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Incubus Ch.7

"Haku?"Naruto's voice was soft, he hesitated for a moment before continuing "Do you think....I could be seme?"

"Don't you think.....you should have at least one first experience with Sasuke?" Haku's eyes reflected his pain at the thought of Naruto being with anyone else.

Naruto bit his lip thoughtfully

"Maybe. But....Haku, it's always been you doing all the work. You being the one to take control over everything. If..." Naruto's voice broke "If tomorrow is the end....I want to take care of you for once."

A single tear slid down Haku's face and dripped down onto Naruto's cheek as he looked at him.

"I think there's a way you can get what you want and still save your first seme experience for Sasuke, since you two are going to be together"

Naruto looked at Haku questioningly as Haku rolled off of him and onto his back. Haku looked over at Naruto passively.

"If you're on top then you get to do the work" he smiled slightly, the comment seemed like something he should be saying to a woman. He shrugged it off as he noticed Naruto crawling on hands and knees toward him, he definitely preferred boys.

Naruto helped Haku out of his clothes, pausing from time to time to admire the smooth, ivory skin that came into view.

"Here, let me help you Naruto-kun" Haku offered, desire pooling in his eyes.

"No" Naruto pushed Haku's hands away before stradding the other boy, still fully clothed, and running his hands over the smooth skin of Haku's sides "I know the way you make me react to you, I know the things I feel when you put your hands on me......I want to see if I can make you react to me, too"

"Hentai little bishounen, aren't you?" Haku whispered as he reached up to put one hand on the back of Naruto's neck, pulling him down into a deep kiss.

"Hai....I learned from the best" Naruto trailed kisses down Haku's torso, trying desperately to hide the tears that shined in eyes, threatening to spill out at any moment.

Haku chewed his lower lip, trying to suppress the moans he felt building in the back of his throat, as his eyes followed Naruto down his body. The eroticism of the image was too much and Haku arched his body against Naruto, silently begging him for more.

"Remember our first meeting?" Naruto breathed as he slid ever lower down Haku's body "Remember what you did to me that day?"

Haku could only nod as he closed his eyes tight, his lip starting to turn an enticing rose color as he continued to hold it between his teeth. Haku's head slipped back as he arched slightly again in anticipation of what he knew was coming.

"It's your turn" Naruto smirked as he ran his tongue over Haku's cock. This thing had given him such pleasure, it had made him writhe, moan, cry.....now he wanted the same out of Haku.

Haku put one hand tentatively on the back of Naruto's head, gently guiding him as the boy used his lips and tongue in ways Haku had only dreamt of.

Naruto smiled inwardly, his satisfaction growing as he felt Haku's hips occasionally rise to meet him, listened to the soft sighs of his lover, watched the ecstasy pass over his face.

"Naruto.....motto" Haku begged, his voice barely more than a whisper.

Naruto obliged, slowly and agonizingly taking in every last inch Haku had to offer. Which was, Naruto thought to himself, quite a lot, especially when you thought of it in terms of something you put in your mouth.

The blonde boy worked slowly at first, then faster, using one hand to aid in the process. It was only when Haku's cries grew louder and his body began to tremble ever so slightly that Naruto stopped, taking note of the taste of several small drops of fluid that had made their way to his tongue.

Haku gave Naruto a horrified look when he noticed the boy moving his head away.

"Naruto, don't stop!"

Naruto only leaned forward to whisper into his lover's ear

"Can't get enough of me, eh, Haku-san? Sorry, but I can't have it end so quickly"

Haku tensed visibly as he watched Naruto sit up straight, one knee on either side of his hips once again, and pull his shirt over his head.

Naruto only had a moment to catch Haku's reaction before he felt Haku push him violently backwards and pull off his pants.

"Haku!" Naruto was shocked, the look of raw need in Haku's eyes startling him slightly.

"Gomen, Naruto-kun, I can't wait!" Haku ground out through gritted teeth as he forced himself into Naruto.

