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Saturday morning. The Granger's dojo.

The training hall was beautifully set with chairs and ribbon for the wedding to take place that day. It was empty, and although that worried the Chief a bit as he walked through the large room to enter the household, he was more set on finding the two people set to be married.

The young scientist climbed the familiar stairs of the house until he reached Tyson's bedroom, hoping to find the former world champion. Entering the room the Chief found Grandpa who was sitting on his grandson's old bed, holding a picture frame in his hand.

"Oh Mr. Granger! Where's Tyson? It's time to start getting ready." Kenny questioned checking his wristwatch.

Tyson's grandpa didn't appear to have heard the beyblade genius, as he sat with his wooden practise sword eyeingthe item in his hand. "T-man…you old dog…" The old man said finally and shook his head, smiling behind his bushy moustache. He stood up, his joints creaking, before he walked over to the dresser, placing the picture frame down.

"Mr. Granger?" Kenny inquired.

"Shoulda known not ta stop da tide when it's flowin' high, Chief! Shoulda known." Tyson's grandpa explained wisely, and the younger man watched through his thick bangs as the old man ambled out of his grandson's room.

Kenny adjusted his glasses in wonder as he reached over and picked the picture frame up, setting it to stand again. Seeing the picture in the frame, the Chief understood what Tyson's grandfather had been saying.

"Oh Tyson." The Chief shook his head. "It's always been that way, hasn't it?" Kenny spoke to himself, taking in the photo of an aloof but relaxed Kai lying on the grass, unaware he had been photographed. The Chief smiled wryly. He would find Tyson a better photo soon.

"I think you knew this would happen." Max said, glancing over the wedding invitation in his hand and then back at Naomi. They sat on the stone wall along the beach, the sea gulls flying overhead.

"I guess I did, right from the beginning." Naomi replied quietly, breaking off a piece of bread to throw to the birds on the beach.

"I guess, I should tell you I think… it's the best thing that could have happened." Max said truthfully, haltingly, worried about what she might think.

"To be honest…" The girl smiled, carefully breaking off another piece of bread. "I feel that way too."

The blond stared at her for a moment and then smiled widely, shaking his head before laughing. "So are you going to tell your mother anytime soon?"

Naomi blinked and then picked up the wedding bouquet of white flowers that rested beside her on the stone wall. She threw it up and the wind scattered the petals everywhere. She turned to her friend and grinned. "Now that's impossible."

The Chinese blader finished walking up the steep dirt path which led to his home village. As he crested the hill his eyes widened at the sight of his very first teammates and family waiting for him.

"Ray!" Kevin called out, waving.

"Welcome home, Ray." Mariah greeted him warmly running up to him, clasping his hand in hers.

"It's good to be back." Ray smiled widely and looked at the rest of his friends.

"So how did the wedding go?" Lee asked his taller friend, Gary nodding as well.

"Hmm…" Ray smiled, enjoying the sunshine. "I've got a lot to tell you."

The former Bladebreaker laced his fingers with the girl's beside him and looked at Mariah softly. "And I think I've finally made my mind up about a few things as well."

Mariah's smile was dazzling as she tugged on his hand to follow them back into the village they had grown up in. "Come on and tell us all of it, nothing here has changed one bit."

"Yeah, I guess I'll have to, won't I?" Ray smiled and looked at the bright sky. I hope you do what you always do Tyson. Save the day, always.

Sitting in my office in the tall Biovolt building, a week has passed since I was in Bay City, your home town. I've left you again, even when I swore I wouldn't, I couldn't stay. You'll be angry with me again, this time I'm sure – I expect it, but I expect not to see you anymore, anyway. You would be disgusted; I'm certain, if you saw me and remembered how I… kissed you… while you weren't aware… You would be glad I left, maybe. All my life, with every mistake I made, it was you and the Bladebreakers that I could turn back to, and you would take me back, forgive me, smile at me… and make me fall so in love with you each time… But now I've made the most forbidden mistake, and I can't ever turn to you to take me back – I can't be a part of your life.

