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She didn't know what possessed her, but she suddenly felt the need to confide in him all the pain that had tormented her for so long. Still clinging to him as if he were life itself, she said what was in her heart.

"He killed them all. Jodea's family. Her mother, her father, even distant cousins. All because her father dared to defy his law, he had them all killed."

Her hands fisted in his robes and she felt another sob escape her lips. But Sesshoumaru just tightened his arm even more, trying to comfort her through her pain.

"Tell me." he said gently.

Suzuka sniffled and nodded once.

"I'm...I'm sure you know that Jodea's not really my sister. We're not related at all. Her father was Katsumori Muromachi, a great lord who served my father. He was an elemental and highly respected. When I was still young I met him in my father's palace. My father decided that, because he was an elemental and highly skilled in magic, he would become my tutor. Muromach-sensei taught me a lot about magic and he was delighted to learn that I was naturally adept at it. He became more than my teacher. He became my friend and confidant. He was the one who first helped me see that all people should be equal, despite their views or species. Hanyou, ningen, youkai; it didn't matter. He often took me to the human world to show me what wonders both humans and youkai had created. Of course, as I got older I began to go alone. It was then I met a human woman named Jade. She was as deadly as she was beautiful and we also became good friends. I introduced sensei to her and they fell deeply in love. But their love was forbidden, just as his views were. So, for many years they kept their love secret. She stayed in a remote area of the human world and he would travel between to see her. It was only a few years after Hakura-chan left her home that Jodea was born. But the birth was hard on Jade and sensei was forced to bring her to our world for treatment."

She shivered involunteraly at the memories, but refused to stop.

"Muromachi-sensei and I were caring for her when the soldiers stormed the house."


A human woman lay on a soft bed, bright sunlight streaming in the windows. In her arms she lovingly cradled a sleeping baby and standing watch over them was a man. He appeared to be nothing more than human, with his jet black hair and blue eyes. But an aura of magic hung over him like a thick blanket and his youki made it appearant he was not human. He looked on the woman and child with loving eyes. The woman he had taken as his mate and the child that would be his heir, hanyou or not. If their lord king could have a hanyou heir, he saw no reason why he could not. And he knew from experiance that hanyou's could often be more powerful than the highest of taiyoukai.

Suddenly the door slammed open and Suzuka rushed in, quickly shutting the door behind her.

"Father is coming!!" she cried.

The man's eyes went wide and he asked in shock, "WHAT!?"

Suzuka panted for breath and said, "Someone has betrayed us! He knows about Jade and the child!"

The woman clutched her baby tighter to her breast and looked at her mate with pleading eyes.

Suzuka went to the woman and knelt beside her bed. "Jade-san, you must flee. I can take you both into hiding and then smuggle you off the island."

The woman looked thoughtful for a moment before raising her eyes to stare into her dear friend's. Determination and reseignation both emenated from those crystal blue eyes. "No." she said simply. "It would be too dangerous for you." She looked down at the sleeping child and said sadly, "Take Jodea. You can hide her more easily than both of us." She pushed her daughter into Suzuka's arms.

Suzuka just stood there, staring at her friend, not wanting to belive her words.

A loud explosion rocked the castle and footsteps could be heard pounding up the stairs.

Jade rose unsteadily to her feet, her long white nightgown fluttering briefly before settling around her feet. Looking at her friend she said, "Go, now." She took her mate by the arm and they quicky embraced each other, understanding and love flooding their eyes.

The man threw a hand in Suzuka's direction and a small flash of light hide all evidence of them ever having been in the room.

However, Suzuka remained. It was a simple conscealing spell. It would hide all trace of them...until he could no longer sustain it. She knew that, as powerful as they both were, with Jade still weak they would not survive the oncoming battle.

Just at that moment the door was broken off it's hinges and a crowd of youkai, all covered in armor, burst into the room. Suzuka pressed her back to the cold stone wall and watched as her sensei cast spell after spell, destroying each demon that attempted to reach them. Jade grinned slightly and there was a soft *chink* as she withdrew her steel fan from it's hiding place. Flipping it open, she pushed back the pain that wracked her body. She broke from her mate's side and flipped high into the air, slashing with her fan through the flesh and armor of their attackers. Landing amongst them she continued on her violent yet captivating path.

