The Notes Of Love

by tatortot

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HP: Write something.

RW: Something.

HP: Ha. Ha. Seriously. I'm bored.

RW: That's a change.

HP: Well, it's kind of hard not to be when Professor Binns is blabbing on about...what's he talking about?

RW: Dunno.

HP: What color eye shadow is Hermione wearing?

RW: Periwinkle.

HP: Mmm hmm.

RW: What?

HP: You're such a prat!!

RW: Why?

HP: You're so, what's the word? Engrossed in staring at Hermione that you can see her eye shadow color.

RW: I'm not staring at Hermione!

HP: Then how did you know what eye shadow she wore?

RW: I heard Parvati and Lavender talk about how amazing it was that Hermione wore make up.

HP: SURE... But it is amazing. Do you think I should ask her out?

RW: WHAT?!?!

HP: I don't know, she's so pretty...maybe she likes me, too. Do you think she'd dump Viktor for me?


HP: Ha ha ha...I'm just kidding. I won't ask Hermione out, I don't think she's very pretty (only at the Yule Ball) and she isn't going out with Krum.

RW: Oh...good.

HP: She's all for you!

RW: Good.

HP: I KNEW it!

RW: Okay, I didn't mean to write that. My quill slipped.

HP: I KNEW it!! You fancy Hermione!

RW: I have nothing else to say on this subject.

HP: You're in love with Hermione! You should tell her...

RW: I don't have anything to say about Hermione. I will no longer talk about her.

HP: Maybe she likes you, too.

RW: Do you think so?

HP: Yeah, you should tell her now...

RW: You just want me to make a fool of myself!

HP: You don't have to tell Hermione you're in love with her to be a fool.

RW: Do you think she fancies me?

HP: I dunno...maybe.

RW: Okay...I'll go 'talk' to her.

HP: Bye! Have fun!

RW: Bye.


RW: Hey Mione.

HG: Ron, I'm trying to write notes and you should, too.

RW: I have been. To Harry.

HG: No, I mean history notes.

RW: Oh..why should I? You'll share yours.

HG: I most certainly will not.

RW: Yeah you will. I know you too well.

HG: No I won't!

RW: Yes, you will!

HG: Maybe to Harry, but not to you.

RW: Do you like Harry?

HG: Of course! He's my best friend!

RW: You know what I mean.

HG: I'm afraid not. Do tell.

RW: Do you fancy him? More than a friend, I mean.

HG: No. But why would you care?

RW: You wouldn't tell me if you did.

HG: Yes I would! I'd tell you anything!

RW: No lies?

HG: No lies.

RW: Okay...Are you dating Viktor Krum?

HG: No. Can we talk about something else? Please?

RW: Have you ever dated him?

HG: Ron, I don't want to talk about it!

RW: Why not?

HG: Because you'll get mad.

RW:What happened?

HG: Please, Ron. I don't want to talk about it. You'll just get upset, anyways.

RW: What happened? And when?

HG: Nothing happened.

RW: No lies.

HG: Fine. It was the summer before sixth year. I told you I couldn't come to your house, right?

RW: Right....

HG: Well, that's because I went to Krum's house.

RW: You did? Why?


RW: Sorry. What did you do?

HG: Nothing! Nothing happened! I just stayed there a few days.

RW: Don't lie! Something happened!

HG: I'm not lying! Nothing happened and if something did, I'd never tell you anyways!

RW: What? You can't trust me?

HG: Of course I can!

RW: Then why not tell me?

HG: Because you'll get mad. I know you too well.

RW: Just tell me.

HG: Fine! That summer, I kissed him.

RW: What?

HG: I kissed him.

RW: I heard you--saw what you wrote. Why didn't you ever tell me?

HG: Because I knew you'd get upset. It wasn't a good one anyways.

RW: Upset? Upset?? That isn't even the word!

HG: Ron, can we please get off the subject?

RW: Yeah. That's fine.

HG: Okay. And, by the way, yes, I dated him. I would have never gone with him if the guy that I liked had asked me to the Yule Ball.

RW: What?

HG: Ron...

RW: Sorry. Change the subject. Who's the guy that you liked and didn't ask you?

HG: I can't tell you that!

RW: Why not?

HG: Because you'll probably get mad.

RW: Is it Malfoy?

HG: NO!! Ew, that's disgusting.

RW: Who is it, then?

HG: I can't tell you.

RW: No lies.

HG: It's not a lie! I really can't tell you!

RW: Fine. If you REALLY don't want to.

HG: Let's talk about something else.

RW: Like what?

HG: I don't know.

RW: Hey! The next Hogsmeade trip is December 20. Do you want to go with me?

HG: What do you mean? I always go with you and Harry.

RW: No, I mean just me and you.

HG: What about Harry?

RW: Do you really want him on our date? I mean, he can find someone to go with.

HG: A date?

RW: Well, it kind of will be.

HG: Oh...I don't know...

RW: Why not? It'll be fun!

HG: What would we do?

RW: Shop a little, have lunch, walk around, etc.

HG: Okay. Just make sure that Harry isn't with us.

RW: Alright. Maybe I can get Ginny to go with him...

HG: You could try.

RW: Anyways, how are you?

HG: Alright.

RW: Me too.

HG: What are you doing for Christmas vacation?

RW: Going home. Bill and Charlie are coming up, so Mum wants me to go.

HG: Oh.

RW: What about you?

HG: I don't know. I thought you were staying here, so I told my Mum that she could go to her sister's house in New Zealand.

RW: Well, why don't you come with me?

HG: Sure! That'd be great!

RW: I don't know if Harry will be there, though.

HG: That's okay.

RW: I wish Ginny would like him. They'd be so great together. He really likes her, I can tell.

HG: What do you mean? Ginny likes him!

RW: Well, she dated Dean and Micheal last year!

HG: Ron, just because she dated other people, it doesn't mean she isn't 'over' him! She was mostly using Dean and Michael as a 'cover-up' so she'd forget about Harry. But, it didn't work. She still liked him.

RW: Who told you this?

HG: Ginny.

RW: Are you sure?

HG: No lies, remember?

RW: No lies.

HG: So, what were you and Harry talking about?

RW: Not much.

HG: No lies.

RW: It's not a lie! We weren't talking about much!

HG: He was laughing. What was so funny?

RW: He thought that I was staring at you.

HG: Well, you were.

RW: Was not!

HG: No lies. And I saw you. You had a dreamy look on your face and you were watching my every move. It was acutally quite amusing.

RW: What was amusing?! I didn't have a dreamy look on my face! What are you talking about?

HG: I know that look. Ginny looks at Harry like that.

RW: It doesn't mean anything.

HG: Believe what you want to believe.

RW: I'm believing the truth! I don't look at you the way Ginny looks at Harry! Ginny blushes and looks at Harry like she's in love! That's not me.

HG: Oh, really?

RW: Well, that's the bell! Better go!

HG: Bye.


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