Naruto cried out in pain as Haku drove into him again and again.

"H-ah-Haku!" Naruto panted, barely able to catch his breath "You're supposed to let ME take care of YOU"

Haku stilled his motion long enough to look into Naruto's eyes

"Please, Haku? It means a lot to me"

His breathing ragged, Haku nodded and, wrapping his arms around Naruto's waist, pulled the boy with him as he rolled backwards. Naruto, now on top, reveled in his position of power.

"Couldn't bear to be out of me for even a second, could you?" Naruto teased as he shifted ever so slightly, watching Haku's reaction with a rapt expression.

Naruto looked down at Haku, who struggled to maintain control, as he began to move his hips to the rhythm his body demanded.

Haku's hands came up to grip Naruto's hips, massaging them as the younger boy took total control of his senses. When had Naruto learned this? He knew it wasn't with Sasuke...he had been watching. Haku moaned loudly as he felt himself get closer and closer to the edge.

Sensing he couldn't take it too much longer, Haku sat up, still deep inside the other boy, and began to kiss him passionately as he started to pleasure the other boy with one hand, his other arm wrapped tightly around his lover's body. Naruto cried out, winding his arms around Haku's neck, kissing and nibbling on his lips, trying to stay clear-headed enough to keep moving despite all the pleasure.

With expert timing Haku brought Naruto to the height of ecstasy just as he could no longer withhold his own release. The two clung to each other, practically screaming through the pleasure as the ground slipped out from beneath them, their vision clouded over by one intense flash of the purest white.

Small beads of sweat clung to their skin as they collapsed to the cool grass beneath them. The two lay in silence for several moments before speaking.

"What a beautiful sky.....the stars always seem to sing when I'm with you, Kitsune. Thank you for making this night so special"

Naruto looked at Haku, the pain clear on his face

"It's the least I could do.....I love you, Haku. I.." Naruto felt a hitch in his throat and he struggled to control the tears "I'm going to miss you so much"

Haku, rolling over to face the boy, reached over and stroked Naruto's cheek.

"I love you, too. I'm sorry I had to put you through all this, Naruto-kun. It should never have gone so far....but....you seduced me the first moment I laid eyes on you. I regret being the one to leave such a painful mark on your life, but I don't regret a moment of our time together. My selfishness has caused you pain.....but it also brought you Sasuke."

The two only watched each other in silent understanding before rising to get dressed.

*What did he mean it should never have gone so far? I'm probably just over analyzing* Naruto thought to himself. The more he thought of Haku the more it hurt him to know that by this time tomorrow he would have to live with the knowledge that he would never see him again.

"It's time to go" Haku said softly as he walked over to Naruto, grabbing on to each of the blonde's arms "Live beautifully" he said, kissing Naruto one last time.

Naruto stood in stunned silence as the much faster shinobi left him, rooted to wear he stood, before collapsing to his knees and howling in pain under the canopy of stars, his tears turning to shrieks as wave after wave of pain racked his body.

"HAKU!!!!!" Naruto screamed, sobbing as he held himself, his voice much quieter when he spoke again "don't leave me....."

Tears ran down Haku's face as he watched Naruto from the safety of a high, distant tree

"I wish I didn't have to...."


"Naruto!" Sasuke jumped out of bed, suddenly.

He had seen the loud, orange jumpsuit coming towards him through the window he had left open long before he caught sight of the vibrant blue eyes he adored...... And the tears that fell from them, spilling down his cheeks only to drip off his chin, landing with a soft splattering sound on the wood floor beneath his feet.

Sasuke, concerned, walked towards Naruto, meeting him in the middle of the room as the moonlight cast shadows across the floor. He put an arm around the boy, looking intently into his face.

"Sasuke" the boy's previously silent tears turned into sobs as he spoke "It hurts"

Sasuke pulled Naruto into a hug before leading him to bed and crawling in beside him.

"It'll be okay Naruto-kun, I promise"

To this Naruto only curled up against Sasuke and cried harder, the sound only slightly muffled as the boy buried his face against Sasuke's neck.

