Cover your eyes (don't let you catch me)


Summary: When something feels so suffocatingly right, is that when you leave it all? Is that when you cheat the ones that care the most? Or do you hide?  A story of Lily and James, and another.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot and Michael.

Author's Note: Okay- to be truthful, I really write Gilmore Girl fan fiction. Up until recently, I'd never read a Harry Potter fic before about a month ago. And I found I'm a really big Lily and James fan. But I've found that every second story has exactly the same plot. It's basically, Lily hates James, and James likes Lily. Lily begins to like James. They end up together.  Honestly, this has pissed me off. A lot. So I've written (what I think is) a completely original fic (my first ever Harry Potter one- congratulate me) One that isn't all like the others and one that doesn't go on and on with Lily hating him, then liking him, then hating....  I'm not targeting any of these fictions- but that's what I've been reading.

So make up your minds about how much you hate the idea and tell me.


When he kissed her, she felt something.

There wasn't a fluttering of butterflies- or a weakening of knees. But he made her feel…special. Needed, wanted. Like she meant something to him, like he meant something to her. He would hold her face when they kissed, slow, passionate, savouring every second. Like she was precious, breakable. And he needed to hold her.

When she would break away he would get this yearning in his eyes, she would giggle, and scold him. They would be late, late if they didn't get to class soon.

He would watch her, see her smiling, laughing with her group of friends at lunchtime. She made him happy; she was his sunlight, his rock, the person that helped him through each day. He loved her for that. He wished he could tell her, scream it out to the whole world. He loved Lily Evans! But he knew he couldn't.

He was cowardly, a fool. When he was with her it made him feel he wasn't so stupid, after all, how could he be when he was able to hold the hand of a beautiful, intelligent girl?

But when he was alone- lying there in his dorm, he knew. He liked lying to himself; he liked convincing himself that when she told him he was perfect she was telling him the truth. She wouldn't lie to him she had said. Never.

He hated James Potter. He didn't know why exactly- or when it started. He only knew that when he would talk to Lily, he would get mad. Not mad at her, but there was something about James that he didn't trust. If there was one thing, he wasn't blind. He could see James liked Lily; he would torment her, make jokes and trick her between classes. He didn't like it when James would come up to Lily, talk to her or make her smile. That was the worst thing, when she would smile at him, like James Potter was worth smiling at. She didn't think anything of James, she had told him, he was a creep, and a bully- he didn't deserve even part in their conversation she had said. But that didn't stop him for being jealous every time he saw them, even when they fought;


"Leave him ALONE!"

It had made him look up from his book, noticing Lily had left from where she sat with her friends near the lake, a few feet from him. He quickly turned his head to her, his eyes levelling when he saw who she was yelling at,

"All right, Evans?"

He almost laughed listening to James' voice deepen like that, as if he was putting on a show.

"Leave him alone, what's he done to you?"

He leaned closer trying to hear what James said to that- but he didn't need to know, just by the look on his face he saw it was something cocky and smart-ass.

Looking over to Lily's friends he saw they were listening keenly, giggling most likely at how gorgeous James looked. It was like a regular event now- listening to them fight. His ears pricked up when he heard James trying to get her to go out with him. That- if it could, made him the maddest of all. James knew he was her boyfriend, obviously he didn't see him as competition.

A few minutes passed, he was only casually listening in now; he looked up to see her wand in her hand. His heart gave a sudden jolt. He quickly stood up, dropping his book, watching the fight, trying to make out whereabouts James was holding his wand. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw it pointed at the object of James' harassment. He knew he wouldn't, couldn't have stood up to any of them. James and his three friends not only outnumbered him.

Lily was walking towards them again, an angry yet determined look on her face, ignoring James shouting after her. She stopped in from of him,

"Michael, couldn't you have helped me out? At least stood by me? For your girlfriend for heavens sake?"

She looked upset, disappointed, he struggled for words a little,

"I was going to, I, Oh Lily, you know I'm no match for them."

She bit her lip, and began to say something, then stopped herself. In the end taking him into a hug, "Don't worry, it's alright, I was wrong."

"Reading through the lines, I'd say she thinks you're a bit conceited, mate."


He looked back to the lake; saw her hugging her boyfriend, Mike or something, before he kissed her on the lips. He swallowed, watching him run his hands through her hair. Finding himself wishing it were him there, wishing it were him who Lily had chosen to go out with. Why would she do that? No one he knew even had met this Mike guy. As far as James knew, the only good thing going for him was that he was going out with Lily Evans. What was even more strange was that they were still going out, for at least two terms now; Lily was actually going out with this guy voluntarily.

People wondered what the hell this guy did have to offer for Lily Evens. 

But Lily knew, and although she never would say it out loud, she would never ever tell anyone.

Michael was everything James wasn't. And in her eyes- that has got to be good.