Going through the various folders of important work that needs to get done, I open one and begin to read it through carefully, but the words don't seem to stick. My secretary sets down the cup of tea on my desk and glancing at the amber liquid, it's close, but not quite, to the colour of your skin in the summertime…

You must be married by now. Married, and belonging to a completely different world than me.

And now more than ever I need to forget you, and your smile.

My secretary informs me that it's time for my next meeting. Has it been so long already? My briefcase is packed and I head off for a lunch meeting with an adoption agency Biovolt donates to.

When I step out of the car, my driver going to park, a young child wearing a backwards baseball hat runs by me and I watch as he runs, laughing, trying to catch up to his parents.

Something makes me watch the sight a little longer. And it all makes me think of you.

"It is difficult to find couples to take in a child these days." The representative tells me, making small talk. All the while I can only wonder if this is something I could do. You're married, and you'll have a family…

"But really, a good home is all that is needed for some of these children…" She continues.

"I am not married." I say finally, looking up and meeting the woman's aging eyes, then handing her the check. "Would that be a problem?"

"Oh-" The woman looked surprised at my question and sudden interest in doing more than just donating. "Well it is not a requirement to adopt…" She explained and then smiled. "You're still very young Mr. Hiwatari, having a wife and getting married does not have to be soon for you. It may happen in a few years."

I think of you and I know my reply. "It won't happen." I state, passing it off. How could it ever happen, when all I remember is you? Always, you…

"Well then, here is my practical card." She smiles.

I offer her a faint smile before accepting her card and gathering my things, preparing for the long ride home.

"It's that way Mr. Granger." An attendant points, showing me the way out.

"Thanks!" I smile and then head in that direction.

It's evening as I step out of the train station and onto the street. It's raining and I don't have an umbrella but bringing one wasn't high on my mind when I boarded the train to this district... I'm damp by the time I catch a taxi to take me to your home. It's been a long time since I've been in the business area of Japan. Who would have thought you would end up where you are? Who would have thought I would end up here to be with you…

And that is what I want. I want to be with you, when I see you; I'll finally tell you what I've always needed to say. I loved you… I still love you. It's always going to be that way. And now that I know it's not impossible for you to feel the same… I always want to stay with you – you're not going to leave me again and I'm not going to leave you… it will always be us.

We pull up to your home and I pay the fare before getting out of the car and into the falling rain. I walk up the long walkway leading to the main entrance of your home, a mansion, mindless of the water on my unprotected head. For once, I left that old baseball hat at home. Climbing the small case of steps to your front door I smile slightly, thinking of how maybe one day you'll be expecting me on these steps regularly… I finger the paper in my jacket pocket – the words you wrote down to tell me but threw away, never wanting me to find them. But I have, and I'm here, and it's only the both of us now.

In the end it was always us, wasn't it? It always came down to you and I and who would be the winner of whatever challenge we took on against each other. But winning and going against each other… those were never the real reasons for it. Even back then, it was always better when we were together.

I would spend forever together with you.

The doorbell sounded throughout the mansion and Kai rose from his study to answer it. The staff had retired for the night, and he could deal with the annoyance, if only for tonight.

Walking to the main foyer, he opened the door.

And Kai's heart stopped.

His hair was beaded with water, some strands plastered to his face, and his jacket was soaked through. He did not seem uncomfortable though, despite the continuous fall of the rain upon him and the doorstep. Deep blue eyes met his and his heartbeat was in rhythm again, faster than before.

Tyson smiled faintly and then shut his eyes as the rain started falling harder. The young man swallowed slightly and took a breath before looking back at Kai inside the doorway. "…Hey."

Kai's face was unmoving as he stood there saying nothing, but at the sound of that voice his stoic expression shifted and his fingers griped the doorknob tightly.

Tyson studied his face before giving his former team captain a tentative smile. "I found," Tyson said, looking down and digging around his red jacket pocket, before he drew out a crumpled piece of paper. "This." He held it up, the rain immediately pattering on the page, and raised his eyes to meet Kai's dark ones.