*Selfish fuck!* Sasuke thought to himself * I don't know when I'll get the chance.....but I'm going to kill that bastard, Haku*

Sasuke wrapped his arms tightly around Naruto and held him until he fell asleep some time after sunrise.


"Kakashi-sensei" Sakura asked "Why did you let Naruto stay bed? How can our team do missions without one of its members?"

"Naruto exhausted himself trying to better his chakra control last night. He's too tired to be of any help today. Besides, we must be sensitive to his condition, Sakura. He works very hard to improve his skill, that's something to admire." Kakashi replied.

Sakura nodded and kept her mouth shut. Kakashi-sensei was right, she shouldn't begrudge Naruto a day's rest when he's had to do so much work to control his chakra the way she could from day one.

*When is Naruto going to wake up? I'm getting bored with this charade....if only...* Kakashi heard a sound and turned to find Zabuza and Haku standing several yards away, obviously ready for battle. *Good, he must be on his way then. Finally all this will end* Kakashi thought to himself.


Naruto ran hard, his lungs burning as he tried desperately to get to the bridge. How could they have left him to sleep?! Today of all days! Naruto gritted his teeth. If that stupid kid, Inari, hadn't gotten himself into shit again he'd have been there by now. Fuck! What if Haku was already..... he'd never forgive himself. But then, did he REALLY want to be there to watch it all end? He had no choice, he had to make sure at least Sasuke survived. You never knew what would happen between those two if he wasn't around to prevent them from murdering each other!

"W-what?! SASUKE!" Naruto reached the bridge just in time to watch Sasuke get trapped within Haku's powerful jutsu.

*Haku, you have to let him go. You promised me that he'd live....please don't break your word* Naruto's thoughts were frantic as he heard the battle rage between his two lovers. If only he could see!

Naruto stood listening, thinking about each of them. This was the final moment. If he had to pick one....who would it be? Haku was an incubus in his own right, descending upon him for the first time in his sleep then coming every night thereafter. Sasuke....the mysterious one who waited in the wings all this time in silence, the one whose jealousy caused his true colors to show....the one who seduced him with one sentence.

When it came down to trust, Naruto trusted Sasuke the most. He had known him longer, knew his personality. He knew Sasuke's dreams, his goals....what did he really know about Haku? It's true he loved the angel- faced boy with his delicate features and his gender bending ways.....but....Sasuke. Sasuke was always first in his mind. In truth, he was obsessed with him. They were rivals, teammates, friends....and now lovers. If he had to part ways with one of them today...

-Naruto's hand clenched into a fist, he squeezed his eyes tight and ran towards the center of Haku's jutsu.-

It would have to be Haku.....


*Nice move, Zabuza, now I can't keep an eye on my students. But, for the sake of keeping up appearances, I guess this would make sense* Kakashi thought to himself.

Kakashi and Zabuza stood several feet away from each other, unable to see through the dense fog that had enveloped the area. This was getting to be really dull.

Kakashi, sensing an enormous chakra squinted into the fog, desperately trying to make out where it might be coming from.

*Naruto...?* Kakashi thought to himself.

Realizing that Zabuza made no move to dispel the fog Kakashi summoned his dogs to grab hold of the man in hopes that it would break the jutsu.

*It worked! So then it's.....I knew it* Kakashi watched in awe as Haku's jutsu was suddenly shattered.

Catching the look on Zabuza's face as he was held in place by the dogs Kakashi smiled at him

"It's not personal, it's business!"


Naruto's teeth were clenched, his fists balled at his side.

*Kyubi* Haku thought to himself *I knew it was going to happen....but it frightens me anyway*

"Y-you PROMISED. You promised not to kill Sasuke! I know you had to attack me or everyone would know but you killed Sasuke! You lying bastard....I'll kill you!" Naruto spat angrily, rushing at him.

"He's alive, Kitsune, I swear it" Haku spoke quietly as the pieces of his broken mask clattered to the ground.

