Summary: Two strange girls from our time cast a spell to bring several characters from InuYasha straight into their house. It works! Great! But now they have no idea how to get them home! And things are getting strange. Sesshoumaru finds he has strange feelings for one of the girls. And Kagome is acting very strange! She's encouraging Kouga! Is she just trying to get InuYasha jealous? Or is she sincere in returning Kouga's affections? And if so, who'll be there to pick up the pieces of his broken heart?

Note: This is not nessacerily a 'fangirl fic'. In this, InuYasha is not an anime, but a true story that happened in Sengoku Jidai. The world they are in is NOT the real world. It's Kagome's world. Just in a different area. Also, I am Suzuka. I just got sick of using the same name in every fic. Jodea is JodeaMoondreamer, my little sister. Yuki, who'll be introduced next chapter, is my real little sister. Chris, who'll be introduced either next chapter or the one after it, is also my real older sister. She's older than me by six days, but in this she'll be about a year older. My mother in the fic is based on my real mother. I've given her great say in her character, so basically my mother in the fic will be exactly like my mom in real life. And yes, she is just this interesting!

Rating: I honestly don't know how 'juicy' this fic is gonna get, but from what I've got written of the next chapter it seems to be heading the lemon way. So, I'm gonna start the rating out at PG-13, but it'll probably move to R in the next few chapters. I'm not saying I'm intending to write lemons. In fact, I probably won't, but I may create several sexual situations, just without the detail! ^_^

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Two large flaming braziers stand guard over a secret ceremony. In a dimly lit room stand two figures, both female, wearing long black cloaks. One is an older girl, about nineteen, with crimson red waist-length hair and a pair of ebony cat ears poking up from her head. Her cat-like emerald eyes shine in the darkness; twin seas, beckoning all to a watery grave. The firelight glints off a set of wicked fangs as she grins maliciously. She looks to her counterpart who has long inky black hair and sparkling sapphire eyes. She apparently is trying to suppress pent up energy and is bobbing up and down frantically. This girl looks human, but as she bobs up and down, her feet rise slightly off the floor. She hangs a few inches off the ground, ignorant of her position.

The older girl senses something and looks down at her companions feet. She chuckles slightly and says, "Jodea, you're doing it again."

Jodea gives a "Hmm?" then follows the downward gaze to her feet. Realizing what she's doing she grins widely and her feet come to rest on the floor. She scratches her head awkwardly and says, "Heh. Sorry, oneechan. I'm just so excited!"

The older girl smiles warmly at her little sister and says, "Alright then. Let's get started."

Jodea grasps her sister's hand and they both raise their others skyward. The air grows thick and the flames grow smaller and turn an unearthly blue. The elder sister opens her mouth, preparing to speak. But just at that moment the door slams open, revealing the exact image of the elder sister, except older with short, straight red hair. The woman holds a large wooden spoon in one hand and has her other hand on the door knob. Light streams in from the brightly lit hallway and both girls shield their eyes.

"Ah!! The light!! I can't stand the light!!" cries Jodea, grabbing her neck in mock agony. She lets out several gasps and falls to the floor, unmoving.

However, the woman fails to see the humor in the situation. "Jodea!" she screams. "Get off that floor right now!!"

Jodea grudgingly complies and the woman marches into the room and right up to the older girl.

With her hands on her hips and leaning dramatically close she demands of the cringing girl, "Suzuka! Just what in the other world are you doing?! I was downstairs cooking dinner when I suddenly sensed powerful magic up here!" She glances around the room, seeing that it's completely bare except for the two braziers which now hold normal flames and a large magic circle set up in the middle of the room. "What did you do to your room!?" she cries. Then she narrows her green youkai eyes and glares at the girl. "You weren't going to do anything dangerous, like summon demons, were you?" Her voice was quiet, but her tone was deadly.

Suzuka just laughs cautiously at her mother's behavior and says, "Mom, we ARE demons!" Then her tone turns slightly whiny. "And besides, it wasn't dangerous!" Then she begins counting on her fingers. "I set up a magic circle. I put ofudas at the door in case they SOMEHOW escaped from the circle. I cast a spell on the house to not let them out." She suddenly stops counting and reaches into her robe, whipping out an assortment of weapons. Jodea does the same, proudly displaying them to her mother. "We brought weapons!" she cries, at the end of her rope. They replace their weapons and she continues, "Mom! I promise!! Nothing can go wrong!!" She pouts, desperate for her mother to relent.