Suzuka heard a voice speak in her head. 'Go' it said. Her sensei's voice.

She edged her way across the room, avoiding the raging battle taking place. Just as she reached the window she heard Jade cry out. Looking back she saw her father standing over her friend's unmoving form. He wore a wicked grin and still held his sword raised from where he had struck her through the chest. Her father's eyes twinkled in delight as he turned his attention from Jade to her mate.

"So," he said in obvious distain. "You finally gave me cause. Foolish demon. Don't you know we are supeiror to them in every way." He gestured to the fallen woman. "Hmph. A youkai hunter. You mated one who murdered our kin without remorse. And now you'll suffer the greatest dishonor." He pointed his sword at the man who stood with greater courage and regality than the king himself. "All trace of your name will be wiped out. Your lands will be siezed. Your home will be destroyed." Here he paused and smiled a particularly wicked smile. "And your bastard hanyou child will be thrown into the sea, along with her mother's body."

Muromachi smiled confidently. "And would you kill your own bastard hanyou child? For that is surely what she is. My child was the product of my love for my mate. She is my heir and one day she will see you destroyed. I only hope your own daughter lives to see that day! For she is a greater demon than you could ever be!!"

With that the king grew enraged and lunged forward, thrusting his sword through Muromachi's chest. Yet he stood almost unaffected. He only smiled.

But once again Suzuka heard the voice in her head. Only this time it was more insistant. 'Go!!' it screamed. With one last look at her fallen friends and a promise to avenge them against the cruel beast that was her father, she leapt out the window and flew as fast as she could toward her home.

Arriving home she threw open the front door and cried out, "MOTHER!!! MOTHER!!!" Rushing from room to room, she finally found her mother sitting in the libary reading a book. "Mother!" she cried.

Her mother's head popped up and quickly took in her daughter's frazzled appearance, as well as the now wailing child in her arms. Dropping her book in her haste, she leaped up and asked, "Suki! What's going on!? What's happened!? Isn't that Jade's child?"

Suzuka crumpled to the ground as the weight of what had occured finally struck her. Allowing her mother to take the child into her own arms she sobbed out the entire story from beginning to end.

After she had finished, Lady Higashikawa soothed her daughter's tears and said quietly, "It's alright. They're together in another world. A place where they can be free to love each other."

After she had managed to stop crying Suzuka looked at the once again peaceful baby in her mother's arms. "What will we do with her?" she asked. "We can't take her to the human world. I don't know anyone there who would be willing to raise a hanyou baby. Especially one that is now hunted by my father!"

Her mother looked thoughtful for a moment, then said, "Well raise her ourselves." At her daughter's startled expression she laughed and said, "She'll be one of the family! Another daughter for me to pamper! A little sister for you to tease, and protect."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End Flashback~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"And I took care of her after that. She's my sister and I love her. And one day I will help her get revenge for the death of her parents." Suzuka finished her tale.

Sesshoumaru wondered if he should tell her about these strange visions. As she told her story, he had another one. He could see everything as vividly as if it were happening now. He raised his hand to her cheek and wiped away the fresh tears now slowly trickling down her face.

"You intend to kill your father?" he asked softly.

Her only response was to nod.

Taking a deep breath he said, "I don't know what's happening, but I saw it."

She pulled away a bit and looked up at his face, her own confusion apparent.

"I saw what happened." he explained. "I saw it as if I were there. And it happened before, when the hanyou left. I saw how you found her. How you rescued her from slavery and took her to your friend's home. I also saw how you lost yourself and killed all those people." Seperating himself from her completely, determined not to let himself fall prey to her entrancing warmth, he asked, "Do you know what's happening?"

She looked thoughtful for a moment, then asked, "Did you hear words? Like a spell?"

