistair Crane had turned out to be his wisest move yet!

When Stefano called him with the arrangements for him to meet Eve on the island, his father had also shared the news, that Alistair Crane had an incriminating tape of Eve, one that could hurt her career and send her to prison.

While Tony didn't care if Alistair used it as leverage against Julian and Eve's relationship, he was not going to allow Alistair to keep such incriminating evidence on his beloved Eve. Tony then made arrangements to travel to Harmony that very evening, and obtain the tape, and any copies, by any means necessary.

Tony had walked into Alistair's office at Crane Industries, only to overhear him maligning Eve on the phone to Julian. He had brought a gun along, just in case, but never thought that his temper would just snap!

When he thought back to that night, Tony realized that what had made him pull out his revolver, and shoot the Crane patriarch, was his TONE. Alistair's tone, made Tony realize that even if Julian did bow to his father's wishes, he still planned to hurt Eve, anyway he could. Eve didn't need that kind of stress in her life!

Tony had managed to pull the tapes of the murder, that were in Alistair's office. He didn't know where the others in the building were. Not that it mattered. The case was unsolved because no one really gave a damn!

Tony looked at the newspaper again. Yes, killing Alistair had been a wise move. Because it had unintentionally done what he thought was going to be impossible. It broke up Julian and Eve.

Tony threw down the paper, sipped some orange juice, then paused to reflect on the events of the last month and a half.

When it became official, and public knowledge, that Julian and Fox Crane were out, and Austin Reed and Chad Harris were in, the sharks began to circle.

People from every crevice of the business world, offered their services to the two young men, knowing that they would not know where to begin, as to how to run an empire as vast as the Crane fortune.

Kate Roberts, Austin's mother that lived in Salem, swooped into town, along with his ex-step-father, Victor Kiriakis. They began to advise him on business matters.

But, what was still the talk of the business world, and Harmony, was Julian Crane's reaction to being disinherited.

Tony shook his head when he thought of it, for he had to admit, he, himself, would never have thought of such an insidious plot!

Julian Crane, somehow, someway, got a Crane lackey, to admit that he had had Chad Harris's DNA doctored, and that Julian and Eve, were the young man's parents!

Now, what not too many people knew(meaning the only people that did know were Julian and Eve...maybe Fox and Whitney, but Tony was not sure about those last two!) was that Julian Crane had paid another lab to run the tests again. They had shown that Julian and Eve were not Chad Harris's parents, but, Julian had THOSE tests altered to say that yes indeed, Eve and Julian were the Harris boy's parents!

Now, this of course, did not sit well with Eve, or Whitney, who had now earned the embarrassing honor of being 'that girl in Harmony that slept with her own brother'! Eve had flat out refused to lie about it, something that didn't sit too well with Julian.

From what Tony could now glean from the situation, Julian was now playing on Chad Harris's vulnerable spot: that being, his wanting to know who his parents are. Harris believed that Eve and Julian were his parents, had accepted Julian into his life, and took his 'offer' of help with the Crane empire, while Eve looked like a heartless bitch for not acknowledging her son!

Tony stood up. Things were also going well with Simone Russell. He had begun frequenting the Book Cafe, and struck up a sort of friendship with her. That would not have been possible, if his sister, Alexandra, had not practically become a part of the Russell family.

Tony let Simone know that he wanted to repair his relationship with Alexandra, thus confiding in her like a trusted confidante. She told him about her college classes, and her plans to become a doctor, like her mother. She also told him that she was getting along better with Eve, now that Julian was not a part of her life anymore.

Tony had had to refrain from smiling when the young girl had said that. Hopefully, Simone could one day be trusted to put in a good word for him with Eve. There was just one problem: her damned boyfriend!

This John Hastings was beginning to become an annoyance. Nothing Tony could not handle, but someone he viewed as a negative influence in Simone Russell's life. John asked him a lot of questions when Simone was not within hearing range, such as, didn't he have women friends his own age he could be spending time with? Questions that hinted that maybe, Tony's intentions were not of a fatherly way.