They stare at each other for several minutes before the woman throws her hands up in defeat. "I give up!" she cries. "Do what you want! Just be done by the time Yuki gets home from her friend's house. I don't want my youngest devoured by a demon her sisters summoned!" She turns around and stalks to the door, pausing before exiting and looking back over her shoulder. "I hate that puppy dog look." she says. "Your father used it to get his way all the time!" She turns back and leaves the room, shutting the door behind her. But not before grumbling, "Miserable inu-youkai... I should've purified his equipment off!"

The girls snicker at their mother's words and after a fit of hysterical giggles, both manage to recompose themselves. Suzuka clears her throat and says, "Alright. Shall we try again?"

Jodea nods her head and they rejoin hands and raise the others over their heads.

Once again the air grows heavy and the flames turn blue. Both girls slowly close their eyes and a glowing purple magic symbol appears in the circle. Then Suzuka begins to speak in a low, solemn voice.

"By the power of the moon and sun, by the power of the Ancient Ones. I call upon these souls to rise, and be not caught in the flow of time."

Suddenly a beam of purple light emanates from the floor to the ceiling in the area of the magic circle and little gold sparkles fill the room.

"I call the one of purest rays; who keeps the evil one at bay."

The golden silhouette of a girl appears in the circle.

"With powerful forces at his side; I call the halfling, strong to rise."

Another silhouette appears, this one with ears on the top of his head.

Jodea opens her eyes and grins at her sister. "Wait til he finds out you called him a halfling!" she giggles. Her sister quickly gives her a nasty look and shushes her and they return to their serious positions.

"I call the one with winds of dark; with kindness of a lover's heart."

A silhouette wearing long robes and carrying a staff appears.

"Powerful warrior with deepest scars; be not imprisoned by time's cold bars."

The silhouette of a woman with a huge weapon on her back appears.

"I call upon the kawaii one; with a heart as bright as the sun."

A small figure of a child appears.

Jodea raises an eyebrow and looks at her sister again. "Kawaii?" she asks doubtfully.

Suzuka looses her cool at her imouto's seemingly constant interruptions and shouts, "You think you can do better!?"

Jodea cringes at the outburst and says meekly, "No. Kawaii is good!"

They, once again, return to their positions, arms raised.

"The wolf who walks with cunning skill; come to me now! Come at my will!"

A man's silhouette appears, with a ponytail...and an actual tail.

"Child with innocence as mighty wrath; who lights the strong one's lonely path."

The silhouette of a girl-child appears.

"I summon now the western flame; who's heart was ice, but now is tame."

The imposing silhouette of a man with long hair appears.

Jodea starts to say something about the 'tameness' of this particular person, but with one look at her sister, decides against it.

"Sacred light, flow from me; to draw them ever near. As endless rivers run to sea, the path to present is clear."

The lights fade away slowly, the spell winding down, revealing the actual forms of the people summoned. Standing in the circle, looking VERY confused is Kagome, InuYasha, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, Kouga, Rin and Sesshoumaru.

Both girls lower their arms and look extremely pleased with themselves. That is until a previously unknown, and unwelcome, presence makes itself known. The fugly toad known as Jaken peeks out from behind his master's leg and says, "Sesshoumaru-sama! What happened!? Where are we!?"

Upon seeing the disgusting creature, Jodea shrieks, "AHHHHH!!!!!! IT'S HORRIBLE!!!! IT'S DISGUSTING!!!! IT'S JUST PLAIN NASTY!!!! KILL IT!!! KILL IT!!! KILL IT!!!" She then begins freaking out and runs around the room screaming for someone to "KILL IT!!!!"

Jaken turns his nose up and says, "I resent that!" Then he makes the ultimate mistake of stepping away from his master.

Suzuka cries, "I hate toads!!" and throws her hand out in front of her, shooting a beam of blue energy from her palm. The beam strikes Jaken and disintegrates him into nothing.

Sesshoumaru smirks at the death of his servant and wonders why he never did that. Kagome quips, "Hmm. Self-cleaning youkai!" and smiles amusedly.