The midnight blue haired man smoothed the paper out carefully in his hands, trying to wipe away the water. "Someone forgot it in his hotel room." Tyson said steadily and then smiled, laughing a bit, his eyes never leaving Kai's. "I don't think he really wanted to be my best man."

Silence stretched between them and the raindrops before Kai's voice cut through it.

"He would be anything for you." Kai answered finally, his eyes locked with his former teammate's. "Except a stranger or an enemy." He added quietly, his hand on the doorknob falling back to his side.

Tyson stared at him, stunned. The former world champion's cheeks slowly began to burn and he hastily looked away, biting his lip. The rain had completely soaked through the letter in his hands, but he quickly folded it and replaced it in his pocket, gazing at his former team captain whose eyes were averted.

"Kai…ever since you came back into my life…" Tyson started, "I couldn't imagine living it again without you…" He told him, the truth striking Kai's unmoving form, making Tyson's expression turn earnest. "I couldn't imagine being… married, to someone else…" The shorter man's voice became intense. "…when there's only ever been one person I've always needed."

Kai's eyes snapped to stare at the drenched figure on his doorstep, his hands beginning to shake slightly. "Tyson wh-…" He tried, "What are you trying to say-"

"There's only ever been one person I've always loved." Tyson explained softly, his voice containing so much emotion. "Kai…Do you love me?" He asked, his dark blue eyes searching the taller man's.

And Kai couldn't deny it, not after so long and all that had happened. The truth was all he could give him now. "…Yes." The owner of Biovolt answered raggedly, staring painfully back into Tyson's searching gaze.

Would one word let Tyson understand all he felt for him? How could it even begin to describe all the emotion he had for this man in front of him, getting soaked in the rain on his doorstep? His chest felt constricted and it hurt to voice the impossible words that he had longed to speak, but there was nothing left for him to hide and there was nothing left to say, except this.

"I love you Tyson." Kai said. "I've always loved you."

Slowly, the younger man's features melted into a warm smile, the raindrops running from his long bangs in rivulets.

"Do you know how long I've loved you, Kai?" Tyson asked, his voice filled with fervour.

Kai's lips parted imperceptively, his eyes widening and his body rushing with feeling. Tyson's smile broadened into a grin, and tipping his head to look up at the slightly taller man, he answered Kai's unasked question. "Too long."

The rain began to beat down harder and Tyson shut his eyes, laughing a bit as his jacket was completely soaked through. "Heh…" Tyson opened one eye at the one he loved. Kai automatically jerked the door completely open and hesitated an instant before he laid a hand on Tyson's shoulder to draw him inside, his gaze locked with Tyson's own.

The door was shut and the two stood face to face in the foyer, close together, water dripping on to the floor from the midnight haired man's clothing. Tyson reached up to touch Kai but when his jacket left a large splotch of water upon the former team captain's white dress shirt the shorter man drew his hand away. "Sorry…" Tyson grimaced sheepishly, about to step away, when Kai caught Tyson's wet hand in his pale one.

"Don't apologize," Kai whispered, looking at Tyson longingly. He brought Tyson's hand back up to his cheek and moved closer to the former world champion. "You don't have to be sorry, for touching me."

"Kai…" Tyson implored, his hand on the other man's cheek drawing their faces closer together. Their eyes became half lidded and they were so close again, they breathed the same air and they only saw each other. "It's always been you." Tyson whispered back.

And then Tyson closed the distance between them and their lips touched into a kiss. His nose was pressed into Kai's cheek and his hand gripped the former team captain's back, the other one weaving into his dark cropped hair. Their bangs intermingled as Kai's hands tunnelled into Tyson's dishevelled hair, his clothes becoming soaked too, now, from the press of their bodies together. All their senses focused on the mutual kiss it had taken a decade for them to give.

And in that instant they forgot how to breathe. But it didn't matter, because in that moment they didn't need their own breath anymore. They were in each other's arms and there was no place they would both rather be.

