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Harry was lying awake in his bed. He was thinking about his last year in hogwarts.

He thought about how he lost his godfather, at this thought a lonely tear was running down his cheek. He lost his second father, like his first, in the fight with a deatheater.

He also thought about his friends. Ron, hermione and Ginny.


He felt something in his stomach. He didn't know what it was and so he tried to sleep.

Just when he was falling asleep he heard something knocking at the window.

It was pig. He hastily opened the window and pig zoomed in and flew around the room. Harry cought him and took the letter that was attachted to his feet.

Dear Harry,

Hows it going mate? Hope the muggles are treating you right. I know it is hard for you now that sirius is dead. But don't even think that it could be your fault. It isn`t. My dad talked to Dumbledore. He says that we can take you over here by tomorrow morning. And at the moment he is putting some protection spells on the house. So be ready by the morning.

Yours Ron Ps.: Greetings from Ginny.

A little smile has built up on harrys face by the time he had finished the letter. He would be able to leave the Dursleys soon.

Harry started to pack right away so that he would be ready in the mornig. When he finished he tried to sleep. But he couldn't. He was thinking about the greetings from ginny all the time.

Why am I thinking about ginny she is rons little sister.

And there was the feeling in the stomach again.

He tried to sleep again and this time it worked. But he wasn't sleeping well. He had a nightmare and was whispering:

"No.Please.Stop...Ginny!"He shouted the last word. And he awoke, sweat all over him.

"No.. Ginny!!!!!"

Autors note: This is my first harry potter fanfic. So don't be too strikt.*lookssheepishly* Hope you like it when you like it I will write more. Yours urukai