The Notes of Love

by tatortot

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HG: Hey Ron!

RW: Hi Mione.

HG: How are you?

RW: Good, you?

HG: Same.

RW: What about you, Harry?

HP: Huh?

RW: What's up?

HP: Not too much.

RW: What color eye shadow is Lavender wearing?

HP: Lavender.

HG: You can actually tell?

HP: Yeah.

RW: He's been staring at her a lot lately.

HG: Why?

HP: Because we have a date to Hogsmeade.

HG: You do?

RW: Yeah, he told me a few days ago. I think he should go with Ginny. She still likes him.

HG: I know. I'm the one who told you that.

RW: Do you like Ginny, Harry?

HP: Yeah.

RW: I mean, more than a friend.

HP: Sort of. I think I do, but I'm already going with Lavender, so I can't change that.

RW: Too bad. So, Hermione, what do you have so far for our schedule?

HG: I'll tell you later--when I'm finished. But we're having lunch at noon. Where should we go?

HP: Go to that place where Cho took me in our fifth year.

RW: What was it called?

HP: Don't remember. But you'll see it. It's across from The Three Broomsticks and is

RW: we have to, Hermione?

HG: I've heard of it. It's actually kind of cute. But no, there's better...

RW: Okay.

HP: Hey Lavender!

LB: Hey, Hun.

RW: Hun? Are you two 'officially' dating?

HP: No, just to Hogsmeade.

LB: Unless we like it a lot, then we'll start dating continually.

HP: You should, too.

RW: Should what?

HP: Start dating continually if you like your date to Hogsmeade.

HG: Why are you always bugging us about that?

HP: Because you both fancy each other, you just don't know.

RW: *snort*

HG: Yeah right! We're just going on a friendly date. We're friends. Nothing more.

HP: Oh, come on. They're in love, right Lavender?

LB: Definately.

RW: You two are insane.

HG: Go back to your talking--on a different piece of parchment. We need to finish planning our FRIENDLY date.

HP: There's an empty room in a hotel in Hogsmeade--right next to Parvati's and Dean's.

HG: HARRY!!!! We are NOT going to get a hotel room, and we are NOT dating. We're just FRIENDS!! Now leave us alone.

RW: Are Parvati and Dean really getting a hotel room?

HP: Not that I know of, but I wouldn't be surprised.

LB: Ha ha ha, no shit.

HG: Well, that's the bell, you better go now!

LB: Meow...

RW: Saved by the bell.


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