Summary: Hermione will sacrifice anything to keep her relationship a secret. Even the one thing thing no one should be forced to give up.

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**************************************************************************** ********************************** Living a lie. It's a hard life. It all began one day when I was sitting inside the Gryffindor common room, with my two best friends Ron and Harry, doing our homework as usual, and all of a sudden, Harry asked me a question that made my heart pound really fast. "Are you going out with that Krum guy?"

Now, I didn't know why I just could not answer him straight. It was an easy question, and deserved a simple answer. Of course, the answer was yes, so I don't why I just couldn't say that. Was it because all of a sudden, Ron almost fell of his chair looking at me so anxiously, or was it because I just couldn't bear it being out in the open. That I was going out with a death eater. (of course Viktor didn't know that I was born to muggle parents. He somehow got the idea that I was a pure-blood, and I didn't want to disappoint him, so I just didn't correct him.)

Anyway, this was only the start of lying to Harry and Ron. I felt so bad about it, and I just couldn't help it, but I was so ashamed. I was so confused about all my feelings. Sometimes I think to myself, why do I even like him? After all, he is a deatheater! How could I possibly like someone that if they knew where I really come from, would want to kill me! And other times, I think to myself, no, I can change him. He's a good person, it's just that he has fallen in with the wrong crowd and he's got some stupid ideas stuck in his head.

It was so easy lying to Harry and Ron and Ginny (who seemed to be getting suspicious about why I write so many "random" letters to random people) when Viktor lived so far away, but when he got transferred into the English qudditch team, that's when problems started arising. Somehow, he managed to make various visits to Hogwarts on random occasions (to see me of course) so we had to arrange to meet in secret. Hagrid's hut was pretty good most of the time, what with him being in Azkaban, and with the new head- mistress, sneaking out his house was not at all a problem. I've got her wrapped around my little finger!

The only difficulty of course, was Harry. On most nights', he was the only one left studying in the common room until midnight. (He's got his heart set on being a auror.) And he was never satisfied with my story of "Oh, just going for a walk" when he asked me where I was going. I think he has been really worried about my grades have been slipping recently, but honestly, he is such a worry wart! Who cares if I no longer get 140% in all my tests. 98% was good enough for me! And anyway, who ever cared about school when you have found your perfect wizard?

But other than Harry worrying aimlessly about me, Rons' weird looks and Ginnys' awkward questions, everything was running more and more smoothly, and I thought I was beginning to fall in love with Viktor. I thought my life was perfect. But that was until that wretched Malfoy stopped me in the hallway, on my way to potions.

"I hear you're in love, Granger." "What?" I replied. I stopped dead in my tracks. He knows something. He has to. What else could he have meant by that? "What do you mean?" I questioned. "If I were you, I'd be a little more careful about the lies I tell, Mudblood. Especially where "love" is involved!"

I couldn't help it. I took off down the corridor crying. He knew about Viktor. I haven't told anyone, so it must have been Viktor then. Oh no, I totally forgot! The Malfoys' are deatheaters as well, maybe they're friends or something. Oh no, what am I going to do?

I walked up into my dorm room and started pacing up and down. Who cares if I was missing out on Potions. I could deal with Snape later. What if Viktor finds out who (or what) I really am? He'll kill me. (literally.) Maybe I should send him an owl or something asking if he knows the Malfoys'.

I really needed to think, so I decided to go to the library. Books always have the answers, even if Viktor does say they're a waste of time. "Harry, hi!" Crap, I forgot he would probably be here. "Hi ya Herm, how come you didn't turn up to potions. Snapes' pretty mad. Malfoy was mentioning something about how you're in love or something, but that won't last for long and stuff. I didn't have a clue what he was talking about." "Oh no." I exclaimed, "Where's Malfoy now?" "Um, you expect me to know?" "I have to talk to him." I grabbed my stuff and took off, leaving a very confused Harry sitting by his lonesome.

After minutes and minutes of searching, I finally found him, surrounded by his two usual sidekicks, Crabbe and Goyle. "Malfoy, I mean, Draco. Hi, I need to talk to you." "Sorry Mudblood, I don't talk to scum like you, and I don't think your little boyfriend would either, if he knew what you were." "Please Malfoy, don't tell him. I beg you, I'll do anything!" "Anything." "Yes, absolutely anything?" He started to smile. "Of course, anything you ask. You name, it, I'll do it!" "Well, we're in our 7th year, and I am still a virgin you know."

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