That would not do. The last thing Tony needed was for Simone, or God forbid, Eve, to think, that he was making improper advances towards her daughter. That would not win him Eve. Tony had already decided that he might need a little help from his son, Rex, when it came to breaking up Simone Russell and John Hastings.

Tony left the dining room and walked out into the hallway. He stood before a mirror.

He was going to the hospital today for a check-up....and to see Eve. Tony was actually kind of worried about her. He had been by the hospital the other day for a fake-check up, just to catch a glimpse of her. Tony had had a chance to view her in the hallway. She looked very tired. Tired to the point of collapse.

Tony had quietly cursed Julian Crane for putting Eve through this hell! It was one thing for her to be broken-hearted, but she had just looked so unwell....Tony couldn't get the image from his mind. That was why he had to see her again, just to see if everything was alright.


Eve had fallen asleep at her desk, when Whitney entered, waking her up. She smiled up at her.

'Hi, honey. How are you holding up?'

Whitney smiled weakly at her. She was actually more worried for her mother, than herself. Eve looked awful!

'Maybe I should be asking you that. Have you slept at all?'

Eve didn't answer. She stood up and tried to put on a positive face.

'Honey, I've just been working some extra shifts.'


Eve didn't answer that question either.

'Tell me, how are you and Fox doing? Have you found a place to live yet?'

Austin Reed, not being the bastard Chad had turned out to be, had generously allowed Fox and her to stay in one of the Crane cottages on the property. Whitney knew that she actually had Teresa to thank for that favor.

Fox had been against living there... at first. Then, his father calmed him down...probably when he told him about his damned scheme to get the Crane fortune back!

This whole plan of Julian's to lie to Chad and make him believe he is really a true Crane by blood, nearly ruined Fox and Whitney's relationship. She didn't appreciate looking like a fool, just so Fox and Julian could get their money back! Now everyone thought she had slept with her own brother!

Whitney had went to Chad and told him she thought Julian was lying. Fox hadn't liked her doing it, but, at the same time, he knew how hard this whole thing was on her. He did not stop her either.

Chad hadn't wanted to hear a word out of her mouth! He even accused her of not wanting to share Eve with him! Fox assured her that once they got control of the Crane fortune again, Chad, and the rest of the world, would be told the truth.

But, there was a small problem. One that Whitney anticipated turning into a big one.

'Actually, Mom, Fox and I are going to be gone for awhile.'

Eve tilted her head.

'Gone? Gone where?'

'Well, the 'American Idol' tryouts are this week in Boston. Fox and I are driving up there. I'm going to try out.'

Eve suddenly didn't feel so drowsy anymore!

'Is that that show with the mean British guy?'

Whitney nodded.

'Honey, you do realize that if you get far in this competition, your private life will be splattered in the papers?'

Whitney reached out and held her mother's hands.

'Fox swears to me that Julian can get the company away from Chad, before anyone prints or broadcasts, that Chad and I were intimate.'

Eve slowly pulled her hands away.

'He does, does he? Well once he's done lying to Chad, how does he plan to trick Austin out of his inheritance?' Eve asked sadly.

Whitney's heart was breaking for her mother. Chad had invited his 'parents' to stay with him at the mansion. Eve had moved out, refusing to live out this lie. Julian had been semi-vicious, telling her that she had lived lies all of her life, and now when he needed her, she couldn't just do him this one favor!

Of course, no one cared how Chad was going to feel when he discovered he had been duped! Eve tried not to think about it. It was bad enough John Hastings thought Grace was his mother, courtesy of Ivy's blackmail and her own doctored DNA results. Eve wasn't playing that game again.

'Mom, I know Julian misses you. He's taken to playing your CD's in the study again....or so I hear. I don't get up to the main house anymore.'

'Have you seen your father and Lexie lately?' Eve asked, changing the subject. She didn't want to talk about Julian. He had turned back into the old Julian that she had despised for so many years, just like that, and seemingly, overnight.

Eve tried to tell herself that Julian had changed, and that it was the shock of being disinherited, that was making him act so cruelly. But when he asked her to play out this deception, for a fortune she could care less about, Eve knew he had went too far.

