Full Circle

A filk

Author's note: This is based upon Clive Barker's book "Imajica", specifically telling of the final confrontation between Gentle and the Autarch; quite the story, that one. The title is an unforgivable pun – full circle, get it? The Imajica? Full circle? Alright, I'll be quiet now…

Created in lust and forgotten in thralldom –

Remember me, brother? This face is your own

Two hundred years, longer – you see, I've grown stronger

After tonight, I will stand alone

You wandered the dust while I built an empire

I am the shade that surpassed the man

I'm the worst that is you, and once this night's through

I'll be all that is you – and all that remains

You seek to unite worlds – what of your soul?

I'm darkness, you're light – then, could you be the whole?

It's the end of the story; it's just you and I

We've come full circle, now it's time to die

Remember, Maestro? Your greatest mistake,

Your greatest triumph, they both are one

I'm here, and I've come to stay – but one will walk away

A man kills his shadow, is he not undone?

Look at my works! Won't it be better –

Admit that the artist is less than his art –

Yield and be glad – no – be you my shadow!

Keep your fool's soul, surrender your heart!

Maestro, my brother, we needn't be parted!

Let me conclude the great work that you started!

But the prize is as great as the price is high –

We've come full circle, now it's time to die

My brother, my shadow, the worst that is I

You know all my weakness, and yet I will fight –

I will, for I understand – you shall also, in the end –

What is the shadow, when there is no light?

Tonight, my brother, we come full circle

Tonight the Maestro will do his best

Tonight the candle will fight its shadow

And by the dawn, he will live at last

~~ End ~~