He nodded once and she smiled. "I know what's happening." she said. "But let's save that for later. The other's are waiting."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Back at the house~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


"GET HIM OUT OF MY KITCHEN!!" screamed an irate neko-hanyou.

InuYasha flattened his ears and whined, "I was only trying to help."

"I DON'T CARE!!!" Lady Higashikawa screamed. "I'VE HAD IT!!" She put both hands on his back and gave him a great shove towards the door. "I-WANT-YOU-OUT!!!!"

Jodea took pity on her favorite dog-boy and rescued him from her mother. She grabbed one of his hands and hastily led him out of the kitchen. "Come on." she whispered to him. "She's scary when she's mad." Looking back at her fuming mother she reconsidered. "Scratch that. She's homicidal."

Once safely in the hallway, Jodea let out a deep sigh. "You know," she said, glancing at InuYasha, "I think you did more damage to that kitchen than Suzuka's last boyfriend. And he was clumsier than Usagi."

InuYasha was now in full pout mode and repeated, "I was only trying to help." He paused for a moment, then realized the girl was lost in thought. "Who's Usagi?" he questioned.

Jodea snapped out of her self-induced trance and just stared at him blankly for a second. "Oh!" she exclaimed. "She's a character from an anime, Sailor Moon. Uhhhh, but you wouldn't know anything about that. Nevermind."

He just nodded dumbly. He didn't know what she was talking about, but he was quite aware that she still had her hand in his. He was actually enjoying it, but the dryed chocolate was starting to itch and he had an uncontrollable urge to scratch his ears. "Uh," he said quietly, "Can I get a bath? This is really itchy." He scratched a flake of chocolate from his cheek with his free hand for effect.

She laughed and began scratching at her shoulder. "Yeah." she laughed. "I think we both could use one! Come on." With a smile she led him upstairs and down the hall to the bathroom he had previously been in when that dumb wolf had maced himself. She flicked on the light and finally dropped his hand. She hadn't even noticed she was still holding it. "Do you know how to work the bath?" she asked him dubiously.

"Yeah." he said proudly. "Kagome showed me. It's real easy!"

"Good." she said and pointed to a laundry basket. "Just put your clothes in that hamper over there. I'll be back with some clean ones." On her way out InuYasha heard her mutter, "Kami knows there's plenty in oneesan's room..."

He pondered that for a minute before he realized what she meant. With a groan he thought to himself that he just hoped the clothes had been washed. He set about running the water and stripping out of his gooey, chocolate covered clothes. He noticed several pieces of broken china fall from the folds and discreetly hid them in the basket as well. He slipped into the water and grabbed the soap, immediately beginning the process of liberating his hair from the mess adorning it.


Jodea searched through the far recesses of her sister's closet for something InuYasha wouldn't immediately refuse to wear. Most of her sister's boyfriend's had been from the human world, so there were a lot of jeans and t-shirts. But she doubted InuYasha would agree to those. Her hand brushed against silk and she paused. *What was that?* she thought. Her sister was so obsessive about hanging up her clothes properly she doubted it was one of her dresses. She felt around for it again and found that it was in an open cardboard box. She grabbed the box and pulled it out. Inside were several outfits of men's clothing, all made of fine silk.

*I bet I know who's these were.* she thought sadly. She felt her eyes tear slightly at the memory. She had met him only a few times, but he was so warm and kind. He loved her sister with all his heart and she thought that he might be the one to take away her sister's pain...forever. But then... She growled slightly, a habit she had picked up from her sister, even though she was an elemental hanyou. Her sister never told her the details, but she wasn't stupid. That bastard had caused more pain in her life!

She was just a baby when he had killed her parents, so she never got to know them. But Suzuka had told her stories of them and shown her photos. They were both great souls, with a fire and dedication strong enough to allow her to live, even if it meant sacrificing themselves.

Looking back at the box of clothes her anger died away and she felt a sad smile take it's place. "Better not use these." she whispered and pushed the box back into the closet.

She settled on a pair of black slacks and a red shirt, as well as a long grey shirt to sleep in.