Julian didn't miss her. If he did, then he would've called her at the apartment she was living in now, or dropped this farce. Chad thought that she was his mother, and was just ashamed to admit it now! Not to mention what Julian's lies were doing to Whitney. None of this was worth any money.

Julian wanted the money more than her. That had always been his problem. And she had been foolish to think that he had changed. And as per the norm, when it came to the two of them, Eve was always left with the problems. Two days ago, she had confirmed that she was indeed pregnant.

Pregnant again by Julian Crane! And like the first time around, he was no where to be found. But this time would be different. There was no Alistair around to kidnap her baby. And she had already decided to put in for a transfer. She needed time away from Harmony, until she decided how she wanted to proceed.

Eve definitely wanted her baby, she just didn't know if she wanted Julian in her life. And if she left Harmony, Julian not being a part of her life, would definitely be easier to achieve.

'Uh, yes. You know, Mom, Daddy is like a different man...almost. He still takes pot shots at Julian and Fox, but he's really devoted to Lexie and Theo. From what I understand from Simone, Daddy would like Lexie to move to Harmony with Theo.'

'Well, I'm glad Simone and you are talking at least.' Eve said.

Whitney shrugged.

'Chad is our 'brother' now. What is there for us to fight about?'

Eve nodded absently.

'Well, I also hope your father keeps in mind, that Salem is where Lexie's life was with Abe. He may be pushing her too soon for a commitment of that sort.'

There was a sudden knock on her office door. Eve and Whitney looked up to see Tony DiMera walk in. He gave them both tentative smiles.

'Hello, Eve. Whitney.'

Whitney muttered a hello. She didn't like Tony DiMera, and wondered why he was even living in Harmony? Worse yet, he lived a couple of estates over from the Cranes! That was no accident! Whitney had no doubt his plan had been to get close to her mother. Maybe it was a good thing she wasn't living with Chad and Julian!

But Eve looked at him with mild concern. She had spotted him in the hospital the other day, and wondered if he had had any symptoms return from his blood disease?

Eve looked at Whitney.

'Honey, I'll talk to you later, okay?'

'Uh, why don't I wait for you out in the hallway there? We can have lunch or something.'

Eve smiled weakly at her.

'I'll be fine, dear. Go and get ready for your trip, okay?'

Whitney nodded absently. She was meeting Fox, Teresa and Austin by the Crane pool. Chad would be gone, so they could catch some rays in peace. Whitney actually wanted to convince Teresa to come with them. She needed a break from worrying about Pilar, who had taken off for parts unknown.

Eve then kissed Whitney on the cheek. Whitney gave her a worried smile, and glared at Tony, before reluctantly leaving the office. Eve walked around to her desk and sat down.

'My youngest daughter is your biggest fan these days. What's your secret?'

Tony smiled.


'Well, let's just say I think she probably likes you more than me these days.'

Tony shook his head.

'That's not true. She says nothing but kind things about you, Eve.'

Eve peered at him.

'Are you alright? Your symptoms haven't returned, have they?'

Tony was oddly touched by her question. He could see she was genuinely concerned about him, despite their past. But she looked even more tired than she did yesterday.

'Eve, I'm not here for a check-up. I'm worried about you.'

'Tony, I...'

'Eve, you look terrible! You need rest and I'm worried that you'll drop any minute! Why are you working such long hours? Do you need money?'

Eve closed her eyes and began to massage her temples.

'Really, I'm fine. I just have a new schedule that I'm having a little trouble adjusting to. Tell me, have you patched things up with Lexie yet?'

Tony moved to sit down in a chair in front of her desk.

'Alexandra won't take my calls.' he said quietly.

Eve bit her lip.

'I don't know what to say to you...except that maybe you should just give it time.'

'You know, Alexandra and I didn't grow up together. I've only known her, maybe, two years now. Yet, from that short amount of time, I feel as if I have known her all of my life. I can't imagine not having her in my world.'

'She blames you for her husband's death, Tony. You are just going to have to give her time and space.'