Naruto stopped dead in his tracks, those eyes. How he would miss them.

"You....." Naruto found himself at a loss for words, staring into his lover's face "You're two different people depending on whether that mask is on or off....I hate the person who wears the mask. Wearing that mask you've lied, you've killed, you've attacked my team. Without it.....without it....." Naruto's eyes started to water.

"I know. But it's off....and I'm telling you Sasuke is alive, look at him. His breathing is faint, focus on it, Naruto. I didn't break my promise.....so you can't break yours."

Naruto looked over his shoulder at Sasuke, searching for the faintest sign of life.

"Watch" Haku said, causing a small ice mirror to appear just above Sasuke's face, hanging a mere inch above it. "See the fog on it? He's breathing, but you can hardly tell. I kept my word. Keep yours!"

Satisfied Naruto turned to look at Haku's stricken face. He'd had such a hard life....Naruto recalled the story of his childhood that he had shared with him on one of their nights together. The pain....and for it to end like this, in more pain.

"Naruto-kun....kill me"

Naruto froze....he couldn't!

"Haku....I...I can't!"


When Naruto hadn't moved Haku, eyes vacant, spoke once more.

"You have to, it was the agreement. Remember, Naruto, it has to be this way..."

Naruto's fist clenched tightly as Haku looked down at it

"Put your heart into it" Haku whispered.

Tears streamed down Naruto's cheeks as he felt his fist connect with Haku's face, a sickening crack telling him he had done a fair amount of damage.

Naruto felt sick, he couldn't do this. He didn't want Haku's blood on his hands. He wanted the softness of his lips, the silk of his hair, the warmth of his skin....anything but his blood.

Kakashi, watching, doubted Naruto could do it.

*His heart is still too innocent, he cares too much for Haku....* he nodded resolutely, it would all turn out fine when everything was said and done.

Kakashi looked up at Zabuza

"I'm ending this"

Zabuza only smirked

"Naruto....do it" Haku's voice was soft, barely audible.

Naruto nodded, slipping a single kunai from its holster on his leg and, eyes closed, running towards Haku.

*He's actually going to....he keeps his promises.* Haku looked in Zabuza's direction and took note of the situation *Perfect timing*

"Forgive me, Naruto. I love you." Haku said, just as Naruto reached him, before speeding to Zabuza.

Naruto watched in horror as Haku threw himself between Zabuza and the terrifying technique Kakashi-sensei was attempting to use on him. Naruto's throat was too dry to scream as he watched his sensei's hand connect with Haku's body.

In an instant, it was over.

Blood. Everywhere.

It pooled on the floor, it splattered on Kakashi, it ran down Zabuza, it was everywhere.

Everything afterwards was a blur to Naruto. Sakura asking him about Sasuke, his inability to speak, the screaming at Zabuza, Sasuke waking up, Zabuza's death, burying them both. Was any of it real?

*Kami-sama....tell me it's a nightmare*


Sasuke awoke suddenly, looking around the dark room. Naruto....where was Naruto? Fuck!

Sasuke dressed quickly, recalling how desolate Naruto had been that night. It had taken hours just to get him to lay down in that room where Haku had come to him each night. Naruto was suffering a great deal, he could see it in his eyes, in the way he refused to eat, in the way he crept around soundlessly. Sasuke pushed open the window and made his way out.

He was going to find him!


Sasuke found Naruto at the pond Haku had taken him to the last couple nights. Thankfully Naruto was too grief-stricken to ask him how he had found the place. What would Naruto think if he knew he had followed him once or twice when he was out with Haku? He knew it was wrong but he had to know what went on between them. Aside from which watching them gave him a good idea of what Naruto liked. Call it re-con, he wasn't sorry.

Naruto was too out of it to notice anyone at all. Sasuke walked up behind Naruto and wrapped his arms around his waist. Naruto didn't move, just stood on top of that little hill and looked out over the water. Sasuke, sensing Naruto's need for silence, rested his chin on Naruto's shoulder and looked at the water with him.

