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Sakura awoke with a start and wiped the beads of sweat off her brow.

'Now what was that all about?'

She tried to recall her dream but couldn't remember for the life of her. Shaking her head she threw her legs off the side of the bed and feeling the chill of the wooden floor on her feet she immediately pulled her feet back up. Some slippers were definitely needed. She rubbed her arms and shivered. She was feeling a bit feverish but having the chills as well? She found her slippers at the end of the bed and slipped the on her feet. As she steeped through the doorway she stopped dead in her tracks. She now recalled last nights events.

And the dream that followed.

'Oh god… what have I done?'

She now rushed to her closet and pulled out a red spaghetti strapped dress. It felt soft on her skin as she pulled it over her body. She was thankful it was a sunny day out as it fell just above her knees.

After she had finished applying a rush job of her makeup she ran through the kitchen to the doorway, but turned around quickly and grabbed an apple from a small bowl of fruit on the table.

As she half sprinted through the streets, the dirt around her feet was kicked up and left a sort of trail behind her. Stopping abruptly at a familiar apartment door, her fist was held within inches from the solid wood. Her eyes were shut tight and her mind frantic.

What was she supposed to say?

Before her thoughts could have any time to collect themselves the door slid open and a brunette woman only a few years older then Sakura stepped out. The two kunoichi stood eye to eye for only a few seconds before Sakura stepped aside.

"S..sorry." Sakura apologized through clenched teeth. She lowered her head to look at the hand that had almost crushed her apple.

"No worries dear, you're here to see Kakashi I presume?" The brunette women asked. Sakura nodded very shyly. Smiling sweetly the other kunoichi turned back towards the door.

"Kakashi darling, this young girl is here to see you." Kakashi appeared within moments of the message.

"Sakura…" The young brunette turned to Sakura and smiled genuinely.

"Ah, So you're one of his pupils! I've heard much about you and your team!" Her arm slid around his waist and her head fell on his shoulder, "this guy just doesn't keep quiet about it! It seems you are definitely one his favourites though." she gave the roseate kunoichi a wink before she slid her arms from Kakashi's waist and strode down the steps of his apartment. She spun around when she reached the bottom and smiled at Kakashi before she turned around again.

'She's so beautiful,' Sakura thought.

Suddenly Sakura's knees got weak and she felt very light headed. She dropped to her knees and watched the young woman walk away before her head hit the hard ground.

Kakashi paced endlessly around his room. His nerves were on end, his mind was racing and his heart was beyond help now. He thought about what Sakura said that night he came back from his date from Gai, and the harsh words she had said. Then just yesterday when he ran into her on the street she was with Naruto… 'with' Naruto. Those words played in his mind over and over again.

'What is going on here?' He ran his hand through his silver hair and sat at the end of his bed. He looked up at the figure of Sakura under the blanket. He dwelled on what had happened this morning. Would she believe him if he told her it wasn't what she thought? No.. because that was a lie. It probably wasn't exactly as she was thinking. He would just have to wait till' she woke up to explain the rest. But not only that, he needed an explanation as well. Before long Kakashi leaned against the wall and dozed off, while his mind still played over recent events.

Sakura opened her eyes slowly and felt an annoying pain on her forehead. She reached up and felt a good sized lump that was quite sore. Her eyes finally focused on the sleeping jounin at the end of the bed. She quickly glanced around the room, then to the framed picture with team 7 resting on the desk across the room.

'So I'm in his room…'

She suddenly remember being at Kakashi's door and seeing him with that woman. Why was she there to begin with and why did she have her arm around him?

She sat up slowly, as to not wake up Kakashi. As soon as she had stood up, her head started to throb and the room started to spin. Her feet then gave way from beneath her, but before she fell she felt Kakashi's arms around her and was pulled back down to the bed. For now she would let him hold her. Since she couldn't even hold herself up. She kept telling herself that was the reason.

"Kakashi.." Sakura's gazed fell to Kakashi's knees on either side of her.

"Hm," The spoken man laid his chin on her shoulder.

"Who was that woman?" Sakura felt abnormally calm about this. She knew Kakashi wouldn't do anything drastic like that, especially over only a couple days.

"Kirui.." Kakashi lifted his chin and pulled Sakura into a tighter embrace, "something happened last night, but don't jump to conclusions until I explain everything!" Sakura suddenly felt very cold and almost sick to her stomach. She started to get up but soon fell back. She scolded herself for not being able to balance on her own yet. How hard did she fall?

Tears started to form in the corners of her eyes.

'Don't cry,' She was telling herself, 'not here!'

"I went to the pub last night and saw Kirui, whom I haven't seen in ages. We went on a few missions together back in the day." He looked at Sakura's reaction so far and was startled to see tears dripping down her face. "We had quite a few drinks and I offered to walk her home but when she got there her door was locked so we.." Sakura just shook her head.

'unbelievable!' She could barely even listen.

"And when we got to my house I told her she could sleep in my bed, but when I went to go to sleep on the futon in the living area she grabbed me by the hand and kissed me. That's all it was Sakura." He rubbed her arms and turned to look at her face once more.

"I'm sorry, you probably took everything the wrong way this morning. Kirui is a very flirtatious woman, but she's like that with everyone."

Kakashi paused and awaited a response from Sakura. She hadn't said anything for quite some time now and he was starting to get anxious again. He then that now was the time to break the silence.

"Sakura, may I ask why you were so upset when I came back from my date with Gai?" Abruptly she turned around and glared at Kakashi.

"Are you serious?" Her glare penetrated deep into his heart, "don't tell me you've forgotten that you said never wanted to be with me! You thought I was using you!"

It then came to him.

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