Tony nodded.

'I suppose I should be glad that she has T.C. to lean on...does it bother you very much? You know...his infatuation with her?'

Eve shrugged.

'Not really...not anymore. To tell you the truth, I haven't had much time to think about it. Listen, I have to get back to my patients, but I'm glad that you're alright.'

Tony stood up.

'You do mean that, don't you Eve?'

Eve blinked.

'Yes, I do. I never wanted to see you ill, Tony.'

She said nothing more. Tony knew she was waiting for him to leave. He decided that their brief conversation was a first, good step in the right direction...his direction!

'Alright then, I have to get going as well.' Tony said, backing away from her. He actually planned to speak to Eve's superiors about giving her some time off, maybe even this afternoon. She really needed to catch up on her beauty sleep. Maybe a nice donation to the hospital would help.

Tony smiled at Eve one last time, before walking out of her office.


Julian and Chad stepped off of the elevator at Harmony Hospital. Both were dressed in suits. Julian was planning on introducing Chad to some of the hospital board members. After all, his 'son' would be replacing him on the board.

Chad looked over at him.


Julian looked over at him.


'I want to thank you for what you've been doing for me.'

Julian shoved his guilt away, deep down inside himself.

'I'm your father, being a Crane is your legacy. I want you to live up to it.'

'I know. But after the way everything went down...you know, when Mr. Baldwin told Austin and me that we were inheriting everything...then when Fox went crazy like that...well...you could've just stayed angry and mean. You didn't have to help me with a thing. But you did, and we found each other too. So what I'm saying is, thanks for standing by me.'

Julian could not speak. He just nodded. This deception had cost him Eve, and when Chad found out he had lied, it would cost him this young man's respect. Neither Ethan nor Fox, had ever thanked him for anything, ever!

The elevator doors opened. The first person Julian laid eyes on, was Tony DiMera. He was talking to Dr. Parks, who was also on the board. What the hell was DiMera even doing at the hospital? The answer, to Julian, was obvious.

'Uh, Chad, son, I'm going to see if your 'mother' is in. I'll be right back.'

Chad put a hand on his arm.

'Listen, I know Dr. Russell...Mother...doesn't mean any harm. The idea that I'm her son...that Whitney and I had a relationship, it's just hard for her to accept. Don't be too hard on her, okay?'

Julian just nodded. These tender moments with Chad were becoming a little hard to bear! For it was during those times, that Julian wanted to scrap this whole idea, and live happily ever after with Eve.

But as much as he did love Eve, he could not ignore his family legacy. And Alistair had ruthlessly, and cruelly, passed over all of this blood relatives, just to drop their heritage into the hands of two strangers.

Austin Reed could not be ignored either. And his ex-step-father, Victor Kiriakis, would be looking out for Reed, just to make sure that no one tried to take away what Alistair had given to him.

But Julian planned to do more than that! He was going to take Chad and Austin's inheritances away from them. Austin was then going to be fired from Crane Industries, and hopefully, sent packing. Chad...Julian didn't know what to do about him, after everything was set right.

But right now, all he could think about was Eve...and finding out if she still loved him.


Tony found Dr. Parks standing next to the nurse's station, looking over a patient chart. He walked up to her, introduced himself, shot the breeze a bit about donating to the hospital, then, finally, told her what he really wanted: time off for Eve...beginning that afternoon!

Dr. Parks nodded.

'She has looked a bit worn down, Mr. DiMera. But once she begins her new schedule up in Boston, Dr. Russell will start to get back in the swing of things. Remember, all of those months that she had amnesia and...'

'Excuse me? Boston?'

'Well, yes, Dr. Russell put in for a transfer. You know, now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn't have shared any of this with you. I doubt Dr. Russell and yourself are bosom buddies.'

Dr. Parks began to turn and walk away, but Tony reached out and grabbed her arm. Dr. Parks looked at Tony's hand on her arm, then at Tony herself.

'Let go of me!' she said in a tight, yet, controlled voice.