5 years later.

We're in Bay City, where the Beyblade regional championships were held today. It's a new building, one which Tyson helped to design with members of the BBA. The games have just ended and we're waiting in the locker room until we need to go.

Tyson's tanned hands are everywhere and mine aren't any better as we kiss the time away. An eternity of you like this was all I could have ever dreamed of, and you show me you feel the same by deepening our kiss.

"Eeeewww! Hahahahahahehehah!"

Laugher interrupts us and we pull a part in time to see a small blur of red and blue run from the doorway into the room.

"Can't catch me, can't catch me! I've got your beyblade!" A young mischievous voice yells, as the small boy waves the toy in the air.

"Get back here!!" Another young boy, taller than the first, shouts, chasing after the first.

"Markie!? Don't take his blade! Go!! Stop chasing him!" Tyson finally bursts, hurrying after the two kids.

I sigh at the scene, my eyes trained on the taller of the kids. After learning of my reputation as a beyblader and seeing pictures of myself from my youth, he has taken after me by dying his hair into two colours and wearing face paint. I tried to stop him from doing it but Tyson lets him, saying it proves he's really my kid despite being adopted… But it feels much more like he's our kid.

"Markie give Go back his blade! And c'mon let's go!" Tyson exclaims while grabbing Markie by the scruff of his shirt and putting an arm around Go's shoulders, steering them both towards the exit.

"Hey Kai, I'll meet you there ok? Oh, and remember your tie!" Tyson calls back to me over his shoulder and then he's whisked away by the two kids on his arms.

Crossing my arms and leaning against the wall, I survey the room for their bags and jackets before going to retrieve them, fixing my tie on the way. Tyson's become too practised at undoing them, instead of the other way around.

I gather a multicoloured backpack into my arms, and as much as I don't like to admit it, the smaller one has a special place in me as well. He is Tyson's brother's son, who has spent most of his life living with his young uncle and myself after Tyson's older brother decided to teach beyblading all around the remote world – but Tyson treats him as if he were his own. He is both of ours.

They both remind me of the boy that once defeated me in that one fateful regional championship 15 or more years ago… and I am grateful, because I never want to forget it or the adventures Mr. Dickenson had planned for us afterwards.

We had found each other.

Was this where I saw myself ten years ago? I doubt it, but no one sees themselves as they will truly be, in the future.

But what ever future I see for myself, I know I won't mind it, as long as Tyson is by my side, and I'm at his, because in the end, it's all we'll need.

Now I'm walking down the familiar dirt path that leads to that same river that we always seem to return to. On the bank a beydish has been set up and I see the two children having a beybattle, Dragoon and Dranzer spinning and attacking in a reflection of the past.

I see you lying on the green grass and I make my way over to your spot, taking off my blazer and setting it down to sit upright on. I look down at you and you grin and give me that look you seem to reserve only for me in moments like these.

"Kai" You lilt, like you're thirteen again. "You're doing it again."

I raise an eyebrow slightly at your accusation and you roll your eyes back at me, that same boyish smile with you even after all these years.

"What am I doing?" I ask.

"You're reminding me again." You answer, slowing sitting up and resting your weight on your hands.

"Of what?" I question, more interested this time.

"Oh y'know," You shrug, "Just remembering the times we met here." Your midnight blue bangs fall into your eyes and you continue with another grin. "My tall, dark, handsome stranger – someone who I love."

The look in your eyes is all too familiar and mischievous, and I absently reach up and tuck a piece of hair behind your ear. The river shimmers from the beginning sunset and you slide your arm around my waist.

"Tyson," I start.

"Yeah Kai?" You answer, turning your head to look at me.

And I have to say it, even though it's not true, because you're Tyson, my Tyson, and you've proved yourself to be that one last chance when everything goes against this feeling…

I smile. "You're impossible."

And you laugh, and then you're leaning into me and you press your lips to mine. Our eyes close and beyond them the sky is red, but some of it is still blue. And later… we'll watch the sun go down.

The End.

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