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Ch. 1 - There's A Soul In The City

"You can't hide from them forever, Piper." Prue informed her sister as they walked to school together.

"Not forever. . . just sophomore year. . . and maybe junior and senior years too." Piper hugged her binder and textbook closer to herself, pushing her glasses back up her nose.

"You should kick 'em in the shins." Phoebe suggested, kicking the air with a 'Hi-ya' sound for emphasis.

"Hey Prue! C'mon you want a ride?" A carload of jocks and cheerleaders asked screeching to a halt in the street.

"Yeah we have room for one more!" Another in the car called.

Prue looked at Piper and Phoebe, as if asking permission. Phoebe was busy trying to make friends with a kitten and Piper just looked timidly at the car full of teens.

"Go on." Piper told Prue with a nod of her head. Prue smiled.

"See you in the halls," Prue called as she ran for the car, leaping in.

"There's Cassie, bye Piper!" Phoebe took off running for her school.

"Bye." Piper said more as an after thought as she knew Phoebe couldn't hear her. Piper sighed. "Once again. . . the loser is alone." She said to herself.

'Don't be so hard on yourself.'

Piper heard the voice and turned to look up the street for its source. She saw Andy jogging towards her.

"What did you say Andy?" she called.

"I said. . . " He stopped at her side, "Piper, wait up."

"Oh. . . " Piper said. "You just missed Prue." She told him.

"Yeah, I figured as much." He smiled, "Do you mind if I walk with you?"

"U-uhm. . .s-sure." Piper smiled, showing off her mouthful of metal braces.

"Do you need help with your books?" Andy offered as they walked.

"N-No, but thanks, Andy." She told him.

"Anytime." He smiled.

Piper knew Andy was only being nice because he was best (childhood) friends/dating Prue. It was fine that he was just being nice to her, at least when Andy was with her, less people picked on her.

'You won't always be the way you feel you are now.'

"What did you say?" Piper looked over at Andy. He turned to look at her, confused.

"I didn't say anything." He stated. Piper rolled her eyes and shook her head.

"Great, now I'm hearing voices." She sighed again.

"Maybe you're just off today." Andy smiled reassuringly as he stopped with Piper at her locker. Piper began to fumble with the combination.

"I can't believe he pities her just for Prue." The infamous voice of Missy Campbell filled the air near Piper and Andy's ears. Piper threw her hand down from the lock in frustration and embarrassment. She looked down and took a few deep breaths to try and stay calm.

"You know that's not true, Piper." Andy told her as he reached past her to spin the combo on her locker. The lock opened effortlessly.

"Thanks, Andy." Piper said meekly.

"Ooh, there's my favorite person!" Pure wrapped her arms around Andy's waist and greeted him with a kiss.

"Hi." He smiled.

"Hi Prue." Piper gathered her books in her arms

"Hey P, how was the walk?"

"Not so bad, Andy Joined me-,"

"Aw, that is so sweet baby!" Prue kissed him again. "Well listen I just came to steal Andy here-," Prue was cut off by the first bell. "Catch you later P!" Prue and Andy disappeared hand-in-hand down the hallway.

"Yeah, sure, bye. . . " Piper halfheartedly said to the air, knowing she wasn't heard again.

Piper made her way to homeroom, a good five minutes before the second bell. She was in her assigned seat-at the back of row 3. She carefully slid into her seat, placing her binder a text and notebook on the scratched wooden top.

"Loser." Josh Forrester coughed out. His friends snickered and high-five'd him. Missy and her friends giggled and glared at Piper. Piper kept her head down, responding only to attendance.

Soon enough it was lunchtime. Piper took her books and paper bag lunch to the only empty table left in the Cafeteria.

"Looks like it's just you and me Mr. Ham and Cheese. . . all alone again." She murmured to herself, opening her mouth to take a bite.

'I'm always with you.'

Piper looked back and forth after just biting into her sandwich. 'I know I heard that one,' she thought to herself. 'What, am I going insane now?'

'No, you're not going insane, Piper.'

"I'm imagining a voice in my head, that's certifiable!" Piper hissed to herself mostly.

'You're not imagining me either.'

"Then who are you?"

"Look, she's actually talking to herself!" Missy pointed out from halfway across the room.

"What a loser!" Tiffany added in.

'You can call me. . .Ty.'

"Okay. . . Ty. . .What is it you want form me?" She was still whispering to herself thinking the whole time that she was going crazy.

'Just think of me as. . . your guardian Angel. . . '

"And what are you guarding me from?" Piper's sarcastic side came out then.

'Yourself. . . '

"Hey P!" Prue called waving a hand in Piper's face. Piper blinked, startled and shook her head. "Aren't you supposed to be in English now?" Prue checked her watch. Piper looked at the clock. She quickly started trying to get her things together.

"Oh-Oh God, I'm late! Oh no!" She was panicking now.

"P, calm down honey," Prue noticed that Piper had barely eaten a bite of her sandwich and the rest of her food was untouched. "Piper, are you feeling all right?"

"W-what? O-Oh, I have to go!" Piper took off running only to crash right into Principle Ronald, and getting a tray of food all over herself. The cafeteria erupted into laughter. Piper was on the ground, tears welling in her eyes and bright red in embarrassment. She wanted to get up and run but she couldn't find her glasses. Prue was heading to her rescue, but Missy Campbell beat her to it.

"Aw, you poor thing, let me help you up. . ." Missy extended her hand, which had a small bowl of jell-o in it. Piper blindly put her hand up for help.

"Piper, no!" Prue called, but it was too late. Piper fell back to the ground, adding insult to injury and green jell-o to her mess of food. Principle Ronald had gone to get the janitor. Piper started to have panic attack. Before Prue could reach her, she managed her way out of the cafeteria and to one of the girls' bathrooms. She locked herself in a stall and cried.

"If you're a guardian angel. . ." she said to the air, "maybe you should protect me from them." She sobbed.

'You've got all you need to protect yourself from them, Piper. . . You just have to let it out of you.'

Piper just cried. She knew Prue would eventually come to bring her home.

~~~AN: Yeah thanks to all the reviews who were informing me about html and of my errors. I tend to type these up late at night once I'm done all my school work, so I miss most of the mistakes and just send it through spell check. Sorry about that! Thanks to Ange cause she's helping me with the HTML!~~~~~~