Memento Mori

This isn't a proper drabble: I ran about 12 words over. But close enough. Big Finish Audio and the BBC own the Doctor and Charley. I make no money, I own nothing.

"When were you going to tell me, Doctor? Five minutes before you left me stranded?"


"Or were you maybe going to kill me yourself and save me from suffering!"


"I won't let you do it, you know. I'm sorry if that upsets the delicate balance of all things Time Lord. I won't go back there to my death!!"


"Easy for you, innit? You who've got more lives than a cat! But I don't! I'll not end mine like this!"

"Charley, please don't do this!"

"I'm sorry, Doctor. Goodbye." The door closed.

He sagged against the wall. "I wasn't going to take you back," he whispered into the air. "I wasn't going to take you back..."