'Dr. Parks, when I said I wanted to donate to this hospital, I mean right at this immediate moment. And for an obscene amount! Surely, you can do me the small favor of telling me about a 'friend'.

Dr. Parks snatched her arm away! The hospital always needed money, and if it ever got out that she turned away a man as rich as Count Anthony DiMera, heads would roll, and hers would be the first!


Julian found that Eve's office door was partially open. He began to knock, then decided against it. He eased open the door, and then, stopped short.

Eve was asleep at her desk! Julian walked in and slammed the door. Her head came up immediately.

Julian was appalled at how tired Eve looked! Eve blinked hard, as if she were unsure it was him.


Eve just stared at him. She could see Julian was in her office, but he looked hazy. She blinked again and stood up.

'Julian. What are you doing here?'

But Julian didn't answer her directly. He eyed her.

'You've been working extra shifts, haven't you? Why, Eve? My God! You look as if you are on the verge of collapse!'

Julian had moved closer to her. She shrugged.

'Why are you here, Julian?' she asked again.

Julian emitted an exasperated sigh!

'There is a board meeting today, and I wanted to introduce Chad to some of the board members. After all, he will be taking my place soon...'

'No he won't, Julian. He doesn't need to know who any of them are.'

'Eve, don't let this come between us. I miss you. I know you miss me. Come home.'

'Where would that be? Chad's mansion?'

'It will be ours again...'

'God, Julian! Why can't you get it through your head that I don't care about that stupid house, or anything that comes with it?! Besides, I'm not up to playing the 'Mommie Dearest' role with Chad. I just finished that part with Simone, not too long ago.'

Julian closed the distance between them. He reached out and touched her shoulders.

'Why can't you understand, that I can't let the nonsense I put up with from my father all of those years, be for naught? I deserve my share of the Crane fortune! Fox does as well!'

'Just please hurry and trick Chad out of everything, before this hurts Whitney's 'American Idol' chances. She's good. She'll probably go far.'

Julian's hands slid off of her shoulders.

'So, hurry up and finish this for Whitney, but not us, right?'

'Julian, I've put in for a transfer and...'

'A TRANSFER?!' he yelled, looking her up and down. His loud voice woke her up!

'Keep your voice down, please!'

'So, instead of staying here and facing this, you're going to run away from me again?'

Eve backed away from him and sat back down at her desk. She didn't look at him when she spoke.

'I need time away from here. Something has happened, and now I'm going to have to make some real decisions here.'

Julian squinted down at her. What the hell was she talking about?!

'Eve, I don't know what you're talking about. But I do want you to come home with me. If you don't want to face Chad, then I'll make excuses for you until I get him to sign everything back to me. You look unwell...'

Eve felt sleepy again. She was too old to be having another child! She had never been this tired when she was carrying Whitney or Simone! Why couldn't she just tell Julian she was pregnant with his child? Eve kept silent. She couldn't say it, because it wouldn't change anything. Julian was still bound and determined to reclaim his fortune. Eve had to let him to what he had to do. But Julian was going to have to do it without her.

'Goodbye, Julian. I'll let you know when I get settled.'

Julian just stood there, stunned that she would dismiss him in this way! As if all that they had together, and had been through, had meant nothing! What had happened to them?

Eve's office door creaked, and Tony walked in. He had overheard the whole thing, and thought Julian's approach to winning Eve back, was weak! That and he had complete contempt for how Julian had allowed Alistair to trick him out of his inheritance. Good Lord! Any person born into a family with old money, knew that they had to squirrel enough away for themselves, in case this day did come! Parents talked a good game, but Tony had many a friend, that had found themselves disinherited, in more shocking ways than Julian and Fox Crane!

Julian clenched his fists as he looked at DiMera. How long had he been outside of Eve's door, eavesdropping?

'Hello, Julian. It's been awhile.'

Tony stuck his hand out. Julian looked at it, then at him. He then turned and looked at Eve.

'What is he doing here?' he asked in a no nonsense tone.

Tony answered his question.

'Eve dear...'

'She's not your dear!' Julian snapped, turning back to him. He then walked over to Tony.