Miroku however is now very concerned for their well-being. Not only are they in the company of Sesshoumaru, who wants to kill them and steal Tetsusaiga from his brother and Kouga, who just wants to steal Kagome; but Miroku also recognized the energy that girl just used. "A miko." he says quietly.

That turns everyone's attention from the celebration that is Jaken's death to Suzuka, who stands proudly, beaming at her recent kill.

"Yeah. So?" she says, as if it's the most natural thing in the world.

Shippo, clinging to Kagome's leg, sniffs at her and says adorably, "But she smells like a demon."

Sesshoumaru, having an especially troublesome superiority complex, scoffs and says with a strangely entertained smirk, "Hmph! With those ears she can only be a half-breed."

Jodea, realizing the imminent danger, ducks past her sister and cowers against the far wall. Suzuka's eyes go slightly red as her anger explodes. She screams at Sesshoumaru, "I AM NOT A HALF-BREED!!!" All the youkai present throw their hands over their ears at the intense volume as she continues her rant. "I HAPPEN TO ONLY BE A QUARTER HUMAN!! A QUARTER!!" Suddenly she calms down, which frightens her sister even more than her anger. She clasps her hands behind her back, bats her eyes and says sweetly, "Sesshoumaru-sama, o great and powerful lord of the western lands?" Sesshoumaru inwardly cringes, experienced with Rin's use of 'sweet and innocent' to get what she wants. "Oh, Sesshoumaru-sama? Wonderful bishounen taiyoukai?"

*Bishounen?* Sesshoumaru wonders. *Where did that come from? Although, it's not exactly unwelcome, I've NEVER been called bishounen!* (A/N thousands of fangirls world wide gasp in horror) But his thoughts are interrupted by sensing that everyone is slowly moving away from him, Kagome dragging Rin along with her. Then, out of the blue, Suzuka screams, "BAD DOG!!!" and he feels something collide with his skull! O_O He looks up from his place on the floor to see Suzuka standing over him with a HUGE, and I mean HUGE!! mallet in her hands!

Panting heavily in anger she slowly lowers it, resting it against the floor. Then her red eyes change back and a smile graces her lips. "I feel better now!" she says happily.

The InuYasha gang can do nothing but stare at the strange, somewhat frightening, young woman before them.

InuYasha is the first to break the silence as he laughs uproariously at his brother, flattened on the floor. Kagome glares at him, but he just lets out peal after peal of insane laughter. Just when he thought his sides were going to burst, he heard a terrifying cry.

"DON'T LAUGH AT SESS-CHAN!!!" cries Suzuka. And she bashes HIM over the head with the giant mallet, flattening him into a inu-hanyou pancake. By now Sesshoumaru has ceremoniously removed himself from the floor and actually chuckles at his pathetic half-brother. But that was the wrong move. "YOU THINK IT'S FUNNY!!??" comes the enraged cry. And he once again finds himself facing the floor with a huge lump on his head.

This continues on for a good half hour. Jodea cowering against the wall, Kagome, Sango, Miroku, Shippo, Rin and Kouga avoiding the two brothers and Suzuka playing whack-an-inu with her giant mallet. Finally the door creaks open and Suzuka quickly stashes her giant mallet into her cloak...somehow concealing it completely. She puts on a huge grin as her mother takes a cautious look around the room, looks slightly confused then turns to her beaming daughter.

"I just came to tell you dinner's ready." her mother said, glancing suspiciously at the eight people contained within the magic circle. "Your sister is home, so I expect you to clean up this mess and send your friends back to wherever they came from."

Suzuka says happily, "Yes, mother!"

Her mother takes one last look, then closes the door.

Suzuka lets out a huge sigh. "That was close!" she says. "Mom doesn't like me bashing people!" Then she turns to her prisoners. "Well, better get you home!" She smiles brightly and just stands looking at them for a few seconds. Suddenly she loses the smile and says, "Uh-oh."

Jodea had sensed the danger was over and came to her sister's side. "What is it, oneesama?" she said, giving her the respect she felt necessary to keep from being bashed herself.

Suzuka heaves a heavy sigh and plops down on a large fluffy bed that suddenly appeared behind her. She puts her head in her hands and says, "I don't know the return spell!"


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