The next morning Harry felt sick and went to the hoaspital wing, when he told ron he would go he said he would walk him. When they arrived there they found Ginny with hermione already there. "Hey 'mione" Ron called. Hermione turned and looked worried. "Whats up?" Ron asked. "Ginnys feeling sick and Madam pomfrey cant tell what it is." Hermione told them while Harry sat down on a nearby bed. Just in that moment the matron entered, "Well who do we have here, harry potter. I thought the next qudditch match is in 4 month?" Madam pomfrey said while eyeing harry. "I am feeling sick and thought you would know what it is." Harry replied grimasing and holding his stomach, as was ginny. Madam Pomfrey checked him and told "It is an ordinary stomach ache, you ate to much! I think it is also why miss weasly feels bad." Madam pomfry said grinning. "You!!" Ginny said while punching harrys shoulder "AU!" she exclaimed while rubbing her own shoulder. "you shouldn't hurt yourself gin" Harry said smirking. "Hmpf" Ginny said while sitting down with a thud. "I cant hurt you without hurting myself..that's not fair!" Harry laught out when she said that.

The next day at breakfast:

"What have you got first today Gin?" Ron asked While stuffing a sandwich in his mouth. "Care of Magical Creatures. And you?" Ginny asked while she buttered her bread. "defentsch agaitscht tsche thark artsch" Ron said with full mouth. "Ron this is disgusting!" Hermione said after this ron looked down on his plae blushing, wich made Harry and Ginny laugh hard. This earned them death glares from Hermione, which made them only laughing harder.

The day went by without any surprises and they all went to bed early to be ready for the next day. When Harry woke up he felt really bad and when ron asked him if he was alright he just snapped at him. He was grumpy all morning. "'Mione do you know whats on with harry?" Ron asked eyeing Harry who was shouting at a firt year. "It's the time of the month." Hermione said while reading farther in her book. "Äh mione don't know if you know but harry is male." Ron said looking a little confused. "Well he does feel what Ginny feels, and it is her time." Hermione told him. "oh. that's bad.." Ron said. Ginny came down the stair and shouted at everyone who spoke to her. Harry walked up to her and said "morning gin" "morning harry" "feeling bad?" "Well yes.. you know womenproblems." Ginny said sitting down on a sofa. "Yeah I know how it feels." Harry said while sitting down beside her. "And how would you bloody know?" Ginny snapped at him. "Because it is our time of the month." Her said a confussed looking Ginny. "Our time?. OH! OUR!" Ron walked over to them and said"Hey harry ginny!" "WHAT!!!?!?!?!" they said in unsion. "Äh.Ähm.ah.nothing" Ron made his way quickly back to hermione.

Authorsnote: I know its short but I have to do much for school. If anyone wants to be my beta reader please tell me!