'Why are you still in Harmony? You don't think you've fooled anyone, pretending as if you want to settle down here, do you? And you really should fire whomever is doing your landscaping! Several of your bushes are dying from God knows what!'

'Julian please!' Eve snapped.

Julian turned to face her.

'He just walked in here as if he's used to doing so! Have you been seeing him again?' Julian demanded to know.

Tony ignored Julian's tirade.

'Eve, I spoke with Dr. Parks. Please don't be angry with me, DEAR, but I was concerned about your health. So is Dr. Parks. She wants you to go home and get some rest.'

Eve was not only tired in general, but Julian and Tony's squabbling was getting old! She stood up and grabbed her purse.

'You know what? I like that idea! Thank you, Tony. Goodbye, Julian.'

'Eve, wait!' Julian snapped and began to walk after her. Tony moved in front of him. Julian glared at him. Of all the colossal nerve!

Eve walked out of her office. Julian faced Tony.

'If you think you're going to get Eve back, you're clearly mistaken. You should do yourself a favor and run back to Salem!'

Tony smiled.

'Julian, you are doing all of my work for me. YOU are the reason Eve looks so tired, I'm sure. Just keep up what you're doing, and Eve will be my Countess yet.'

Tony turned and walked out of the office. It was his intention to catch up with Eve and offer to drive her home. She was in no condition to be behind the wheel.

Meanwhile, Julian was positively livid with rage! He now knew he had to hurry up and get Chad to sign over everything to him! He didn't have anymore time to waste on pretending to be the lad's father! It was costing him Eve!

Somewhere, in the back of Julian's mind, he had thought Eve would still be there for him, after he got the Crane fortune back. Somehow, he had just assumed he could make everything up to Eve, later on.

Julian couldn't believe she was really going to leave town! If he hadn't come by today, was Eve even going to tell him that she had transferred to another hospital?! He would have to pull some strings to keep that from happening. Actually, Chad could pull the strings to keep his 'mother' from walking out of his life!



Pilar skulked around the lobby of the City Times Newspaper. She knew she had to be careful, as to not attract the attention of the guards. Pilar didn't want anyone to think she was some weirdo, hanging around a public building.

She sat down in a chair and tried to calm herself, for the umpteenth time! Because part of her wanted to go into the City Times Editor and Chief's office, and blow his brains out! Martin's brains!

No! The first thing she would have to do, is to start thinking of her 'husband' by his real name. Roger Thorpe. Roger. Pilar closed her eyes. She did not like that name! She almost wondered if she would've given him the time of day, if she had known his name was Roger instead of Martin! Pilar drummed her fingers on the arm rest of the chair. Once she had read Roger's file, a plan came to mind. She decided to say nothing to her children, for if Luis, or Antonio, knew how vast a lie they had been living, there would be nothing she could do to stop her older sons from coming here and killing Roger.

And Teresa...she would have been devastated! Absolutely devastated! For Martin was more like a hazy memory for her. Her and Miguel. They idolized the man that Pilar, Luis and Antonio had told them about. The good husband. The kind and loving father. A man that they had all, deep down, thought had been killed, or been kidnapped, by Alistair Crane, and even more recently, Stefano DiMera.

All Pilar had said to her children was that she was following a lead out of town. They all knew that the package she had brought back from Stefano's island, contained information about their father, and she was grilled hard by all of them, especially Luis and Antonio.

But this was something Pilar had to do alone. The kids reluctantly respected her wishes, and didn't try to stop her from doing what she had to do.

So, Pilar had traveled to Springfield, Illinois, to track down Roger Thorpe. What she found, was that her 'husband' had actually just returned to town, after having lived in California with some woman named Amanda Spaulding(Pilar was disgusted to see that all of Roger's wives, at one time or another, had had money!).

Roger had returned, just in time to stop the wedding of Ed Bauer and Holly Lindsey, a couple that had been married once before. From what Pilar could recall from the file, Holly was the wife that Roger had raped. For some odd reason, despite this savage act, the two had once been deeply in love, and had almost re-married years later.