"I miss him, Sasuke" Naruto's voice was thick with tears, the sound of it was entirely heart breaking.

"I know" Sasuke whispered, feeling it an intrusion to speak any louder.

"H-he was alive, Sasuke! After Kakashi-sensei's attack hit him, he was alive for a minute or two! It wasn't even a quick death" Naruto began to sob, his chest heaving with the effort "He suffered in life and he suffered in death. It's not fair! Throwing himself between them like that to save Zabuza...to spare me the pain of having to kill him. It's not fair"

Sasuke wrapped his arms tighter around Naruto.

"I can't pretend to know how you must be feeling, Naruto...but I'm here." Sasuke said quietly, craning his neck to kiss the boy's wet cheek.

"We should have buried him here....this is the place he loved"

"And you're the person he loved"

Naruto nodded, his entire body shaking as his knees gave way and he slid to the ground, Sasuke going with him.

*My poor Naruto-kun. I'll do everything I can* Sasuke thought to himself as he held the sobbing boy in his arms *absolutely everything*


Kakashi rose early and walked out towards the woods. It was just slightly after dawn. Sasuke had brought Naruto back less than an hour ago, the two were sound asleep. Naruto....poor kid, it wasn't supposed to be this hard. Kakashi felt a bit guilty as he continued on towards his destination.

"About time!" a voice said from ahead of him, causing Kakashi to look up "You're always late!"

"I wish you wouldn't say that...." Kakashi said, still feeling vaguely guilty.

"Truth hurts, Kakashi. Listen....is the kid okay?"

"No, not even close...but he will be. Sasuke's there for him. But it's not going to be an easy road. This got a lot more complicated than I intended it to be"

"Tell me about it. I didn't expect Haku to actually fall for him"

"Nobody did, Zabuza"

Zabuza jumped off the rock he had been sitting on and stood in front of Kakashi.

"Haku will be here any minute, he's feeling like shit, a lot like Naruto, I'd imagine. But he has something he wants to say to you, I think."

Kakashi only nodded, having trouble raising his eyes to meet Zabuza's.

"Kakashi, it's not your fault. These things happen. Naruto will be stronger for it in the end"

Kakashi nodded thoughtfully.

*How could it have gone so wrong?* Kakashi thought to himself *The plan was for a young, beautiful, powerful ninja - Haku - to come in and seduce Naruto to make Sasuke jealous so that those two would finally admit their feelings for each other and get this irritating rival bullshit out from between them! I thought it would help, they'd work better if they got together. I mean, they will now, I'm sure of it. But it wasn't supposed to go like this* Kakashi sighed loudly as he thought about all of it *But then Haku fell for Naruto and wanted to see him again and Naruto fell for him. Fuck! It could have stopped after the first night when they fucked in the same room as Sasuke.... that was enough. Having to fake Zabuza and Haku's deaths....it was the only way but Naruto's not handling it well. Not that I blame him. It can't be easy to have your first love brutally murdered in front of your eyes. But shit, Naruto was ACTUALLY going to do it, we had a lot of luck on our sides where the timing was concerned....*

"Stop thinking so much, you'll get wrinkles" Zabuza joked "You owe me one for letting everyone think you kicked my ass, Kakashi"

"I could have anyway if the situation had been real" Kakashi answered dully.

"Kakashi..."a soft voice came from just behind him.

"Haku, how are you?"

"Not good" the boy shook his head sadly. His eyes were swollen to the point of being bruised. Kakashi felt another wave of guilt wash over him. He was beginning to feel disgusted by his ill-conceived plan.

"Kakashi, I want you to have this. Some day Naruto is bound to find out that my death was faked. As he gets older, I know he'll learn about the illusion type jutsus we used yesterday. When that time comes, if he even thinks of me at all, he's bound to ask questions. I just...I just want him to know...." Haku's voice broke

"It's okay, I know what you're trying to say" Kakashi took the letter Haku held in his trembling hand and put it away inside his vest.