Grabbing the clothes she made her way back to the bathroom. Pausing at the door, she giggled when she heard something hit the wall, followed by a growl and an exclamation of, "Damn soap! Come back here!", followed by some splashing. (A/N=can't you just see Inu-chan chasing the bar of soap as it continues to elude his grasp! ^_^)

She giggled some more then called through the door, "InuYasha! I'm leaving the clothes by the door! When you get out come find me and I'll show you where you'll be sleeping!"

His only response was a grunt of understanding, followed by another thump and more splashing. (^_^)

She continued smiling and placed his clothes on the floor. She then went to her room and began stripping of her own chocolate covered cloak. She wouldn't have needed a bath, since her clothes were shielded by the long cloak. But while she had somehow managed to keep her head chocolate-free during the debacle in the kitchen, it seemed her hair was now covered in it. *Way to clean up the kitchen* she thought.

Making sure she had her pajama's on the bed, she went to her own bathroom which connected to her room and got her own bath.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~In the Playroom~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Shippo-chan, Rin is bored!" whined Rin.

They'd already managed to break every toy in the room and were dieing for something fun to do. Suddenly Shippo got a wicked idea. He reached into his shirt and pulled out a leather bound book.

Rin's eyes got wide and she said, "Ooooohhhhhh.... Isn't that the book from Suzuka-sama's room?" Shippo nodded and she put her hands on her hip, lifting her chin. "Shippo-chan, that's stealing! You're gonna get in so much trouble!"

Shippo just plunked the book down on the floor and said, "Fine. If you don't want to play, you can just be bored. But I'm gonna have some fun!"

With a mischievous grin and a twinkle in his eye, he began leafing through the pages.

Now Rin tried. Honestly she did! But in the end it was just too much for her curiosity to withstand. She plopped down beside Shippo and began looking at it as well.

After several minutes of silence, which is never good when there are hyper children around, Rin cried, "Shippo-chan! Rin can't read this!"

Shippo looked at her and said sheepishly, "Heh. Neither can I. But it's got great pictures!" And to illustrate this, he pointed several out.

Finding a picture that particularly appealed to him, he took out his colors and picked up the book. Rin just looked at him as he went over to a wall and proceeded to draw the picture on it, exactly as it was in the book.

Stepping back to admire his work, Rin came to his side and said, "Oh! It's perfect! Really pretty!"

However, as they were both busy praising his work, the mark began to glow purple. Growing wary, they both took a step back.

"Shippo-chan, is that supposed to happen?" Rin asked more than a little scared.

Shippo replied, "Uhhh...how should I know? We couldn't read it, remember?"

The mark began to grow brighter and a large purple circle began extending from the mark along the wall.

Both children began backing up quickly, making for the door.

"Uh, maybe we should get an adult..." Shippo said.

The mark flashed once and the entire area on the wall turned black. A cold wind blew through the room and both children panicked, racing at full speed for the door. But it was too late.


InuYasha had finished his bath and dressed in the clothes provided for him. He was making his way to what he assumed was Jodea's room, judging by her scent drifting out of it. He was about to open the door when it was ripped back and he was bowled over by a body hurtling at him. He tossed about for a minute as the body tried franically to scramble off him. Realizing from the scent it was Jodea, he raised his hands to grip her arms, thereby steading her. It was then he noticed the great amount of skin visible. After struggling a few more seconds, both were back on their feet.

Looking her over, he realized that she was wearing nothing but a fuzzy pink bath towel and was completely soaking wet. Which meant he now was as well. He blushed as he took in her perfect skin and curved body.

He was trying to form words when she suddenly cried, "MOVE!!"

Holding her towel up with one hand, she pushed him to the side with the other. As she ran past him, he noticed the fear radiating off her.

She ran down the hallway, toward the feeling of magic that had interrupted her peaceful bath. Whatever it was, she knew it was dangerous. Arriving at the source, she noticed InuYasha was right beside her. After glancing at him once, she reached for the door, only to be repled by a shield crackling with dark energy.