From the time Pilar had spent in Springfield lurking about, she also discovered that Roger was despised, Holly was in custody fight with one of her ex-husband's for custody of a daughter, and that Roger had married another rich woman. A billionaire by the name of Lucinda Walsh.

This Walsh woman, was the real owner of the City Times. She just allowed her new husband to run it. From the talk around Springfield though, everyone was laughing at this poor woman. The gossip was that Roger still loved Holly Lindsey and had married Lucinda for her money.

Pilar had no doubt, that no one in this town, even knew of her existence!

Pilar had never been more nauseated, shocked, disgusted...the list ran on and on. How she could've married and borne a man like that, four children, was beyond her! How she could not have seen through such a vile, human being, she would never know!

Pilar suddenly stood up and pretended to look at a bulletin board. The person that had lead her to Oakdale, and this building, had just stepped out of the City Times newsroom. Her name was Blake Marler. She was Roger and Holly's daughter. A daughter that would've been born before Pilar met Roger at the FBI academy.

Roger came out of the offices with her. They stopped briefly in the hallway. Pilar overheard the little that they were saying.

'Daddy, I'm worried about Mom. I'm telling you, she just gave up her petition of custody for Meg.'

'Honey, that makes no sense! Your mother loves Meg!'

'I know, I know! I think Fletcher said something to her out in the hallway. Mom was fine before that! I'm worried...I'm afraid she might do something to harm herself.'

'I wouldn't let that happen. Look, I'll drive back to Springfield...we'll take separate cars, I'll let you know when I find her.'

Blake hugged her father. She then let go of him.

'Are you sure Lucinda won't mind?'

'She probably will. But, I'll handle her. Let's go.'

Pilar heard them walk away, and she slowly turned around. Martin...Roger, sounded so authoritative and commanding. Martin had been gentle, soft-spoken...kind.

But he had never really been any of those things, had he?


Pilar followed Roger's Thorpe's car all the way back to Springfield. As she stayed four cars back, Pilar realized that this game she was playing couldn't go on forever. She would have to confront this man soon.

It had begun to rain, as the car got off the highway and soon ended up on a country road. Pilar recognized it as HollyBend, a small property where Holly Lindsey resided.

Pilar briefly wondered about her. What Roger sees in her? What was not good enough about herself, that made him walk out on their family?

Pilar watched as Roger pulled into Holly's drive, got out, peeked in through her windows, then got back into his car and drove off. Pilar continued to follow him.

It was not until they reached a place called, Laurel Falls, that Pilar discovered something.

Roger got out of his car and began to walk around, without an umbrella. Pilar parked, some distance back, got out, and began to lurk around in a wooded area. It was as she reached a thick, brush of trees, that Pilar watched, as Roger found a soaking wet Holly Lindsey.

The rain began to let up, and Pilar was able to make out some of their conversation. Apparently, from what Pilar was able to hear, Holly Lindsey had given up her custody fight, because she was being blackmailed by her former husband, this Fletcher Reade character. He had threatened to expose something that would threaten the safety of her child.

Roger was soothing, telling her that they would get through this together. She then agreed to leave with him in his car. By the time Roger let her into his passenger side door, Holly Lindsey had begun sneezing.

Pilar watched as they drove off. She did not move. For she had just realized, from the little she had overheard, that Roger Thorpe, was not her Martin.

It wasn't anything he said, per say, but Pilar had been having the hardest time understanding how this man could be the same one she had built a family with. A woman knows many things, and one thing she definitely knew, was when a man that had her husband's face, voice and mannerisms, was simply not him!

But why would Stefano go to such extremes to lie about Martin? And Spence? He told her this man was Martin! Yet, something was not adding up! Pilar's gut was beginning to tell her that while the file was true, it had nothing to do with her life whatsoever. But, Pilar couldn't let this go. Roger Thorpe looked like her Martin. He had to be some sort of long lost relative or something. Either way, she planned to confront Mr. Thorpe, to see if he recognized her a/o ask him what he knew about a man named Martin Fitzgerald