"No" Haku struggled on, determined to finish his thought "I want him to know that this was more than a job someone asked me to do. I want him to know I love him....I want him to know that I always will"

Something about the way he said that made Kakashi believe it was true. Haku might never recover from this. More guilt.

"I'll be sure he gets it when that day comes, Haku, you can rest assured." Kakashi patted the boy on the shoulder when he noticed the tears that started to spill down his cheeks.

Zabuza came forward to hug his young partner.

"It'll hurt less one day, Haku. I promise you"

"How do you know?" Haku asked in an unusual display of doubt towards Zabuza.

Zabuza looked into Haku's eyes.

"Haku...I wasn't always a missing-nin. I had something great when I was part of the village....but I was forced to give it up when I went missing. Or else I would have ruined things for the 'something great' that I had. I felt like a part of me died. I went from sneaking out of my village whenever I had time off to meet my lover in a secret place between our two villages to satisfying myself with watching him through windows at night while I tried to avoid the other ninjas that were sent to murder me. When I gave up that person....it felt like my life ended and I've never been the same" Zabuza looked up at Kakashi who could only stare at the ground, more pain washing over him at the memory. "But one day you realize that it doesn't hurt so much to think of them anymore. You realize that your time together was precious, even if it was short-lived. And you learn to accept it for what it is"

Haku caught the significance and turned to look at Kakashi.

"Is that why you chose us?"

"Partly, yes. I just wanted to see if Zabuza was okay. It's less painful to look at each other now. So much has changed. We're older, stronger, a little less reckless, we both have someone else now..." Kakashi looked vaguely hurt "But also because I knew I could trust you both not to say anything about what I asked you to do when I found out you were hired to guard Tazuna, too. I knew the old man wouldn't object because or else I could bust him for hiring missing-nin. It was nice of Gatou to show up with all those idiots when he found out you were working for both sides, though. I hadn't decided what to do with you yet, Zabuza"

"Yeah...but it burns me to think that your students believe I was killed by a bunch of morons like them. Although in the end I got what I wanted with minimal effort. I got both side's money and I still got to kill people" Zabuza stated in a rather absent-minded manner.

"Kakashi-sensei! Where are you?!" Naruto's voice rang through the woods.

"Well, we have to go. I'm sure we'll meet again, Kakashi." Zabuza stated as he quickly made his way out of the area.

"Kakashi, arigatou, I couldn't have cleaned up the mess I made of things without your help. Please remember to guard my letter carefully. One day Naruto will want an explanation, it's my wish that he should have it. Hopefully after that time he and I will meet again, as well." Haku bowed deeply before following Zabuza.

"Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto's voice was hoarse from all his tears "What are you doing out here?"

"Thinking. I'm sorry for your loss, Naruto. What is it that you need?" Kakashi's eyes traveled over the boy. Tear stained cheeks, swollen eyes, a hoarse voice, rumpled hair and clothing, the poor kid was a mess and it was all his fault. But he did have Sasuke now...that would help.

"Nothing. I can't sleep. I just.....I was wondering if I could just sit with you for a while. It makes me feel better sometimes. I was just kind of hoping....but it's okay...you don't have to if you don't want to" Naruto looked down, ashamed to have to say such a thing.

Kakashi smiled at him and motioned for the boy to follow as he took up residence on the rock Zabuza had been sitting on minutes before.

"It smells like Haku.....When I was on my way here....I could have sworn I heard his voice" Naruto whispered.

"I know, Naruto. I have a feeling you're going to experience traces of him for quite a while."

"Like a.....kind of subconscious trigger thing? I'll smell him or hear him because I want to?"

"Something like that....." Kakashi said, his eyes trailing upwards to where Haku had perched for a moment, looking down at them both "it's hard to explain"


The end!

I hope you all liked it, I had tons of fun writing it! And yep, it's open for a sequel LOL If you guys have any ideas for what you'd like to see me do next I'm taking suggestions!