Thudding footsteps echoed up the hall as her mother and Yuki arrived at the scene.

"What's going on?!" her mother cried.

Jodea swung around and said, "I don't know! I was taking a bath when this feeling of dark magic overwhelmed me!" Turning back to the door, she realized it was the playroom where Rin and Shippo were supposed to be playing peacefully.

Suddenly little hands began pounding on the door from within. Cries for help issued from behind the door as loud, animalistic roars thundered through the house.

The normally unshakable Yuki was beginning to panic. Hiding behind her mother, she whimpered, "Save them..."

Lady Higashikawa was thinking along the same lines, but she was no warrior. She may be the adult, but she had never been in any kind of hostile situation in her life! Yuki was only a little girl, so she couldn't help. The woman didn't think Jodea would be much of a help either. She knew the girl was powerful, but never had she used her abilities for anything more than childish pranks! That just left...

"Stand back!" InuYasha declared bravely.

He put a gentle hand on Jodea's shoulder and pushed her behind him. He thought of drawing Tetsusaiga, but didn't think the woman would appreciate her house being demolished. Instead he flexed his claws and charged the door.

Jodea was about to stop him, knowing what was about to come, but didn't quite make it in time.

As he went to strike the door there was a flash of dark light as well as a loud clap of thunder. InuYasha was thrown violently across the hall, crashing into the wall and slumping to the ground.

Jodea was instantly at his side. She began shaking him frantically. "InuYasha!?" she cried. "InuYasha, can you hear me!!?"

She shook him even harder and was about to smack him in the face when he groaned and said drunkenly, "Cut it out, will ya? Some people are trying to sleep."

Overcome with joy, she immediately glomped him around the middle and cried, "You're alive!!"

InuYasha blinked a few times before realizing two things. One, his whole body ached. Two, there was a half-naked, teenage girl squeazing the life out of him! He tried to raise his arms to push her off, but found they were so heavy all he could do was lay there.

"Oi!" he yelled, "What the hell just happened!?"

Jodea quickly dislodged herself from him and bashed him on the head with a fist. "You baka!" she cried, "Brute strength can't break through that! That's a shield of powerful magic. It repels whatever force is directed at it back threefold! You could have been killed!!"

Jodea almost began to cry at the thought of losing him, but quickly pulled herself together when she heard another cry for help from the locked room.

She stood up and tucked her towel tighter around her. She would need both arms for this. Facing the door, she closed her eyes and held both hands out in front of her, wrists together and palms apart.

"Jodea?" breathed her mother. "What are you doing?"

Jodea opened her eyes and favored her mother with a confident smile. "It's alright, okaasan. I've been practicing."

Closing her eyes again, she closed off the sounds disturbing her thoughts. The inhuman roars, the cries for help, her sister's whimpering, InuYasha's labored breathing, her mother's quickly whispered prayer. She tuned all of it out, trying to concentrate on the task at hand. The truth was, she hadn't been practicing. What she was about to do was extremely dangerous and she only hoped she didn't level the house in the process.

A small breeze lifted her still dripping hair off her back and swirled around her, chilling her skin. She concentrated on the silence and heard a small whisper being carried on the wind. She listened even harder and heard words barely reaching her ears. But she could hear them, and she could understand them.

She spoke low, in a soft monotone. "I call upon the ancient savage wind to arise and come forth." The gentle breeze became stronger and circled her body. "Become a weapon in my hands and bow to my decree." The wind centered between her outstretched hands and she opened her eyes. With a cry of, "Minishimirukaze!!" the wind tore lose and blasted forth from her hands, striking the energy barrier on the door. There was a brief moment when the two forces clashed, but the dark energy was no match for the elemental hanyou's power and it shattered inward, taking the door with it.

Inside the room, a strange sight greeted them.

Shippo and Rin were frantically running around the room, trying to escape the fangs of a monstrous creature that roared in anger while it chased them. That is, if you consider a small, creme-colored kitten monstrous.


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*Minishirukaze=piercing wind.


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